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VAT changes are a mere nuisance for huge retailers, but a real blow...

8th June, 2015

The closure of the loophole whereby Amazon routed EU online sales through Luxembourg has had an unintended negative effect on writersUntil 1 January this year, a self-published author or small independent publisher had a couple of choices for where t...


Inside Traditional Publishing: Authors - Are You Auditing Your Roya...

5th June, 2015

In her article, "Good Agents Audit Royalty Statements," Kristin Nelson (President, Nelson Literary Agency) writes that over the past decade, careful auditing by her agency has recovered over $600,000 for her clients. "Even now, nary an accounting pe...


Don't Sweat Your Synopsis. Just Write It! 8 Easy Tips

5th June, 2015

Whether you're an aspiring writer pitching a book idea to agents, or a seasoned author whose editor expects a synopsis for each new novel, creating a synopsis can feel like the worst writing you've ever done. That's because it IS the worst writing y...


The Geek's Guide to the Writing Life: Having Something to Say and S...

4th June, 2015

My friend, Eric Bryan, recently pointed out that I re-post a lot of articles about writing on social media, articles with tips from how to structure your writing time to overcoming self-doubt to plotting your novel, but rarely do these essays touch o...


Are e-Books a Good Idea for Latino Authors?

4th June, 2015

It was not my intention to create a trilogy on Huffington Post about the Latino publishing scene, but that is what has happened. My previous two articles were about big publishing's snub of Hispanic authors and the rise of small presses. And now I wi...


How I Succeeded As a Self-Published Author

3rd June, 2015

Sold out: reflections of a seasoned self-publisher With the exception of 9 copies sitting in an Amazon warehouse in Indiana, I have completely sold out of A Regular Guy: Growing Up With Autism, the book that I self-published 7 years ago. The book, ...


Amazon aims for British parents with Fire HD Kids Edition tablet

3rd June, 2015

Device for children will cost £119 or £139 and come bundled with built-in subscription for unlimited use of apps, ebooks and videosAccording to the latest figures from communications regulator Ofcom, 71% of British children aged 5-15 have access to...


5 Ways Aspiring Authors Get Tripped Up in Wishful Thinking

2nd June, 2015

I recently had a coaching session with an author who's finished with her manuscript and ready to shop it. Like most of the writers I work with, it's taken her a year to complete, and there were another five years before we started our work together d...


Amazon Kindle Singles: Delicious Snackable Stories

2nd June, 2015

Why would a traditionally published author give exclusivity to Amazon for a new book? I thought I knew the answer, but I discovered the reasons are as varied as writers and book genres. Publish In a New Genre I'm a successful finance trade book au...


Books About Women Don't Win Major Fiction Prizes. How Can We Change...

2nd June, 2015

Man, woman, cyborg -- no matter what kind of writer you are, if you want to win a major literary award, there’s just one thing you have to do: Make sure your main character is a man. Okay, it still helps to be a man, writing about men, but a woman...

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New here

Started by Jennifer Robins in INTRODUCTIONS & WELCOMES Apr 22. 0 Replies

Thanks for inviting me. I have several novels, short stories and novella's. They are all on my website. www.jenniferrobins.com.I will get more involved later.Thank you again,Jennifer RobinsContinue

Tags: mystery., suspense, romance, Paranormal

Ella The Enchanted Princess Who Are You?

Started by Rosaria Calafati in PRIVATE REVIEW TEAM FORUM Apr 14. 0 Replies

Please review for me! This beautiful story is about a bald princess who learns how to believe in herself through her adventures.

Ella The Enchanted Princess Who Are You?

Started by Rosaria Calafati in INTRODUCTIONS & WELCOMES Apr 14. 0 Replies

I am a new author and illustrator. I wrote a beautiful book about a bald princess. This book was written to teach children to believe in themselves. Looking for reviews! Thanks Rosaria

Writing the dreaded - Synopsis

Started by Clancibooks in AUTHOR'S BOARD. Last reply by A.L. Sirois Apr 5. 13 Replies

I recently had a literary agent ask for a synopsis of my latest novel, Code Name: Fountain of Youth. I shuttered! This is not an easy task. For starters, my manuscript contains 389 pages. How in the heck can I summarize this puppy into one or two…Continue

Tags: synopsis, a, writing, Synopsis

Supporting a new Author

Started by Justin T. Hunt in ANNOUNCEMENTS Mar 31. 0 Replies

Hey there, I am Justin T. Hunt, and I am 24 turning 25 in august living in Australia with not much income and not much support. I am a recently published Author, who has published through amazon. My book is available for Kindle and for paperback.…Continue

Tags: author, new

Yeshua my prince charming

Started by Audrey Caimi in INTRODUCTIONS & WELCOMES. Last reply by Audrey Caimi Mar 31. 1 Reply

Read my story

Self publishing vs Literary agent

Started by Clancibooks in AUTHOR'S BOARD. Last reply by Bill J. Scott Mar 31. 1 Reply

If I self publish on Amazon, will a literary agent still accept my manuscript for consideration?…Continue

Tags: agent, literary, publish, self

Aussie Independent Publisher, excited to join

Started by Kate Stead in INTRODUCTIONS & WELCOMES Mar 16. 0 Replies

Hi Everyone,I'm Kate from Old Mate Media. We are an independent publishing company based in Sydney Australia.We love books and publish our own stories, guides and cookbooks.We also love to help people realise their dreams of becoming published…Continue

Tags: ebook, publisher, indie


Started by Sheridan Cooper in INTRODUCTIONS & WELCOMES. Last reply by Marie Jan 16. 4 Replies

Hi I'm a new author looking for reviews. Let me know if you're interested.Here's the blurbWhen flora returns home for her father's burial, she is forced to stay for the reading of her father's will. The will has unexpected stipulations like if she…Continue

New Selection to the Amazon PRime Reading Program

Started by Karen Cogan in KINDLE-SELECT-PRIME-BOOKS Jan 9. 0 Replies

Caroline Greene, Abigail to Lady Eleanor, is not the sort of young woman to engage in lies and subterfuge. However, Caroline never expected to have a chance to better herself by posing as a distant member of her employers' family. Bowing to Lady…Continue

Tags: mystery, relationship, problem, England, history


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