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Full list of Book, eBook, and Audiobook Retailers / Distributors

What you need in order to be a successful author are the right distribution, and exposure, along with your exquisite writing. But since you have the exquisite writing part out of the way, it is now time to focus on marketing the novel, which means placing it at all the right places it needed to be in order to gain daily exposure and revenues.

We are now giving you the full list of all the places to self-publish your books, eBooks or audiobooks, in order to boost your daily and monthly earnings by twenty folds. GUARANTEED.

We have done the job for you and sought out the global list of all the book, eBook, and audiobook companies / distributors that would market your title(s) to all the major retailers and thousands of public libraries. Guaranteeing your daily sales from any one of the channels.

This is what every indie writer needs to be a successful author. When you click on each link, they would take you directly to where you can sign up and list (upload) your books.

Listed below is the full list:

Good luck with your publishing endeavors.

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