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Hello, and welcome to Indie Writers Support.

Are you an author? Want to grow your fan base?
We have created an innovative way for authors and online marketers to freely promote and advertise their books and products to unlimited loads of people via our emailing system, that will meticulously deliver your email messages to all of your recipients', directly into their INBOXES within minutes. No hassle, and only take minutes from start to finish. Just upload your contact file, compose your email message, insert the SMTP setting, and then hit the 'send message' button.
All of the email recipients will receive your message (book release etc) within minutes of each other. 

One of the most fundamental ways of promoting your book or product is by asking the ones closest to you to buy and share your work. And one of the quickest way to reach the ones closest to you (colleagues, business partners, family, friends, etc) is by your emailing them all at once, and asking them to share your work (books, ebooks etc) with their social networks. If you have some loving family and friends, your broadcast could garner a lot of sales and publicity in your first week, and thereon.

To take advantage of this advertising program and login into its portal, you must first be a registered member of Indie Writers Support. Sign in or Sign up.

The second step after logging into Indie Writers Support is to export/retrieve all of your contact files and then extract the email addresses.

We suggest using the links below to extract your email contacts (circles) based on your preferred network.

After you have downloaded your contact files, you would need to extract the emails. Instead of doing it one by one, this website will extract all of the emails for you at once, effortless; http://convertcsv.com/email-extractor.htm. You would need to upload this email file into the emailing portal after you have logged in at http://indiewritersupport.com/page/invitations (VERY IMPORTANT).

The graphics below will show you exactly how to use the network.

When you arrive at http://indiewritersupport.com/page/invitations, you would see a login page as this.

Simply type in:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

After you have logged in, you would arrive at a webpage like the one below. The input added to this graphic below are meant to show you what are needed to be done for your email campaign.


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