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January 2014 Blog Posts (17)

Peter & Pattimari's published book~ The White Light

This book is available to purchase on Kindle...




Added by Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi on January 26, 2014 at 11:30am — No Comments


When we look at what is happening in the world now, don't you ever wonder how long the world as we we know it will last?

My novel OASIS paints a poignant but amusing picture of what could happen in the not too distant future.…


Added by Jeannie van Rompaey on January 25, 2014 at 6:30am — No Comments

S L O W Down And Enjoy Life!

If you are like millions of people – as I am – then you spend many, many hours on the internet, either related to what you do for a living, or just in a recreational way.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are just a few of the popular websites so many of us gravitate to on a daily basis, but, of course, there are dozens more out there to keep us busy.

Why, you may be asking yourself, am I even bringing this up in the first place?

My response is that, with each passing…


Added by Gary Goldstein on January 23, 2014 at 7:49am — No Comments

FREE E-BOOK! 1/19 & 1/20

Sating the Preta: A Memoir About Emotional Abuse and Recovery from Complex PTSD

GET IT, READ IT, REVIEW IT (please) !! (and share this message, too :)

In this new year, when it's time to reflect and renew ourselves, it may be helpful to think about whether or not you're a victim of emotional abuse and are suffering the pain of its consequences - Complex PTSD.



Added by Lily Scot on January 19, 2014 at 9:30am — No Comments

The Indie Book Promo - ain't gonna do it no mo'- welcome to my pity party - somebody shoot me boogie blues

Altogether now... ready? A one, a two...

You blurb all day

You blurb all night

Blurb, blurb, blurb

Til the early mornin' light.

Hopin' your book

Is the one they'll choose.

And when the sales don't…


Added by Gary Val Tenuta on January 18, 2014 at 10:00pm — No Comments

Selected Books of the Week

Shadow Play by …


Added by Judd Miller on January 17, 2014 at 1:30pm — No Comments

The Story Collection the Decade Demands: Seeking Publisher

The title says it all in this collection by Paul A. Toth. New York Times journalist and A Southern Yankee blogger Dan Newland has this to say in his…


Added by Paul A. Toth on January 13, 2014 at 5:22pm — No Comments

The Son of God stood up from his throne...

The Son of God stood up from his throne and began to speak. The violins in the background continued unabated.

    "Do you feel powerful now? What do you think of your puny powers you've used to build yourself up in your own eyes? Do you still feel wise in your values clarifications? Can you create your own morality apart from us? Can you know The One by looking in the mirror? Can any being…


Added by Twe Stephens on January 13, 2014 at 6:00am — No Comments

Resolve To Succeed!

We are now two weeks into 2014, and it is a good time to gauge where you are, as far as new year’s resolutions are concerned.

Millions of people vow to start each year by working out, eating healthy, quitting smoking, etc., but the majority give up on those commitments.

Why is this so?

Well, I am certainly no expert, but can only speak for myself.

First of all, I don’t even make any new year’s resolutions, because, quite frankly, I live the way I want to…


Added by Gary Goldstein on January 11, 2014 at 11:57am — No Comments

The Wizard, The Girl, And The Unicorn's Horn (A teaser)

Here is a short teaser from my latest novel…coming soon!

…a shadow came and caused chaos across the land. No one knows where it came from. It passed over the valleys, through the villages, across the rivers and over the mountains. As the shadow passed, it whispered. Whispers were heard in peoples’ homes, causing troubles to stir between family members. Husbands fought with wives, Mothers with daughters and fathers with their sons. Brothers fought and sisters envied…


Added by Kevin Cooper on January 8, 2014 at 8:27am — No Comments

Best Dressed Books

The number of great indie books out there is astounding – beyond what I think most people truly understand. I’ve been in this business long enough to have learned that the legacy publishers don’t always pick the greats, which leaves more for the discerning public. Every author that I have added to my “lifetime favorites” list in the past 2 years has been an indie author. The general public, they don’t quite get this yet. I think that when indie “packaging” meets a professional standard, that…


Added by Renee Barratt on January 7, 2014 at 5:19pm — No Comments

est. 2010 All Mystery newsletter got started because as an author of mysteries, I got tired of getting stuck between vampires and memoir. Our motto is " No vampires allowed unless they solve crime in…

est. 2010 All Mystery newsletter got started because as an author of mysteries, I got tired of getting stuck between vampires and memoir. Our motto is " No vampires allowed unless they solve crime in their spare time." This colorful, linked newsletter goes out twice a week to  fans of mystery and suspense, then stays on our home page until the next newsletter rolls over it. Authors also get tweets, RT's, Facebook (2 pages one group)  and Google+  and Pinterest…


Added by RP Dahlke on January 7, 2014 at 9:27am — No Comments

About my latest work

About The Wizard, The Girl, and The Unicorn’s Horn

(A Synopsis)


This story takes us to the land of Geo which is a relatively small island where farmers, simple towns folk, goblins and trolls live in relative harmony. The land is shepherded by a wizard whose main role is to keep the peace and harmony by travelling throughout the land every year resolving any developed disputes along the way.

Normally this is a…


Added by Kevin Cooper on January 7, 2014 at 6:25am — No Comments

Why I Write Science Fiction

y choice of science fiction is intimately related to my late blooming as a fiction writer. Science fiction and fantasy books belonged to my youth. I abandoned them when I became a “responsible adult.”

As a result, my inner writer still thinks she is twenty-something.

It is not happenstance that most of the characters in both WARNING and CEL & ANNA are young. In the follow-up novel, which I will probably release in episodes,  I  regress even further: the main character is a…


Added by Lindsay Edmunds on January 7, 2014 at 5:30am — 1 Comment

Cooking at home builds a happy marriage

Falling in love is a wonderful and magical experience between two people. The chemistry is strange and sometimes very complicated. The experience divers in many ways but the commonest are happiness, restlessness and strong emotions. However; falling in love doesn’t always guarantees a successful marriage or living together.

Frankly speaking, according to statistics many are getting divorce more than getting together.

To build and support successful marriage or…


Added by Joel Savage on January 6, 2014 at 3:35pm — No Comments

A Few Words on Pat O’Regan

By Pat O'Regan

I’ve run the gamut in writing – novels, short stories, plays, essays, profiles – but, as a way of attracting attention, I’ll focus on just two works. One of the novels concerns the life and art of a professional outdoor photographer. Photography, of course, is a very common expression of the…


Added by Judd Miller on January 6, 2014 at 1:30am — 1 Comment

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Editing software

Started by Serita D Stevens in WRITING PROFESSIONALS on Thursday. 0 Replies

I signed up for the manuscript editing software - that is I made a pay pay donation and there is no place to click on to get this software to help with editing? At least I cannot find it. ThanksContinue

Heroes of Philosophy, Volume Two, Spinoza, Steiner and Goethe

Started by Robert S. Hare in INTRODUCTIONS & WELCOMES Aug 18. 0 Replies

Premium eBook, Heroes Of Philosophy, Volume Two, Spinoza, Steiner and Goethe.Unique insights into Christianity. The Mysteries (the people’s religion). Plus, the genius of Goethe!First part free, the rest only three bucks!#philosophy #inspirational…Continue

Tags: inspirational, philosophy

Middle Grade Adventures and Mysteries

Started by Max Elliot Anderson in ANNOUNCEMENTS Jun 24. 0 Replies

6 NEW Middle Grade Adventures and Mysteries Are Now Published  https://middlegradeadventureandmystery.blogspot.com Continue

New SINC Chapter

Started by P.I. Barrington in INTRODUCTIONS & WELCOMES Jan 15. 0 Replies

Hi Everyone!Would any East Tennessee authors be interested in a local chapter of SINC (Sisters In Crime)? I am trying to gauge whether it would be viable and if I should continue talking to the national office. You don't have to be a female author…Continue

Tags: crime, writers, East, Tennessee, chapter

My latest novel: THE GODS OF WINTER

Started by Gerald Gehrid Griffin in INTRODUCTIONS & WELCOMES Nov 20, 2017. 0 Replies

Novelcover1.jpegA story to behold, the stuff of…Continue

Free e-book promo!

Started by Tim Murray in AUTHOR'S BOARD Sep 24, 2017. 0 Replies

I just made my E-book, Thumar, Free on Kindle and smashwords. This is a three week promotion to get it in the hands of many more readers, Check it out.Continue

New member and newly published!

Started by Tim Murray in INTRODUCTIONS & WELCOMES. Last reply by Linda Barnett-Johnson Sep 12, 2017. 1 Reply

My name is Tim Murray and I recently self-published my first Sci-fi novel, Thumar!I am excited to explore the tools that Indie writers offers. I'm presently mucking my way through self-marketing.You can discover my offering on…Continue

Hidden Ones

Started by Marcia Fine in AUTHOR'S BOARD Sep 12, 2017. 0 Replies


How to be everywhere at once by Marcia Fine

Started by Marcia Fine in WRITING DISCUSSIONS Sep 12, 2017. 0 Replies

Donis Casey blog MARKETING MAGIC: How to Be Everywhere at Once by Marcia FineYou’ve written your book— those pesky typos are at a minimum, your friends think it’s great and the cover is catchy. So how do you get others besides your family to…Continue

A Jewish Exploration of Mexico City

Started by Marcia Fine in WRITING DISCUSSIONS Sep 12, 2017. 0 Replies

A Jewish Exploration of Mexico City By Marcia Fine Special to the Phoenix Jewish NewsMy research for historical accuracy in my novels has led me around the world, including Israel, France, Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic. After the success of…Continue


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