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How to Partner with the Indie Writers Support network

We are now giving every blogger a chance to connect with the Indie Writers Support network and create free exposures for their blog-site by linking back to us. Our new link-exchange program would allow any 'literary-based' blogger and website owner to add his or her website address onto indiewritersupport.com (to it's 5,000+ webpages), only if he/she agree to add Indie Writers Support (with the www.indiewritersupport.com hyperlink address) onto his/her website.

We thought this would be a great idea, as it could create free exposure for both websites involved, and increase readerships. 

The process will take you less than 20 minutes to carry out as your email and website would have to be verify. This link-exchange program was made possible by the website application made LinkMarket.com. Any webmaster may create an account and exchange traffic with other webmasters with the same interest.

Authors who own their own website-domain may apply as well, as this will generate more views to your website and published books from free sources (from partner sites who have also signed up). It's a win-win for all, and we hope that you would participate.  

To get started with this link-exchange program, go here first, http://www.linkmarket.com and then create your free trial account. After your account is approved with linkmarket.com and your profile is updated, you would be able to request and exchange website link with us. Go to this link http://www.linkmarket.com/details/url/indiewritersupport.com to exchange and request your website placement with Indie Writers Support.

How to exchange links?

Link Market uses simple 1-2-3 step process to exchange links. This process starts once the link request has been sent out.

Here are the steps in order:

  1. Respond 
    - Member receiving link request needs to agree to link trade
  2. Add Link 
    - Member requesting link trade is required to add and verify link on his/her link page
  3. Add Link  
    - Member receiving link trade is required to add and verify link on his/her link page

After all the stages are processed, then the link exchange would be marked complete.

To link your website with indiewritersupport.com, go to, http://www.linkmarket.com/details/url/indiewritersupport.com. You would have to sign up with LinkMarket first in order to do so. The service is free and only takes minutes to complete.

Every Author's website would be approve for exchange.

Anyone with a question or concerns about this program may leave a comment below. We will try to respond as soon as we can.

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Comment by Jasmine Fuller on October 7, 2014 at 3:44pm

I take it accounts (such as Facebook business pages, Goodreads accounts, and Wix sites) do not count as sites?  LinkMarket considers my URLs invalid, I assume because they're hosted by other sites.  Is there any way for me to affordably advertise my services (editing & proofreading) on IWS other than this link exchange?

Comment by Judd Miller on October 7, 2014 at 8:26pm

Hello Jasmine. You'd have to own the customized domain-website in order to apply. Thx.

Comment by B. Lynn Goodwin on July 30, 2017 at 9:23pm

Love to have people take a look at Writer Advice, www.writeradvice.com. If you'd like to receive notices of new issues (changes quarterly) send your e-mail address to Lgood67334@comcast.net.


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