Aussie romance

On 13th May 1787, 11 ships and 1300 people left England to found a penal colony in Australia. They landed in January 1788. The Naval officers and their families and the convicts worked to establish the first European settlement of Australia. The population grew and, in time, sheep stations developed. These were propertied whose main activity was the raising of sheep for their wool and meat. It was a fascinating time in history. 

I was so intrigued by this historical period that I wrote the novel, A Flame in the Wind. In this story, Rebecca Dalton heads home to live with her father on their family ranch in the Australian outback. When she arrives, however, she discovers her father has died. Despite his death, and the shattering grief she feels, Rebecca decides to run her family's farm on her own. She is advised that it's not safe for her to stay out in the wild country alone and that marriage is the only logical choice for her future.

Rebecca disagrees and remains determined to manage her sheep station independently and without the complications of romance. However, she soon finds her resolve challenged when a young foreman captivates her heart and threatens to break it with the painful secret that he carries. 

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