Grow Thin While You Sleep

Book Viral Review Grow Thin While You Sleep - Author Daya Devi-Doolin

A faith-based and enlightened approach to overcoming life’s challenges, Grow Thin While You Sleep proves a powerful catalyst for positive change. Highly accessible, Devi-Doolin isn’t an author to persuade her readers with undue complexity or make outlandish claims, but by candidly sharing her own experiences she invites her readers to take a step back and consider an alternative perspective It’s certainly compelling, and whilst you might find similar texts on the subject few authors inspire on the level that Devi-Doolin does, or more importantly succeed in making the vital connection between diet and spiritual wellbeing.  In clear and concise prose her guidance is easy to visualize and follow allowing us to intuitively make that all important connection between faith and health.  Through her own transformative experiences, both concept and execution are easy to incorporate in our daily regimes. She includes recipes to compliment her holistic methodology, but it’s in the cleansing of body and mind that she opens us up to the possibilities of long-lasting and transformative change in our lives through influences we might otherwise not recognize or act upon.

This book is a spiritual diet for personal transformation and nutritional wellbeing, Grow Thin While You Sleep proves a powerful and poignant faith-based Self Help book and is highly recommended.


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