“You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.” – Malcolm X

Gordon Osmond’s novella ‘The Page’ is a satirical and yet sincere take on the families and businesses affected by the misuse of the Environmental Protection Agencies’ policies. Candy and Jim Lovett run a successful fashion apparels manufacturing business. But they lose all their money when the powers at Washington D.C. propel a new law, making business houses liable to clean up polluted sites near them. That’s when Cameron, Candy and Jim’s only son decides to enlist himself as a page to the senator directly responsible for this misstep.

“Gordon takes a real subject like the EPA’s Superfund and concocts a political farce that’s endearing, cleverly plotted, and leaves a lasting impression…”

If you have read a Gordon Osmond fiction before in your life then you know how good he is at creating life-like scenarios where his characters indulge in reckless and ludicrous behavior. And in ‘The Page’ while the similarity to life-like scenes are plenty with matching emotions to boot, his characters are more mellowed down. The story in ‘The Page’ is precisely plotted like a three act play. The introduction of the characters and the obstacle in their lives form the first segment while in the second part, the protagonist finds a repurpose in his life and finally, a climax that will leave you pleasantly shocked.

His depiction of the people holding the higher offices of government and their work culture is all done tongue in cheek. But it isn’t an out an out satire where the storyline and the characters become wackier by the minute; you will feel an emotional connect with the characters and their story. There’s plenty of self deprecation too, Gordon isn’t content being a distant figure who pokes fun at everybody else; at times he breaks open the fourth wall and ridicules himself as well.

“Gordon is a linguist’s delight, a master wordsmith, and a grammar Nazi all rolled into one; his books are a total delight to read irrespective of the route the narrative takes.”

Gordon’s characters usually are master conversationalists; they spew witty phrases and clever arguments at will. Here also this sort of verbal boxing between the characters can be seen. Candy and Jim Lovett are like the pin-up representation of what a happy, successful American family should look like. Even their descent into bad times and their reaction to it has a stereotypical feel to it. But then again, aren’t most stereotypes only an exaggerated representation of the reality around us?

Cameron or Cam is this young slick fellow with a talented con man like ability to think on his feet. But he’s still immature when it comes to confronting heavy emotions and that’s where the guidance and affection of Candy and Luana comes in. Luana Rosas is the intelligent, knowledgeable woman, who is aggressive by nature. And the sexual tension between Cam and her makes for good reading even though they have only a few scenes together.

‘The Page’ is an entertaining short read that is bound to stir your ethical & moral compass as well.

“The author’s ability to put a smile on your face & induce a LOL moment when you’re least expecting makes ‘The Page’ an absolute must read.”

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