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S.T.A.R.S. (Scientific testing aimed at a rat’s survival), is a project set up by the government to increase the survival of the slowly decreasing rats’ population in the town of AARONSVILLE, North of England.
In today’s society, rats have become a lifeline for people. Their blood is used to heal the sick. But a worldwide virus killed off most of the population a few years ago. The virus was known as the rodent killer.
The local government set up a lab to help maintain the rats and to mate them for the future. The lab was safe from the virus.
Now, a few years later, a change has happened. A change within the rats has arrived. They have grown wise to the people and want out.
Scientists have been studying the rodents for a long time, but the rodents have begun to study them. They sit and watch the humans from behind their glass cages. They sit and plan an escape. Tonight, they will flee from the lab, flee to take revenge on the human race who thought it best to cage them. Tonight, the town of AARONSVILLE will awaken once again with the scurrying of rodents, but this time the outcome will be different.

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