From his home in the wall of the city’s subway, a rat named Rupert accidently gets inside a prestigious hotel across the street from the park where he goes daily to play with the squirrels. Inside the hotel he makes a mess of the wedding reception of the mayor’s daughter before fleeing into one of the rooms to escape the hotel staff chasing him. In the room he meets a young blind girl named Anna, and together, Rupert and Anna go on a wild adventure in the haunted house of Anna’s evil grandmother where they encounter creepy spooks, witchcraft, walking skeletons, and a vicious cat intent on making Rupert her next meal. Fleeing into a swamp, the pair encounters even more monstrous creatures and a tribe of carnivorous rabbits planning on having them for dinner. Escaping the Rabbits’ castle, the pair goes over a waterfall before ending up at the camp of a treacherous bulldog and his army of fighting rats with which they must do battle for a precious emerald brooch with great powers that might restore Anna’s eyesight. This is a story of love and friendship and survival against all odds with two unlikely comrades: a rat and a little blind girl.


RUPERT - new Word.docx

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