Testimonials about Indie Writers Support

I am so very grateful for indie writers support. This website has been key in helping me publish my first novel. Not only do I receive helpful emails with tips, tricks, blogs and encouragement but indie writers support was the place I learned about Amazon's kindle scout program. I had been sitting on my book for 18 months and I received the email alerting me. I quickly touched up my novel and was one of the first submitted and in Amazon's launch. It was a great tool and learning experience. Amazon placed my novel for 30 days on its kindle scout website giving me exposure to all kinds of readers. Now I have my book completed and listed in Amazon because I finally got on it. Even though my book was bit selected by Amazon on that particular campaign I still received invaluable exposure and my first book review was from a pleasant stranger that kept my book in the back of her mind and found it when published. Very rewarding.

I've shared indie writers support with many aspiring author friends as well and as I wrap up my second book I've received invaluable information from the emails I get on a daily basis. I know I haven't even begun to tap into even a small amount of the tools Indie Writers support offers but it's where I come and share anytime I need information or help. Unlimited resources really and as I get my day to day emails I'm forwarding and sharing them continually.

So for these reasons I will be eternally grateful for indie writers support for giving me the nudge I needed to get the ball rolling on my book had it not been for them I would still be sitting on my book dreaming of the day I would get my nerve up to finish and publish. I realized now that I'm not alone and there is a huge community of independent authors like myself willing to commune, answer questions and offer advice and support. This website is vital for people like me.

Indie Writers Support is great at supporting authors.  As a new author who was published by a small, traditional publisher, I have found the information provided has been very useful.  

Indie Writers Support provides tips that many other sites don't.  For example, Indie Writers Support provided information about indexing your website to increase the amount of traffic.  I had heard about indexing, but didn't know how to do it, until I received Indie Writers Support's e-mail, which demonstrated just how simple it is.

Indie Writers Support provides a very unique service that I find very helpful, focusing on different aspects of promoting a book.  I really appreciate the wide variety of tips provided. Clearly, the individuals running the site are highly knowledgeable about helping to expose talented writers.

Thank you for all the invaluable information you continue to share.   

Why I Love Indie Writers Support

When you first start out as an indie writer, there are a lot of things you'll need to learn, such as ways to market your book, where to go to promote your book, and where to find other indie writers to network with. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook can help, but I was looking for a site that was more like a social network for writers. That's when I found Indie Writers Support. This site is a goldmine of information and resources for beginning and experienced indie writers, and I highly recommend it.

Here are some of the great tools that Indie Writers Support offers:

Groups covering all different writing genres - Whether you write fiction or spiritual books, thrillers, or are just looking for some place to find guest posters for your blog, IWS has a group about it - and if you can't find one that fits your needs, you can create one and invite others to join it.

A customizable personal page - You can use your personal page to tell other members of IWS more about yourself - you can include things such as your blog's RSS feed, photos of yourself or your book covers, and a custom section where you can put whatever you want (I used my personal page to provide information on my books, using instructions that IWS sent out in an email).

Facebook-style posts - On your personal page, you can create book-related status messages. You can also share blog posts that you write on your Indie Writer's Support blog, create events, and share photos and videos.

Access to different services - As a member of Indie Writers Support, you'll have access to different services. These services do cost some money, but they're worth it. Some of the services that you'll have access to are article submitting software, StyleWriter 4 Software, a best seller's program, and book video trailer software, among other things. 

These are just a few of the many reasons why I love Indie Writers Support. I look forward to using all the benefits of my Indie Writers Support membership to become a better writer. 

The loneliness of The Long Distance “Writer”

The loneliness of The Long Distance “Writer”
Lawrence Kasdan, a Producer, Screenwriter and Director said "...being a writer is like having homework every night." He nailed it! I have had such "homework" for as long as I can remember.
I’m not sure it is a healthy thing because it is a jealous obsession that requires solitude at the expense of relationships. People ask me, “How do you know you are a writer?” I tell them if you wake up at 3:00 A. M. and have to write - you are a writer. Moreover, if you are in a social situation and you are checking out people to see where they might fit in a narrative - you are a winter. Most importantly, if you are lucky enough to have a wonderful lover and you sometimes would rather be at your desk writing than making love - you damn well are a writer. 
Now, as to where Indie Writer Support fits in. It’s right there in the name. Most of we writers are not well understood by “normal” people so we derive little support from them. For the longest time, I thought I could do it all alone. Of course I used proofreaders and some other resources, but I always tried to write, revise and market all by my lonesome. I have come to believe that was not only a fast track to the nut house, but not very profitable. I am now fully committed to obtaining all the help I can get to advance my writing career. Joining this website is my first step and I look forward to being helped and hoping to help others.

I have been with Indie Writer's Support for over a year now. It is a great place for writers to share their work and accomplishments. It's a place where other writers can go to ask questions and meet new people who maybe experiencing or need help in a particular area that you can help them in or vise versa.

There are also many groups to choose from and the best part, you can promote your books on the site and keep a daily or weekly blog. It's a great way to interact with other people. Writers just like you!

 Check put the different things Indie Writer's Support can do for you and your work. Whether you're a first-time writer or have written five or even ten books. It doesn't matter, besides the work you've done could help another writer in need. Getting started as a self-publisher is hard enough. The more writers’ work together, the more we can get our books out to our readers.

 I have written 3 novels and 7 children's books. My second novel last year in Sept, won book of the day! As one of my older children's book won book of the week!

 There are many things you can enter, and services you can use. For services, there are ways of promoting your book/books for a small amount of money, which helps us self-publishers who have to market our own books, and money maybe slim at times.

 You can also leave samples of your book/books for others to view and buy if they are interested. The website is easy to use and definitely worth time to check out. The site has many different options to choose from when it comes to membership. I went ahead and paid for the lifetime fee of $150.00. Now, I’ll never have to worry about my membership expiring.

 Even if you don’t want to purchase a membership at this time, it’s free to just check the site out and see what we’re all about!

When I see Indie Writers support emails I breathe a sigh of relief. I feel that I can trust this website more than any other site. The goal is to help and support Indie Authors and writers who struggle against the giants of the book industry. I know I am not alone and my passion is shared by millions of writers world wide. I cannot stress enough that keeping control on my stories, books, blogs and articles is paramount to my psyche. I know Indie Writers Support is with me in this and that is what counts in the long run. 

Joining Indie Writers Support has helped me with my sales too. Thank you for everything you do for me and my colleagues in this passion.

From a Relative Newcomer to I.W.S.

I joined Indie Writers Support because my agent, Peter Miller, recommended it as a helpful site.  Yes, in today's publishing world, whether you self-published or traditionally published, writers need help and advice from experts.  We’re all involved in marketing our books, reaching out to our fan base through social media, and linking with other authors.

 Publishing has changed drastically. Now each writer is his or her own complete business. I do the research, the creation, editing, and line editing, marketing to agents, publishers, fans, readers, and the public. I’ve formatted print books into eBooks. Often we become our own publisher.  I’ve done all these: the gamut from marketing through TV shows, radio, and book signings, to marketing through FB and twitter, and blogging. I’ve illustrated my own short stories.  I have my own small publishing company.  I’m both self published and traditionally published.

 I need, all authors need, the help, advice, support, and tips we can get to manage all these roles.

 I joined IWS this fall, and filled out a profile. During the last few weeks, I’ve become more aware of how IWS can help me increase my expertise in these various tasks. First, there’re groups covering various genres and issues. With our profile page we can learn about each other and communicate with fans. There are groups to help us promote our books, talk with other authors and fans interested in specific genres, and help each other.  IWS has sent me tips on how to maximize Facebook advertising and other ways to help us promote ourselves. There are services to help us write and promote our books. And, yes some of these are when we would rather hire an expert than figure out how to do it ourselves.  And there are also review services, because getting reviews has become a crucial part of being a writer. I'm eager to benefit from all these various services and aids.

A solitary endeavor with great support

Writing is called a solitary endeavor - and it really is. But in the end we all rely on others to help us through the next process, which is editing, publishing and promotion. Who better to do this but a group of dedicated indie's and a website just for us. 

Reaching out to others who are doing what they love best requires not only confidence in what you are doing, but a place to do it where others of the same mind are there and ready to help. A place where you can find answers to questions you didn't know you needed to ask. I don't know about anyone else, but knowing the right questions to ask can be daunting in a very competitive industry. We don't want to sound stupid and appear as if we don't know what we are doing. How do you know what to ask when you aren't sure what your problem or sticking point is? One way is to join a chat room of similar writers or read other writer's blogs. Eventually you will find what you need to make your writing better. A place where knowledge is passed from one person to another with no agenda other than sharing what they know.

With all the information provided within this website, an author has the ability to find what he/she needs, including other authors to lend a hand or a word or two. I thank all of those who contribute to this site. Your information is invaluable to others.

Products and services are dedicated to making the written word a little better and the writer a little more confident in their work - sometimes more than a little.

In addition to resources, the exposure to readers is an added bonus.

Thanks for the support and encouragement - you guys are doing a great job for all those  authors who do it their way.

Author SL Dwyer

Award winning author of Dirt

Indie Writers Support has been a very valuable asset and resource for me. I love the ease of access and that the website works efficiently. There is never a lag while the information reloads. I commend those who originally set up the site because it’s important to have the ability to do things quickly. The option to watch a YouTube video is priceless. Sometimes, we need to “see” a demonstration. “My Page” is easy to use and offers many of the tools I need. It’s simple to add my book(s) information and include book covers, links, blurbs, and other promotional information. Book covers can be uploaded from URL or directly from your own computer files. In fact, it is one of the easiest author websites I have used. After making changes, you see the results immediately.

As a fulltime author, I want to spend my time writing. Nonetheless, I have to be realistic—promotions are important too. Without promotional resources, no one will discover your published book(s). Indie Writers Support offers so many various avenues for an author to promote their book(s). They use Facebook and Twitter to blast out a message for their author members. Include Amazon Book Club in that scenario and who could ask for more? I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here.

As a personal “thank you” to Indie Writers Support, I added their website as one of the best free places for new and veteran authors to use in the bonus materials for my latest book, How to “Find us on Facebook.” Although I am now a member, it is free to set up an account and start using “My Page” as a promotional endeavor. As Indie authors, we need all the help offered when getting the word out about our writings. 

Writing a novel is a solitary pursuit. I look forward to the emails from Indie Writer's Support. The other novelists and poets are encouraging and share helpful tips and tricks to keep working.

It doesn't matter if you are self published or represented by a press, writers must gather a posse and find readers. Indie Writer's Supprt has a mass audience and experience with online, face to face and brick and mortar marketing. It can be daunting to reinvent the process and go alone. For a small pay out they know how to organize your release, help with book signings or direct you to the very best resources in editing, marketing and publishing. Indie Writing Support has the black book on how to execute it all!

Indie Writers' Support - a Much Needed Group for the Indie Writer Today

I am most thankful for discovering Indie Writers' Support. Traversing the world of independent publishing and maneuvering through the tricks of the trade is often overwhelming for the pro; imagine how much more so for the newly published.

Although I have been published before with a traditional publisher, I chose to move to an independent format as I wanted control over my book; the marketing, the cover, the distribution and all other areas encompassing book sales. I knew from the start I would need help. And, I have found it!

Indie Writers' is an encouraging group as well as informative. They have broad horizons that allow writers to get their work shown in many different ways. Their discussions are particularly helpful and they also challenge my thinking in how I approach my work.

I strongly encourage any writer, new or professional, to look closely at this group and consider not only taking advantage of what they have to offer, but also in what they can offer 

Writing Can Be a Lonely Profession

As a writer I tend to live inside my head. Since I've always been shy, that's a safe place to be (unless packs of werewolves are roaming around in there, too). Indie Writers Support is invaluable because it is made up of other writers. On the website, I can check out what they're doing, watch book trailers, visit related groups…actually there are too many options to list. I'll just say it's an indie writers' go-to site, and in the last year, I've watched our numbers grow by leaps and bounds.

It's so much fun to read excerpts by my fellow writers. There's no better place to discover my next favorite book. And the list of blogs is very handy. I also like having my own page, where my book covers and synopses are available for everyone to see. In addition to all that, IWS displays links to some pretty cool writers' tools.

The best part of all is that members of IWS understand the struggles and successes of independent publishing. We support each other because we want to get the word out there—self-publishing is not a last resort anymore. It's a smart choice for the writer who wants to control every aspect of writing, publishing, and marketing his/her book.  IWS offers book reviews, free reads, chats, support groups, and a calendar of events. Most important are the ideas and means of getting our books in the hands of readers, the most difficult aspect of independent publishing.

It is a pleasure to be among others who love to write as much as I do. Maybe we're not face to face, but we're always within reach, thanks to IWS polarizing like minds into a cohesive organization. I believe our numbers will continue to grow, and am very glad I found the group.

A place to learn; a place to connect

As an Indie author I sometimes find it difficult to navigate all the rivers and tides that go with writing and publishing my work. Let’s face it: we all need people who have been there to help us find the pathways to success or to at least cheer us on while we explore various trails.

Indie Writer’s Support group is not only such a place to find support and encouragement as an Indie author, but it was designed to connect readers with writers and their books. Being discovered is the Indie writer’s most difficult challenge with thousands of new books published daily.

Readers, like myself--I love reading as well as writing--enjoy finding out about new authors; what inspires them; where they find their subjects; what moved them to choose a particular genre. The I.W.S. author profile page allows me to use not only text but photos and videos to connect with my readers. And to learn about new authors I want to try out.

Being able to write blog posts extends this ability to let the reader get to know the author, and in so doing, to connect. Readers connect to authors; not to books. We may love a book, but if we feel like we know the author, we are more likely to look for any new books that are upcoming. This repeat reader is the Indie, or any, author’s dream. Such readers are not shy about shouting out their author finds.

I love the idea of being able to post photos. Not only to let my readers know more about me, but to take the opportunity to show them more about the places I mention in my books such as Mount Baker. I.W.S. provides the possibility to fire my readers’ imaginations with visuals.

There is also a place to post book trailers. This is something I have yet to learn, but checking out the trailers of other authors is inspiring to me.

There are a number of groups an author can belong to for great discussions and loads of encouragement. Whether you’re a new author or a seasoned veteran of the War of Words, everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes, and to share our greatest triumphs and our deepest doubts. Where better than with those who have been there.

There are videos posted on-site about everything from how to sell romance to crowd funding for authors. Invaluable information.

Premium membership is well within most authors’ budgets and definitely something you want to check into. However, if you’re unsure, just sign up for free membership and check out Indie Writer’s Support.  

Indie Writers Support Has a Congenial Atmosphere..

I enjoy being part of Inde Writers Support. Whatever you need, you can find here. The members are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to serve. It's nice to know there's a place like this for writers to go who need a information, encouragement, and an emotional boost. 

My first Indie book will come out soon. I'll be spending a lot more time here, asking for help. Best of all, I know I will find it.

You guys are the greatest. Thank you for being here for all struggling Indie authors. 


I don't know how I got into contact with Indie Writer Support but it was a lucky break. Up until this connection I had felt a little bit without an anchor in my book writing activities. Then Indie came along and it's like all of a sudden I had true friend who has your best interest at heart. I have a feeling I have someone who is listening, who is on my side and who will willingly help me progress with my writing and my books. Thanks for being there. I've submitted two blogs and this has helped me find new reader friends. Indie is a great big window for us to see what our fellow writers are doing and their suggestions and ideas. What a great site to have as a writer who is battling to be heard. Writing is a lonely profession but Indie Writer Support has come to mean a lot to me on a daily basis. Thanks for being there and letting me share my writing with others. You truly are a book author's best friend. I just hope my latest mystery-thriller MURDER IMPOSSIBLE will be heard, seen and read via your help. Cheers to Indie Writers Support!

Why I LOVE Indie Writers Support

There are so many of us. Authors who write for various reasons. Some are trying to make a living although I would starve. Others write for the attention. Many pen their thoughts because they love to create. My writing is a gift from God. Never did I even dream of becoming an author. After having a vision for a few years (I'm a slow study), I finally got on my knees. I was amazed that God seemed to be telling me to write it down. Now if you have never talked to God, you may think me a little unbalanced which I may be but there are many who know to what I refer. My first book, Beaufort Betrayal was the result of that vision. Two years have passed and I'm still writing. Not  only am I still writing, I still love to write. Many things pull at an author. The days that I am able to sit and write is a good day. Just as often, I'm working on book signings or marketing in some way. How nice to be a part of a group that understands. We support each other as only another author would and we give suggestions. Some of the recommendations by my peers have really pushed me forward. Never have I felt that I have wasted time by reading blogs or articles by my "friends" because that is what we become. It is a great way to trade book reviews or devise other creative means to market ourselves. I would strongly recommend to anyone who loves to write to join us. Not just indie authors or newbies but everyone should find something to inspire and soothe the feelings of just not having enough time. Wring is difficult enough. You receive suggestions from people who have never written. You are criticized by others who truly have no idea what they are saying. If you are wise, you don't confront but listen and smile because you know. You know that when you are finally home, there is a place that understands and will support you. It is called Indie Writers Support. Come, join us!  

Author Linda Heavner Gerald

Love Indie Writers Support

I want to acknowledge my love for Indie Writers support. They support indie authors around the world by constantly tweeting about them and their books. There's not too many programs like this one, which gives authors a chance to get noticed.

First, I want to thank every single employee at indie writers support for following me on twitter and showing an insurmountable love on the daily. I recognize that they're unique because they actually care and want to see indie authors who may or may not have a lot of fans get love. They're just a fantastic support group and I support and thank them for all they have done.

To conclude this, I think I speak for all indie authors when I say keep going and keep showing love because it gives us a chance to be in the spotlight and share our wonderful work.

One of my favorite things about IWS is the support that other authors give to one another.

Our world tends to promote competitiveness, that survival of the fittest idea, but not everything in life is about being better or beating out the others.  Indie Writers Support (IWS) focuses on helping all authors be great without the need of putting others down.  The beauty of the world of literature is that there are so many different genres because there are so many unique individuals in the world.  Readers love to read, and each reader as his/her own interests.

By having authors support and promote one another, IWS creates a community where the love of the written word is more important than the individual.  Authors read one another’s works and provide positive feedback.  They leave reviews.  They retweet one another’s promotions.  They follow one another through various social media venues and discuss any and every topic related to writing (and reading).

IWS authors are not those isolated hermits locked in an office with scattered notes everywhere, waiting to hear from their publisher about whether their books beat out the competitors’ books.  IWS authors are celebrating the success of all authors, knowing that successful authors bring happy readers.  Each of us focuses on improving our own craft through learning from others.  If authors weren’t willing to share their tips and suggestions, the world would lose out on so many millions of new books that are being published.  It is because of organizations like IWS that new authors have the courage to take the risks that exist in putting their first written baby out to the critical readers of the world.  IWS provides a home for independent authors so that they understand that they are not alone struggling in a literary world that is against them; instead, they are part of a family who lovingly raises them up so that they may help others fall in love with the written word all over again.


Yvette M Calleiro

Author of The Chronicles of the Diasodz (The One Discovered, The One Enlightened)

Whenever I feel like marketing a book, feel worse than looking forward to a root canal. I want to give up, go to bed and pull the covers over my head, and then I open my email and there is a  good idea from Indie Writers Support.  Okay, maybe I'll go on and try it out.  Someone out there is ready to help and send me some inspirational ideas.  

It's an interesting time when the act of writing a book is a lot easier than marketing it.  I practiced law in NYC and represented writers negotiating contracts with the publishing houses, of which there were many in those days.  Any book the publishing houses took was reviewed by editors, spruced up, great covers made, public relations tours set up, book reviews, the whole deal handled...and we bitched about how the author received only a small royalty...against an advance that was actually paid...money...to put in the bank...and up-front!

In retrospect, when faced with doing the design, marketing, PR and writing myself, maybe it wasn't such a bad deal after all!

Thanks to you all at Indie Writers Support for giving us poor writers a little hand holding when we need it!

My Testimonial about Indie Writers Support

 I am a very new member at Indie Writers, but already feel supported and that I am amongst a thoughtful and intelligent group of serious writers. It is so important to be able to communicate with the like minded if one is preoccupied by the necessary 'solitary' in writing. I like the way the site operates and the way it appears. I am still finding my way around, so I hope, no I know, you will be patient with me.    Thank you for your coherence and professionalism, these are essential rigours in a world that veers towards the superficial. I would recommend Indie writers to anyone who is a serious writer.

 There seem to be numerous possibilities if one is a member at Indie and I have a feeling that one can fashion a pathway, customise a profile, update and debate, so much to find out and celebrate.

I am already impressed by the blog posts and must refine my efforts. I love blogging and there is a wealth to discover here. The site appeals to my curiosity and my creativity and I suspect its conception was based upon those things, amongst others.

The shared facilities available on the site, like reviewing, are accessible and easy to navigate and for me that is so important. I need time to work things out.

I suspect what I am saying is that Indie writers offers an imaginative and cooperative approach and welcomes its new members with an open mind, but at the same time it has a discipline. It is obviously a site for real writers with real commitment and I trust will continue to attract a likeminded clientele.  

I will pass the word around and hope to enhance my skills as a writer as a result of being a member. Thank you.

Jenny Dunbar

Why Indie Writers Support?

Every Independent writer needs the support of his or her peers. With limited financial resources an Indie writer is forced to do most, if not all, of the legwork personally. We normally act as our own agents and rely on word of mouth to market our work. Not only do we have to deal with this end, we also have to contend with the established writers and publishing houses downplaying the importance of recognizing new and overlooked talent.

With media such as Indie Writers Support we have the help, support and encouragement needed to not lose heart and just throw in the towel. Here you have access to fellow writers of all genres and all the cumulative experience and knowledge that they bring to the table. If you need an honest critique of your work then all you have to do is ask.  There are various support groups to help you power through the writer's block.  There are services to promote book trailers and release excerpts of your work.

A writer would be a fool not to utilize all the tools at their disposal. Updates are added to your email on a daily basis featuring all the latest news, blogs and book samples you could hope for. I for one, appreciate any windows of opportunity that open for me and Indie Writers Support has provided me this chance to improve myself, my work and my odds of success.

The quality of talent here is impressive and the aesthetics of the writers' packaging is professional and well represented. Everything from children's books to poetry, and mystery to non fiction, and now with mine...horror and bizarre. Words are the one thing in this world that we all share. We might not always agree, but it is important to keep the dialog open.

Love Indie Writers Support

My experience so far with Indie Writers Support has been very good. The site has a good load time and has interactive members who are participating, so the site is active socially. It is easy to meet other authors and talk with them as well as readers who are interested in learning about authors new to them.

The monthly fee is low for any type of support for authors and I don't mind it. There seems many ways to get noticed by using their programs and looks like a book can get good exposure. So far I haven't done any of that except joining as a premium member.

I love the idea and aims of the site and hope the founders continue to evolve and grow it. Indie authors need all the help they can get and the market is just more competitive every day.

Helping authors realize their dreams is something worthwhile and touching.

Indie Authors has a lot of different parts to it and I enjoy exploring things like the groups and blogs.

An author can learn a lot from just reading other people's experiences and looking at the advice they can give. It is one of the few ways a new writer can learn what types of things are good to do or not to do. Otherwise, the mistakes can be costly.

Sections such as events and book-trailers are a good way for readers and authors to become aware of happenings that they may not know about otherwise.

The other sites that are involved in the network look very promising for both readers and writers. Readers Books and Worlds Bestselling Books are a big help for readers to find reviews and books they may want to read and the bestsellers site is obviously a good thing for both.

Collaborative Marketing

Is indiewritersupport.com just another ineffective offering to authors who are struggling to get their book in front of readers? I’d say, ‘no, definitely not’. As far as I can see, they’re one of the few online sites to have cracked the problem which most new authors face, by creating a comprehensive range of services to help writers get their books published and then to get those books in front of readers.

As with most modern services, Indie Writers’ Support utilises all the available new technology and social media outlets, this includes websites, Facebook and Twitter. The difference here is that they do it in a collaborative manner. When they talk about a network, they mean a network. They have gathered together a plethora of well-known sites which means that you don’t just get exposure on their main site, you get exposure across many sites across the Internet.

Their services aren’t cheap, but they do represent great value for money. I think we all know the old adage which states that ‘you get what you pay for’ and Indie Writers’ Support epitomises that principle. However, the great thing is that there are a range of, what I’d call entry level services, so authors can try out how well they deliver without breaking the bank. This means you can judge them by their results and work out for yourself whether this offers a cost effective solution. Better still, authors can join the network for free. There’s the option to create your author profile, list your books and socialise with like-minded author without charge. This allows you to get a feel for the network before committing any cash. How good is that?

Indie Writers’ Support states that their mission is to expose talented writers to a mass of book readers. I think they do just that… exactly what it says on the tin.

I am so excited that I found www.indiewritersupport.com.  Although I’ve been a professional writer – journalist, screenwriter – for half a century, I only recently published my first novel, I CANNES.  Self-published.  This sent me into a whole new world of trying to get my book in front of the book-reading, book-buying public and, initially, it was a baffling world indeed.  My first steps were stumbling ones.  I tried to join every group on Facebook that related to my genre which is – much to my surprise – erotic romance.  There are so many of these pages and  posting on them seemed to take over my life.  As I’m trying to write a sequel to I CANNES and spend a lot of time caught up in that white heat of creativity, it was frustrating to have to take time away from birthing that new baby so that I could take care of my toddler.  It took me a while to figure out that I was posting to groups that only had a few hundred members – most of whom were probably authors like myself.  Then I struck gold.  I came upon a listing of the top 20 Facebook groups to advertise your books and there I found the Amazon Book Clubs.  It’s through that group of almost 24,000 members that I discoveredwww.indiewritersupport.com and a place with a number of tools that I lacked.  I have my page on there and that page allowed me to post a portion of my book so that potential readers can see that it’s well-written, witty and clever.  I don’t know what the statistics are but I’ve seen so many illiterate posts in some of the other groups that I feel as though I’m being tarred with the same brush.  The very professional www.indiewritersupport.com site gives me an opportunity to separate myself from the pack and show that I am truly a professional with something entertaining to say.  Their many tools – I’m a premium member – give me hope.

I haven't been a member of Indie Writer's very long, but I've enjoyed the emails and newsletters they send. They offer good tools for some starting out in the Indie publishing world, or someone like myself who is multi-published in the traditional publishing world and just branching out to become a hybrid author with my first book, Forget Me Not, and two recent out-of-print titles that I'm republishing myself. Thank you!!!

Giving Chance and Support

Each person in the life need support. Especially when that person reveals something new or when she conquering new ground. I am into writing for ten years and achieve great success in my own country. This is a chance to try to cross the border and find audiences around the world. My novels are about the global problem of estrangement. I reveal that beneath the cloak of icy emotions there still beats a living human heart. My protagonists try to find answers if Is it possible after all to find a way out of the world of deceptions, lies and deceitfulness? Is there a place in this world for a little miracle that would fundamentally alter the course of the main protagonist’s life?
Indie Writers Support is trying to solve the problem of estrangement, as well, and make a world of imagination from diverse writers closer to a larger number of readers. Find the path to the reader is not only a problem of the writer. When he finished writing the book the writer has to search for marketing support, publishing and support of those who believe in him! Indie writers support are that! Great Support to artists! Thank you on behalf of all the artists-writers! We desperately seek for that kind of support! We all know that's not a garantee for success, but it is a big chance! So, giving the chance to someone is one of the most beautiful signs of goodwill and most important wind to the back! We can write alone but we can't find without support the number of audience ! Indie Writers Support give fantastic possibility! the rest depends just from one thing- how talented we are!

Thumbs up for Indie Writers Support

Hooray! Glad I found Indie Writers Support! It’s a highly-functional site where a good bunch of fellow authors share their books and comments. A source for timely news and a great place to post and learn about book signings and other events.

I stumbled upon Indie Writers Support by chance and wish I had found it earlier, not only for book promotion purposes, but to learn what other authors are writing, thinking and doing. It offers most everything an author’s website should…an extensive individualized profile for the authors and their books, a chat room, blogs, a special place for book trailers, etc., etc., etc.

One of my favorite features is the book-sample section. There is a summary of the members’ books. With a click a reader finds a summary of the book, a photo of the author, the book cover, the ability to contact the author directly and a ‘buy’ link.

Frankly, I’ve just begun to learn all the features/functionality of the site. Among those I’m looking forward to make use of include:

‘Invite-Friends’ – the ability to invite your Facebook, LinkedIn friends and contacts, and  import friends from your email and Yahoo address books.

'Groups’ – the groups include authors with like-minded areas of interest. Already are almost a dozen groups ranging from those with interest in paranormal romance to thrillers.

'Blogs' – The Indie Writers Support staff has been kind enough to identify hundreds of blogs addressing almost every conceivable topic in which an author would have an interest. There are topics addressing the art/science of writing (Using Point-of-View in WritingFive Fiction Mechanics); marketing tips (The Most Impressive Author's Pages); author mental health…lol (Writer's Introspection: Are All Writers Egoists?)…and dozens of author and book review blogs.

Indie Writers Support is relatively new, but it’s well worth a look for established and emerging authors.

Why you should join INDIE WRITERS SUPPORT

I am constantly reminded of the importance of Indie Writers Support, by their unfailing updates about quotidian and special events. This very offer; the 300 word testimonial reward, is a good example. Each time I log-in to the Indie Writer's website I'm reminded of the many services provided by this writer's program. It is also encouraging that the web pages are easy to navigate; the various categories are presented in a clear and unambiguous manner. The opportunity to express my appreciation for a support service such as Indie Writers, is welcomed for  several reasons. Firstly it provides me with the opportunity to extemporize on the ways I am helped in the writing process, by this service. Secondly I am kept, by this offer, aware of the many efforts set forth by this writer's support group to serve its members. Additionally I am challenged to, on the spur of the moment, offer thoughts and opinions about the importance of such a service as Indie Writers.

I would be remiss if I failed to hold forth about my gratitude for the group providing me with the chance to have my own page, to keep appraised of the activities of fellow writers, to keep the writing community up to date on my activities, to advertise my writings, to be kept up to date on what is going on in the world of literature.

I am a nonpaying member. That Indie Writer provides "starving artists" like me, with a platform from which we can reach out to the reading universe, is of immeasurable value. When the time arrives that my purse is sufficiently swollen to allow me the luxury of becoming a paying member, I will of course, do so. Meanwhile,  I am grateful to be a part of this wide community, without having to strain my purse strings. Folks at Indie Writers, continue to do what you do. You are an example of what is right in literary circles.

Constant regimen of marketing advice to writers

There are many platforms on the internet that will bolster your name and help sell your books but none as efficient as the Indie Writers Support network. I highly recommend becoming part of this group. ~Susan Wingate


Since joining Indie Writer's Group, I have learned a great deal more about the epublishing industry. They are an amazing group of talented and informed Authors that I have been proud to be a part of. If you haven't yet joined this group, you should. They are knowledgeable, kind and helpful.

I am a recently enrolled member of Indie Writers Support Group and am 
already experiencing a significant amount of support for my writing efforts. 
By becoming a member of this support group, it has become apparent that
many more opportunities are available to me in my efforts to become a successful author. I have observed that there are many opportunities available for me to choose from. I especially like the opportunity to obtain a review for my book. 
The large number of services offered for authors is amazing to me. I have not encountered any other web site maintained for use by authors with so much content.
I am sure that as I become more familiar with the many services being offered that I will be more successful in introducing my book, or books, to the public.
I started writing many years ago and have had some difficulty in establishing myself as a well-known author. Most of my writing effort has been in the scientific field. This is not the most popular subject for most readers. But, by joining your group and obtaining some favorable reviews, my chances of becoming more well-known, I will be more successful.
My writing efforts have taken many years and I am very grateful to have finally found a support group that helps me find more exposure for my book. One of the difficult objectives for me has been to find a way to get my book reviewed. In the short period of time that I have been a member, there are already more than way for me to obtain the reviews that I have been searching for.
Thanks for for your support. I look forward to a long and prosperous future

Support, Information and Encouragement~

I've been a member of Indie Writers Support for this past year and have found it to be one of the better groups for self-published writers.

The meals are ones I find myself bothering to read due to their host of information. The ideas and forums allow me to connect with other writers and see what's working (or not!) for them.

There are a host of categories for participating to the degree you find the most useful and have the time for, and in an easy-to-use manner.

From book trailers to badges, from book samples to chat, there's something here for everyone!

This is one of the better sites out there, and believe me, I've tried a few! With three books in print in my Nora Tierney English Mystery series, I have the first of a new series debuting this spring, the first Trudy Genova Manhattan Mystery, and plan to promote through all of the options available to me through IWS. 

If you're thinking of trying IWS out, don't hesitate! You'll find good support, much encouragement from other members, great helpful staff, and a host of good ideas that will keep you in touch with the industry and what's happening now, while helping you to promote your books.


This is a second career for me. I want that instant gratification and that control that independent publishing affords. It’s really fun, rewarding and most of all, effective, to use Indie Writers Support to connect readers and authors. I love seeing the very positive side of what humanity is capable of. Indie Writers Support helps that happen. The world of books, how they are written, published and marketed has evolved to fit the world we live in and communicate with each other today. Friends I never thought would use an e-reader have one. Writers I know who claim the purity and superiority of traditional publishing have changed their tune, becoming intoxicated with the control they have with independent publishing and sites like Indie Writers Support to achieve their goals. Whether it’s help you need from step one of writing to actually getting a review for your self-published book,  IWS will have something for you. From the marketing perspective, the author is linked to a number of social media and author/reader sites like Goodreads to get your book in front of the appropriate audience. I give a workshop called SO YOU WANT TO WRITE A STORY, and this is exactly the advice I give to my participants. “Even before you publish, check out what’s available to you.” Indie Writer’s Support is one of the sites I recommend to members of my Meet-Up groups as well. Thanks, Indy Writer’s Support!

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