Beaufort Betrayal

Greetings to All:  I published my first novel, Beaufort Betrayal, over one year ago.  The book has really done well, thanks to all who have read it.  I truly think that it is the result of God's prompting.  I had the same vision each night for a very long time.  Each night, I would see the same thing before going to sleep.  Finally, I prayed that God would direct me.  The result was Beaufort Betrayal.  Honestly, whenever I read the book, I am amazed that I wrote the work.  If you love small sleepy coastal towns with history of that area as well as sailing information, you will treasure this small book.  I kept the size small so that you would be able to stow it in your travel bag or beach tote.  This mystery/thriller will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat.  You will love Beaufort as well as Palm Beach, Florida.  The maid, Estelle will keep you laughing for a while but she changes.  You'll see.

My second novel is Rosemary Beach.  Set in the beautiful town of Rosemary Beach, Florida, the heroine's name is the same.  Although it is a love story of unequalled attraction, just as in life, the story changes when a jealous x- lover enters the scene.  You will be shocked at the ending but love the story of Rosemary and the handsome British born Malcolm.  This book has sold exceedingly well all over the world.

My third book: Will He? is different from the others.  It is a suspense filled tale starting with the little girl, Laura Lombardi.  Follow her life as she loses both her parents and finds that her twin brother, Lars has always hated her.  She leaves Newport, R.I. to live with her only aunt, Sophia, in Frascatti, Italy.  While there, she blossoms into a beautiful young girl both inside and out.  She learns of a hideous family secret so evil that it is never discussed.  Instead of shrinking in fear, she heads back to her Newport home to confront the brother she fears may harm her.  Fall in love with the Italian way of life but never forget that home is where the heart is.

Finally, just released is my first children's book: Dusty the Island Dog.  As you read this to the child in your life, you may find that it appeals to all ages.  The beautiful Abaco, Bahamas is the setting of island life in the Caribbean.  Dusty and her side kick, Winston, the big red dog, will keep you laughing but you will realize the importance of this book for any child who has suffered a loss from death or neglect.  You may include it in your favorite list.

Something for everyone, these books are  for sale in all major bookstores all over the world.  The sales have been unbelievable.  All are Christian books with what I hope is writing that is evolving.  May God bless you and "Happy Reading!"  Linda


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  • Congrats to you Linda. I will run over and peek at your book on Amazon.


  • Thank you, Indie Author's Support for posting my blog.  What a wonderful way to reach interested readers.  Linda

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