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Today I will be showing you the art of creating a sharing page, with added inputs. For those who don't get the gist of this, what I will be doing is now creating facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc website links that will direct you, the clickers, to their social media networks for easy sharing - if you like the links. It is the same method YouTube is using to increase their viewing rate, by adding the sharing snippets (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, google+) below their video productions, the same snippets that I will now show you how to create. 

What these scripts will allow you to do is directly share your subject (published article, blog, promotional website, social links, video site etc) to multiple social media sites without leaving you page, instead of having to sign into each network and then individually posting to them. These scripts makes it easy to share directly to your network(s) without typing, just press the link and press ok. 

Developers with knowledge of php, sql, asp, html etc can decipher and better understand the language of these web-scripts.

Let's get started. These are the sharing snippets that I created for the Indie Writers Support homepage, facebooktwitterlinkedingoogle+ 

(Click or copy&paste these scripts to your web browser to view them)   (Share us with facebook)     (Share us on twitter)   (Share us on LinkedIn, must be signed in)   (Share us with Google+)

Now allow me to decipher the language of these scripts to their minimal. The first is a facebook sharing code developed by the facebook developers themselves. To make this link yours, simply replace the website link. For example;   CAN BE  -----  DO YOU NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE? --------DO THIS;

The second script is that of twitter. What's special about this twitter sharing script is that it allows you to apply subject inputs with the shaing, of anything less than 140 words of 'course.


If you copy the link to your browser, you will see that the twitter written inputs are highlighted.

Now pay attention to the changes I'm about to make, just like the previous one. Follow the inputs, they will be capitalized.'S%20BOOK,%20AUTHOR%20OMORUYI,%20HIGHLY%20RECOMMENDED&url=http://AMZN.COM/B007C4CY6A

The same system can be apply to the remaining two scripts for LinkedIn and Google+. Simply replace the website links and add your inputs. 

Here is one made for Author Omoruyi Uwuigiaren; facebooktwitterlinkedin, google+  

You can read more about this author here;

These links are best used as hyperlinks when you attach them to your forwarding emails and your social media welcoming messages.

There is another subject that I want to touch bases on. For those who are curious about this sample shorten url for amazon, and how you can apply it to your book, simply follow this step. is the shortest url link for, with the 'a' and 'o' removed. Type the to your browser and add your book's ISBN or ASIN number. For example, will take you directly to Author Omoruyi Uwuigiaren amazon eBook page.

Another pointer. and are the shortest urls for the Barnes&Noble bookstores. 

Thank you, and I hope that you enjoy this article. Don't forget to share the Indie Writers Support network (facebooktwitterlinkedingoogle+).

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- Judd Miller

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