Imagine being able to post your book-links to hundreds of book-related blogging sites all at once, and get massive follow back from their audiences and the search engines. That's right, this tool will guarantee you a high SEO (search engine optimization) ranking according to your book subject, and make your keywords, author's name, and book websites show 1st on the every search engines, including google, bing, ask.

For example, if you wrote a political thriller novel about a Presidental assasination, your keywords for this backlinking tool will be 'political thriller' 'Presidents assasination' 'author so and so' etc. The software will handle the rest of finding the correct blog sites to post your inputs (keywords and book links).

This tool would be provided to all of our active Premium Members within the next few days. To upgrade your account to our Premium Membership, you may apply at Please check to make sure that your premium membership hasn't expire, or else you won't receive this tool.

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You can watch the full tutorial about this automated backlinking Tool from this Youtube video above.

This software is:

  • Fully automated - incredibly easy to use
  • Searches and posts to 50+ different platforms
  • Highly customisable
  • Effortlessly improve your search rankings

There has never been such an easy back-linking tool to use. Right from the start everything is made as easy as possible, and if you are new to SEO and backlinking, you will only need to enter in 3 pieces of information to start generating back-links and improving your search rankings.

What makes No Hands SEO so special?

Unlike other backlinking tools that rely on you to constantly feed them. With this fully automated No Hands SEO Tool, all you do is enter your profiles, and let it work. You literally just press start!

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We have more tools to introduce to our upgraded members.

You don't want to miss them.

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