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With the secret revealed by AnyAudience, and the combined skills gathered from KdXray, we can now effectively advertise any book to at least 100,000 active Facebook users (members of Amazon Book ClubsReviewers RoundupBooks, Books and more BooksFREE Ebooks -- Reviews & Promotion etc) for as low as $50. Guaranteed downloads and sales. Even Facebook's advertising rate can not match what we are offering you, and that's because we know how to crack and greatly reduce their advertising rates. If you are a long-time follower of our network, Indie Writers Support, then you will know that we have cracked a few other codes of Facebook, and other networks, FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF INDIE WRITERS. 

Some proofs and methods of this Facebook advertising loopholes are provided in this Youtube video,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjczVOL7jKo.

The pictures below will show you two different samples of our Facebook Ad for Author Donalie Beltran, 'Murder is a Family Affair.'



Don't be surprise if you see a similar advert like this one on your Facebook page when you log in, because we have included all members of Indie Writers Support (who also have an account with Facebook) to our targeted list - for our Facebook adverts.

The circled portions of the pictures above show the book displays, and will be replace with your book cover for the Facebook Users to see. We will handle the design and typesetting of the your Facebook advert, and even provide a weekly analysis of the promotion so that you will know how many clicks and news-feeds-impressions were made of your book-cover.

Developers Can Now Target Amazon Fire Tablet Users With Facebook’s App Install Ads


Learn how to use this Facebook + Amazon app here

The way we'll categorize your promotion (if you hire us) is so special, that your chance of becoming a bestseller can become very real with continual usage. Okay, let's say your book or eBook is titled, 'Android Robot'. What we will do to promote 'Android Robot' is extract 100,000 UIDs and Facebook emails from Facebook groups and Pages such as ( Sci-Fi,Horror,Fantasy,Paranormal,Fiction,true Story Authors, Lovers,  Sci fi fantasy and book lovers,  Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America etc) who are very much interested in your book's genre. We will then run an advert of your book to all members of this groups and pages. Your book-cover, along with its Amazon.com buy link, will display on their news-feed and homepage every time they log into Facebook. You will see the advertising evident yourself, because we will include your UID (Facebook User ID) in the promotion before it starts.

We want to make this promotion affordable for every writer, so we have lowered it to $50 to get your book promoted to 1,000s of Facebook users everyday for a duration of one month. If you want to be promoted for six month, then you should change the quantity of your order to 6. A one year's promotion will means 12 quantity order. Get started and apply at; http://j.mp/X0lEXb.

Want a fuller exposure, to at least 500,000 readers? Upgrade to our V.I.P Services, provided at, http://j.mp/X0l5wk.

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  • I have sent my book details as well, thank you!

  • I signed up and paid by paypal, hope to hear from you back for more details with my book, thanks!

  • Thank you, Phyllis. Please message your book info to me at juddmiller@rocketmail.com

  • Judd -- I just paid by Paypal and then the screen went blank -- nothing -- and too late to use the "click here" if not redirected.  (The payment is from millermosaicllc.)

  • The new price is $50 per month, for each book. Thank you.

  • I just got this promotion today and the introductory price is $ for two weeks. I would like to go for a monyh, but the price is $50. Is the intro price not available?

  • The link from the email that was just sent (3/16/16) goes here, which has a $20 offer that seems no longer viable.  Is that correct?  For how many weeks does the ad run for the $50 fee?

This reply was deleted.

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