How Blogging plus Books equal Success

Okay. I'm going to make this quick.

Blogging, also known as online article writing, is a great way of getting backlinks and becoming noticeably throughout many websites, and especially google. Your Facebook or Twitter Posts could only get you a few readers from your circle, but if your aim is to attract a lot of readers to believe in what you're writing, then you may want to become a blogger, and start using the article submitting websites.

If you are submiting your well written articles to many different channels at one time, everytime, you are guarantee to receive a lot of followers in the long run. Why and How? Because your online works would eventually reach its intended readers, those who thought to look up or google an idea like the one you'd composed. 

The more articles and websites you submit to, the more notoriety your writing would become, and you may become a more successful writer if you gain enough the faithful followers who loves and would share your works.

While WebPress may be well known blogging platform, it is not the best writing platfrom for writers looking to attract a lot of like-minded readers, because wordpress works just like facebook and twitters, meaning that your news would only spread to your inner circles, and you would spend more time designing your website more than writing. 

Below is a list of the websites I believe you should start submitting your full-length articles (Blogs) to in other to start gaining instant viewings from everyone. 

Indie Writers Support


Yahoo Group

Google Groups









ParaDon Books Publishing

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