How To Add a lot of friends and followers on Facebook


I want to show you how we can make Amazon Book Clubs the biggest Facebook Group in the world. If you follow the instruction given below, you will be able to get a lot Facebook likes, friend requests, and followers without any cost.

The overall process will take less than two minutes to carry out, and you must first be a JOINED MEMBER of Amazon Book Clubs on Facebook.

This Trick can work using the Google Chrome Web Browser or Mozilla FireFox.

  1. Login into
  2. Open / go to the Amazon Book Clubs Facebook group;
  3. Press the Ctrl, Shift and J button on your keyboard at the same time if you are using a Google Chrome browser. Or press Ctrl, Shift and K if you are using a Mozilla FireFox. A Console will show at the foot or side of your Facebook page.
  • You may see some precautionary clause that will warn you to stop. If this occur, refresh the webpage and see if it clears up. The warning is a script-code written by facebook developers to deter Hackers, given that he or she have - and is using - your fb email and password. Be aware that this is a top-secret code, known only to skilled web developers like myself. It is a loophole that cannot be change because of the facebook's built-in algorithm used by the developers themselves. Your account will never be detected, and you will receive massive exposure every time you post on the Amazon Book Clubs Facebook Group. Proceed to the next step if the warning continued or clears up.

4. Download & or Open this -> Script-Code, from, (

5. Select and Copy All of the texts / numbers.
6. After copying, Paste the script-code Into the Facebook Console box, and then press ENTER.
8. The Facebook automated system will take care of the invites.      


This process may take about a minute or less.

After you've done this, you will automatically start receiving friend requests and followers from the Amazon Book Clubs group every time you post a book-related message on its wall. All of your Facebook friends & followers will also be notified - as the very first subject on their newsfeed - every time you post your book-events, reviews, covers, blurbs, excerpts etc.

Join the Amazon Book Clubs Facebook Poll, and tell our group members who you are; Author, Reader, Editor, Reviewer, Publisher, Book-Seller, Amazon affiliate, or Networker? Every time you post here, the messages will automatically stream on,,,, and 10 others, effortlessly.

Check it out & See you there.

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  • No Console appears on the right or anywhere.

  • Nothing happens when I press ctr shift and J buttons.

This reply was deleted.

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