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You no longer need a software or hire a professional to convert your document (manuscript) to a sellable eBook for Kindle, Nook, and every other mobile reading device in the world. Our eBook Creator is a universal online ebooks creation system that provides you the ability to create your own electronic books in several types (PDF, ePUB). With this system, you can save your prepared ebook for continued writing, save your completed manuscript, or download it to your device.

Available to use at http://indiewritersupport.com/page/indie-writers-support-book-formatter

This interface is available to all active members of Indie Writers Support.

Chapter 1: How to use eBook Creator

First, you should write all necessary information to Settings, like login information (name, password), author name, identifier, language, publisher rights etc. After saving your basic information you can start creating your ebooks.

Creating eBooks

Your ebook creation starting in Ebook Editor where you can prepare and write your text in WYSIWYG editor, very similar to MS Word or Open Office. All your writings can be done here, and to create a fully structured ebook with TOC (table-of-contents), you need to follow the rules below:


1. Chapters creation (creating Table of Content)

All chapter is separated by headers, with H1 style (Header 1). To use it, you must write a chapter name starting with string “Chapter: “, followed by chapter name, and then format it to Heading 1. When adding new chapters, do the procedure over and over - with chapter names and Heading 1 headers.

2. Save your work

After finishing your writing, you should save your work with the Save button. This eBook Creating interface provides the ability to work and save one project (text, content) per session. It is impossible to edit more than one book/project per session (until you are done).

3. Exporting your eBooks

This eBook Creator is able to make ebooks in three formats. After saving your completed manuscript, you can continue with the process of converting it to an ebook with the 'Create' button.

After you click on Create button, These buttons would appear..

Creating the resulting ebook is quite simple. You must fill in the Filename of your ebook, and choose which format you want to export/create. After creating your selected ebook, you can find it in My Books section (left menu) of your account profile. And from there, you can download your created books or delete it.

If you have trouble, you can find some help in Help Section (menu). There have all the basics of the eBook Creating interface.

Available to use at, http://indiewritersupport.com/page/indie-writers-support-book-formatter.

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