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Ever had one of them days?

…where everything goes from roses and sunshine to something much more akin to the southernmost drafts of northbound horse?10916227259?profile=original

I never was all that great at geography, but something about all this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'd much prefer talking about it. Always had a knack for the storytelling part of it, anyway. And the editors over at The Ocotillo Review and Kallisto Gaia Press seemed to think so, too, because they recently notified me that they planned to publish my fourth story from my Long Gone & Lost collection, which I’ll be turning in for my MFA here in the very near future.

I’m fairly certain that the two fellows from my story would know all about those ill tasting after effects I mentioned, however. They may be all fiction themselves, but they were indeed inspired by real life events in a real life newsrooms. Dave Kindred wrote about a few folks just like these two who, mere days after everybody was riding a high that only those who win six Pulitzers will ever truly know, them and most everyone they knew were handing walking papers from their jobs. That's right, they were fired!

Sure, they may be one of the best papers anywhere, as the Pulitzers might suggest, but they would soon be so with half as many people.

Trust me when I say this, but if that don’t leave a bad taste in your mouth, nothing will.

I read Kindred’s Morning Miracle two years ago now. He wrote about the world famous Washington Post, and how after one of their best years ever, editorially speaking, half the people employed there lost their jobs because subscribers had dropped off and Facebook could do for free what no newspaper ever could.

What’s that, you might ask, that Facebook so excels at? Namely, creating a platform whereby complete strangers could hound and annoy people with enough asinine questions about the glorified junk somebody is selling that folks will actually give shit away–cars, furniture, boats, livestock, you name it–just so they don’t have to answer, yet again, what color that the blue 1985 Ford Tempo that's for sale might be, or what year model it was again, or what make of that model it might be, or–did I happen to mention the color already? I forget…

(I've had some questions arise on that last paragraph from the original posting of this this blog entry on my author website, so I thought it might need some explaining. You see the Marketplace feature of Facebook, the very culprit responsible for obliterating the common classified ad in a newspaper which in turn all but sank your average newspaper in terms of operating revenue, actually rewards such idiotic lines of questioning a product, because its algorithms push to the top of people's displays those items which are most talked about, so a series of completely useless details about said car, or likewise, 110 people entering one word exclamations, like " Nice!" or "P.O.S!!!" the more likely modifier of an 85 Tempo, especially those that receive a response from the author, actually get shown before those that have none. As a result, people now obliterate said site  with needless words, getting friends to help even, just to have that piece of crap car show up every time you refresh your page, thereby increasing its likelihood of someone purchasing it. I have no idea, but it was a fact I picked up from a fellow who bulls and resells POS cars on a regular basis. And now you know, as Paul Harvey used to say on the radio, the rest of the story).

But there at the Post, they threw parties one day. Couldn’t be prouder of how hard everybody worked to be just like a blood kin family. A few days later, they had security guards following people out to make sure they didn’t take a stapler that wasn’t theirs. They even fired some of the folks who won Pulitzers, I hear. They had to. They couldn’t afford them anymore.

Sadly, that sort of thing is still very much a reality for some of the folks I know well. In fact, newspapers are nothing like the bastions of economic security they once were. And sure, you gotta feel bad for the guy who tops his profession, only to be rewarded for his efforts with a layoff. But what if those employees fired–the ones the reader gets to know best in the story–are complete and utter slacker morons? I mean they serve a function-- albeit, doing something I don’t want to do--but somebody has to, I guess. Or not. But how would that dynamic affect the story?

I wondered. So, I wrote.

Wound up calling it “Forget the Alamo” (which isn’t near as heretical as it sounds to all my Texas purist friends. At least, I hope not, anyway). I can’t say much more about it, for now. Not until it publishes. They want first publication rights and all.

For more information, and to see a full compendium of items published this year, log on to my author website at https://outlawauthorz.com.




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To Meet & Greet Is Sweet!

I had such a great time this past Saturday signing copies of my book, "Jew in Jail" at the local Barnes & Noble in Poughkeepsie, New York.
There is just something about meeting and talking to strangers who seem extremely interested to know what it was like for me as an addict - and minority while behind bars - to spend nearly six years in prison, and learn how I was finally able to "arrest" my past addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling.
As bad as that experience was for me, not only did I come out of it as a much better person, but I am now able to help others who might be going down that same destructive path of either having trouble with an addiction, or living with low self-esteem and self-confidence.
I wrote "Jew in Jail" as I was serving my sentence in prison, and was brutally honest about everything I was going through at the time.
Whenever I go to book signings, speaking engagements, or A.A., N.A. & G.A. meetings, I am the same exact way, because my purpose is not to glorify anything in my past, but to demonstrate that change is possible if one wants it badly enough.
If I can help you, my readers, in any way possible, please feel free to reach out to me.
Like we say in the meetings, "We can't keep what we have, unless we give it away!"
I also hope you decide to read "Jew in Jail," because I am very proud of how I was able to write it under the toughest conditions imaginable, and want my story to inspire others!
Simply put, after doing things wrong for so many years, I just want to live my life now the correct way, while also assisting those who are in need as much as I can.
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Independent Writers Association

Are you looking for an exciting career in the book publishing? At Indie Writers Support, one person can make a big impact. We value your experience and expertise, and would love to acquire your service for a general need.
We seek to add all book professionals to our Publishing Platform for the needful writers out there in need of help. You will coordinate with us. We will process orders for you and then contract you to finish the job, whether it's business writing, book cover designing, eBook conversion, copy editing, illustrating, translating, typesetting & formatting, proof-reading, etc... 

As soon as your application is accepted, we will add you to our catalog of job seekers and announce you throughout our growing network.

All applicants must be willing to provide proof of completed samples and past employment before hiring. He or she must also be willing to work at an affordable rate that will be agreeable to both of us and the general (aspiring & independent writers).

We are also seeking few highly connected Promoters to be added to our circle as Networks' Administrators. This position will help in developing, designing, and implement public relation strategies that will influence public opinion and promote our campaign's image. 
Requirements include: the ability to relate and communicate effectively with all types of people; the ability to adjust and adapt to the ever changing field of technology and learn and apply new technologies to marketing trends, sales and services.
This is a virtual job, and payments will be negotiated based on your required skill(s).

If interested, please enter your information and answer all questions below. Thank you.

Please go to this website to complete the application; http://bit.ly/1cSgXW2

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Twelve Archangels.

Twelve couples.

Twelve months.

Can they create the Holy Warriors needed to prevent the demon-spawned abominations from destroying the world?

Let the Summoning Begin.

Satan has found a loophole in the rules that govern his battle against Good.

The Archangel Uriel sends twelve Warrior Archangels to Earth on a mission to even the odds.

Each Archangel has one month to find a couple, unite them, and use their union's power to create the Holy Warriors needed to defend the world against Satan's unholy creations.

But the mission isn't so simple when inheriting Humanity comes with challenges beyond the Angel's training, and every milestone in the couple's relationship affects the triumvirate's strength.

Archangels Creed
"Archangels Creed" will chronicle each of the twelve Archangels' struggles.

The plan is simple. Each Archangel will tap into the power of human passion for a power boost. Only it doesn't go as planned. Humans don't always cooperate. Even Archangels aren't trained to manage appetites of the flesh.

While the Archangels struggle to pull it together, Demons and other... things try to sabotage the mission. Evading monsters and babysitting unruly humans turns out to be the easiest part when the Archangels develop emotions.

Summon Kassern:

In Book One, Kassern, an Archangel, uses the union of a preacher and stripper, forming the first Holy Warrior to defend the world from Satan's unholy creations. Summon Kassern.

How can Archangel Kassern get the World's Most Unlikely Couple to fall in love and help him form the Holy Warrior? He's too busy dealing with annoying human traits he picks up along the way.

Desperate to save her best friend, Karly, and herself from a life of prostitution, Devyn takes a chance when the preacher, Troy, offers escape. But someone offers Karly's boyfriend big money, and he can't let them go without a fight.

Called by God to minister to prostitutes, Troy is careful not to get too close to his flock. Sworn to celibacy, he isn't even tempted, until he saves Devyn and becomes embroiled in her desperate life.

Can Kassern keep them all safe from Karly's psycho ex and whichever demon horde is onto their scent at the moment? Especially with the train wreck that is Karly along for the ride?

On March 1st, the Archangel Dorn will arrive to assist Kassern and move the mission into the next phase.

Coming March 1st!

Summon Dorn:

Perfectionist Archangel Dorn confidently steps forward to form the second team in the Archangels' tactical war against Satan. Things go wrong from the beginning, and worse than Kassern witnessing his epic miscalculations in gaining humanity, is his grievous error in choosing a wife. Dorn learns the hard way that not all nuns have the qualities necessary to play the obedient, cool-tempered wife.

Sally is certain joining the convent will free her from the horrors of her past, but she soon realizes the real nightmares lie in her future. Can she actually trust Dorn to help her fight the terror that doesn't wait for nightfall?

Men are only interested in Jessie for her body, and it doesn't help that she has the unfortunate habit of making a fool of herself whenever a good looking man is nearby. Devastatingly handsome Lucian seems able to look beyond that and puts her at ease right away, but is he as good as he looks?

After a lifetime of pain, Lucian's heart is a closed door and he permits no one a peek inside, but Jessie blows the locks away. Will she cause him even more pain?

Can Dorn put everything right again and snatch them all from the jaws of the most devastating evil to ever stalk the earth?

Stop by KenraDaniels.com for updates, excerpts, and more information.

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JAKE HARWOOD, A Western Novel


Cover Blurb


Harvey Mendez


            Jake Harwood, a burned-out former marshal, whose wife left him, rides west on his way to California. In the New Mexico desert, he happens upon an overturned stagecoach after an Apache attack. He rescues seductive Jessica Raymond, the sole survivor, half-buried beneath the stage. She is from New Orleans where she escaped from Blackie LeFont, a shrewd gambler, who killed her father.

 Jessica talks Jake into taking her to California. Along the way, Maco, a fierce Chiricahua Apache, named after Geronimo’s grandfather, captures them. He has already stolen Susan Blackhawk, a beautiful half-Cheyenne, half-French maiden, from the Comanches.  Apaches, Mexicans, and Comanches fight over the women and capture them for their own. Jake, Blackie, and Maco, in turn, try to free them, but are badly wounded.

            Which man will recover to end up with Jessica or Susan Blackhawk? Will Jake ever make it to California?




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Should some authors sign their work away?

Yes! Keeping in mind that we’re discussing e-publishers, I believe that some authors should do so.

I say this because of various reasons:


1.     Authors who are poor and cannot afford the costs of self-publishing will have those basic expenses covered.


2.     Having the experience of working with professional editors is a huge plus for future work.


3.     Gathering contacts within the publisher’s group who can answer questions and give one needed support.


4.     A loop where you can start a social media campaign and learn how others like yourself are promoting their work.


5.     Those who are young, have a busy family life and have little time to spend on their writing career can get away with only releasing a few books a year.


Now having said this, I have to warn you.



Do not go along with just any e-publishing company because they offer you a contract. Check their websites and if they’re unprofessional, take a pass. If their covers aren’t great, take a hike. If most of their books are ranking low on the various book sites such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon, run the other way.


One great site for checking all the available publishers is called Preditors and Editors. http://pred-ed.com/peba.htm They’ve compiled fantastic lists for you to use and not only for publishers.


Another site you can check is called “Show me the money” http://brendahiatt.com/show-me-the-money/Brenda Hiatt has done some homework for you and shows clearly which of the companies pay well and those that don’t. (I suggest submitting to those that do!) (DUH! )

From my own experience, this is what I believe happens. Many start-up e-publishers need a stable of authors and lots of product and are willing to take on most anyone just to get started. Chances are they’ll have a low budget and it’s possible their editors won’t be the best which means the editing could be shoddy. If they’re editors are good, how many will they have hired? Therefore turn-around time on getting your books released might be much longer than you expect.

Have they hired a Publicist to not only promote their publishing company, which is important for the readers to find them, but also your books? And how much coverage can each author expect when their book is first released? Does the company have a presence in the Social Media - on Facebook and Twitter? How many followers do they have in both places? How many tweets?

Don’t get me wrong – there are many e-pubs who work hard to help their authors succeed. Some not only provide great covers and good editing but also encouragement, chat rooms, workshops, writing forums and publicity to help their writers gain success.

And all YOUhave to do to ensure good royalty checks is - write one hell of a great book.

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