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Please & Thank You Go A Long Way!

Having manners and respect for yourself and others is something that people should not have to be reminded of.
It is just basic common sense, yet very often, is completely void in society.
Children learn their behaviors from adults, so if a parent doesn't demonstrate good manners and respect, the chances are that their offspring will not either.
However, that's not to say that other outside influences and stimuli cannot cause one to adapt to society's norms and, in turn, develop a good sense of self-esteem and self-confidence, which can be passed onto even more people, thus tipping the scales to the correct and accepted everyday behavior we should all take part in and expect.
Ask yourself if you ever "poured it on" by saying please before asking for something you wanted, and perhaps even thank you, after you succeeded, but only did so because you knew it would help your cause.
Now think how much better, and ultimately easier it would be to simply incorporate please and thank you into your everyday normal vocabulary, rather than needing to bring it out of storage only when it benefited you.
It would not only make your life a great deal easier and provide you with a good sense of self-worth, but it very possibly could also lead to a domino effect, thereby making those around you better people as well!
There is too much complaining and blaming of our problems on others these days, so why not get back to basics and start with proper manners and etiquette in order to get the ball rolling towards making our society a finer and more friendlier one!
Thank you for reading!
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