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If we are going to understand what contemporary poetry is, we need to clearly define our terms and understand what we mean by them. In searching this out, I found one reference that put it quite well:

By definition of its namesake, contemporary poetry is considered poetry written within our lifetime, and includes poems written approximately from the mid-20th century to the present day. The various types of contemporary poetry do not differ so much from each other as they do from poetry of past eras, such as traditional poetry. Contemporary poems often share similar themes and writing styles.

                           ~~ Alicia Sparks, ©2016 Conjecture Corporation, wisegeek.com

So contemporary poetry is not a “school of poetry” or a “poetic movement” per se, like Modernism and Imagism would be, but it is more in reference to a time period and the consistent characteristics found in significant portions of the larger body of poetic work from that time period or era.

Thus, when we use the term “contemporary poetry” we are referring to poetry written in our lifetime. For most of us, that would be poetry written from the 1950s to the present. It does not necessarily mean the poet is still alive, just that they wrote some poetry in that time frame.

Taken together then, when we use the term contemporary poetry we are referring to common qualities and characteristics exhibited by a significant portion of the larger body of poetic work written in our lifetime.

Some of the confusion over the use of this term may have originated in the Modernist movement when T.S. Eliot wrote about the contemporary poetry of his day, which came to be known as Modern poetry, and so to this day, many universities offer courses in “Modern and Contemporary Poetry” which only serves to further blur the more precise understanding of what these terms mean.

The contemporary poetry of T.S. Eliot differs from the contemporary poetry of our day, though there is some overlap. However, the contemporary poetry of Shakespeare’s day vastly differs from that of our day.

Contemporary poetry is difficult to define because it is constantly modified by what is currently being written. So then, what are the qualities and characteristics of a significant portion of the contemporary works in the larger body of poetry being written today?

There are some definite fundamental characteristics of recent contemporary poetry that we can identify that distinguishes it from other poetry.

Contemporary poetry...

...is most often written in unrhymed or sparsely rhymed free verse.

...features lines that follow the natural rhythms of language rather than strict metric / accent patterns.

...is written in language that is accessible to the common reader.

...suggests ideas rather than blatantly stating them.

...is usually brief in form and style, especially in comparison to traditional poetry.

...is grounded in vivid imagery.

...invites the reader to see and experience the content the poem for themselves as opposed to telling them exactly what it is saying.

So now, when someone talks about contemporary poetry, you’ll have a better idea what they mean. ■

This article appears in the book, Dropping Ants into Poems. For a free sample of the book, click on the title.

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Verses In Motion

Verses In Motion - Digital Poetry Collection -


“Curved words, inclinations… Impacts!” © 2012 LauraLME -

VIM Media Publications and Digital Productions – Poetry by LauraLME, Photography by Anna Simi 


“I was delighted with this walk through the smooth blue veins and pulsing red arteries of Laura LME’s poetry in her new digital poetry photo book, Verses in Motion. As the evocative cover photo promises with its billowing scarlet drapes, here she will lead you to the windows and doors to to be opened along the corridors of your own heart. Poetry at its finest finds our hidden inner places, opens the locks we have installed so carefully, and removes the bars. Laura LME’s new collaboration with the deeply symbolic images of Anna Simi beautifully and gently transport the reader here, not away, but inward.”

- J.J. Brown – Author, Novelist, Poet, Scientist -

“The tapestries, visuals and emotions that Laura LME captures in this collection are timeless. A must read for any lover of words!”

- Andrew Scott, Author of “Snake With A Flower” Poetry Collection -

“ Laura’s words are diaphanous, more lyrical than metaphorical, as if they were the narration behind a dream. It is this musical and cinematic quality – accentuated by Anna Simi’s urban and natural landscapes – that underlies the ability of her verses to move the reader. The poetry here belongs to no symbolic or imagist school, there are no didactic allusions or misguided pedantry – only pure expressionism, heartfelt and true.”

- Samuel Peralta – Author, Physicist, Poet -

“This is such a wonderful concept for a poetry book, I believe that it will reach out and grab the imagination of all ages, especially the younger generations. Beginning with the breathtaking cover, where the verses inside seem to be calling out for you to enter. The vibrant imagery compliments the words perfectly, everything about it is exciting and fresh.
Laura’s poems for me, melt off the pages and rest in the heart”

- Ruth Johnston – Author, Poet -


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My Personal Biography

So here I am, checking my email and lo and behold I find a link to this wonderful social network.  I'm pretty excited about it for its not often that there are networks that I assume cater to authors or artists, so this is quite nice.  I first wanted to take the time to introduce myself.  

Once upon a time there was this crazy broad named Julie.  Yep, she was crazy but in a good way.  People had this tendency to call her 'Jewelz, Julie-bird, The Jeweled Canary' etc. which she didn't mind so much.  Pet names I suppose but the final nickname became a sort of totem for her.  This girl loved to sing as much as she loved to write.  Dancing around her house, in the shower, in the middle of Wal-Mart produce section with her two children in tow she'd belt out a song that would resonate through the entire building.  She's never had security called on her for it...yet...but she has received countless stares, giggles, and shaking of heads as the common folk of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan walk past.  

This woman has such a story to tell though.  If you give her the chance, she'd be apt to talk your ear off.  She'll tell you the tales and woes of her past battling the monster called Divorce and severing the ties that bound her into a miserable existence.  Of her forthcoming rebirth within the arms of her knight in vomit colored PJ's.  She'll talk of her struggles through distance and time apart from her love, and how soon her soldier will be returning for good this time.  This girl is a dreamer, you see, creating blankets with the yarns that unravel through her subconscious.  From pen to paper she draws the reader in like a deep breath and with quite a hypocritical stance on the subject, she has nary a whisper of a care for grammatical faux pas, but meticulously grinds down, and polishes the rough edges of others' work.  She takes her time much like a samurai perfecting his form, though she is much too quick in her thoughts to spend too much time on the trivial; always in a hurry and rush in her own life.  For others, though, she gives so much time.  

Creator of a reinvented household where she learned the tools of her trade and went far beyond that in the literal sense; she reinvented her house and transformed it into a whimsical world full of pleasantries, paint jobs, new cupboards and walk-in closets.  From there, architecture and renovation was simply not good enough for her, no, she wanted more (and she was bored) so she started a company with a namesake that plagues the writers of history.  The proverbial cinder block to the head upon where the silent dead and dumb reside behind.  Writerz Block.  From there, she would transform the work of independent authors and dreamers such as herself with the help of her magical friend, Caffeine.  These two became inseparable; accomplishing so much that even Time became quite jealous.  With their powers combined they wrote, compiled, edited, formatted, and published a book of poetry with none other than Aramey, another kindred spirit.  Once the dynamic duo (this Julie chick and Caffeine) had finished this venture, they began on others including following Irony, Karma, and Fate around observing how these three goddesses tormented a tryster among others in epic poetic fashion.  They swam within the Faces in Still Waters and became haunted by the spirits and souls within them.  They ventured hand in hand in two other books while during a third, reflected upon the past while doling out advice during a warped mental time-traveling excursion (memoir).  Unfortunately, they went without a TARDIS and had to foot it.  They also didn't have an interpreter available to decipher the scrawling but they made away with it anyway and remembered the peculiarities.  They also developed a sort of warped codex.  On their adventures, they happened upon other adventurers with their own mega bosses to defeat.  So they stopped along these side-quests and lent a hand.  

Now, currently this adventurous, perhaps slightly twitchy and overworked individual manages to live her caffeinated life much like a cyborg (it has been said that her energy level far exceeds that of a fictitious pink bunny rabbit who apparently spent copious amounts of time being the wall-flower bandgeek in school, sporting shades and dancing about drumming his drum as she skips to its beat.  She and that bunny go waaaaaaay back not unlike Alice as well (no, not the future-seeing sparkly vampire Alice although she's kinda cool too and probably the best out of the lot of them.  Well...Jasper's cool too.).  Aside from her day job raising two angels (angels in disguise,mind you.  Terrible twos and sanity severing six's) she finds other ways of keeping herself too busy to breathe such as taking a few courses on coursera.org to further develop her craft or bragging  about (Development and Marketing Director) a miraculous literary magazine, Miracle E-zine.  

She looks forward to sleeping roughly once a month which is about two seconds after she collapses into a heap and power naps for 12 hours then wakes up ready to go it again!  At 32 years young, tattooed, pierced, and 32 flavors of all kinds of funky, this girl...well...is honestly quite modest yet obscenely quirky.  When she does something, she opts for flair because subtlety isn't exactly 'her thing' or so she says.   

So this Jeweled Canary takes flight and soars through the mind, body, and soul in search of adventure, personal ethical philosophy and wisdom whether its domesticated adventures or following the jet-stream within the mind.  If you close your eyes and listen really closely though, you can probably hear her belting out 'The Sound of Music' as she does the dishes.  

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Lily Sawyers Book Blog Tuesday, March 5, 2013-Welcome Author Jo Anne Myers to my blog I'd like to give a warm welcome to Jo Anne Myers. She has written a book of poetry. Let's find out more about her.

1-How long have you been writing? Since childhood.

2- What is your favorite genre to write? Probable paranormal since it is so creepy and mystifying

3-What are you working on now? I just finished a biography true-crime that occurred in my hometown in 1982, and took 25 years to solve.

4-When you begin a story do you start with character or plot? Character, so I know what type of story, fantasy, paranormal etc, to write about.

5-Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What inspired it? “The Crime of the Century,” My inspiration came from it being a true case and took so long to solve, also the man convicted was innocent, which was a whole other story in itself.

JoAnne's poetry collection "Poems About LIfe, Love, and Everything in Between," is available at:


"Murder Most Foul," a four story anthology is found on Amazon Books in print or Kindle.

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