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Our mission at Indie Writers Support is to expose talented writers, either self-published to not, to a mass of book readers. To upgrade your account go to 

As of May 2016, Indie Writers Support has become a donation functioning media, meaning that you would have to make a monthly, or permanent donation in order to fully access all of our networking features, including the newly added ones. While our website is still viewable, some of the internal features have been restricted to paid-subscription only.

We have created many GATEWAYS for Indie authors to promote and showcase their books online and offline, through the usage of many networking programs like K-Dashboard (accessible by permanent members only), Publishing Connections (now added alongside your profile), Desktop MarketingFacebook Advertising, and many others that'd be reveal in the upcoming weeks. All of these services, along with your review sites and web-pages would be automatically promoted to new readers everyday via our networking algorithms once you have upgraded your Indie Writers Support account. 

Permanent members would have the pleasure of having their very own profile page remodel by our developers, to their full satisfaction

In our upcoming tutorialsThe Bestseller's Training Courses - we will teach you how to dominate the book business by unraveling (and demonstrating) the proper usage of the resourceful subjects listed below, and much more. We have acquired the help of many experts for this yearlong courses.

  1. Using Stripe & Twitter integration to become a POD publisher / author.
  2. LinkedIn Marketing for Authors.
  3. Maximizing your Kirkus Review.
  4. Literary Agents, who they are, and their contacts.
  5. IndieBound to the rescue - getting your books shelved in bookshops nationwide.
  6. Crowdsourcing - organizing a successful book-signing event.
  7. Createspace vs. IngramSpark vs. NookPress, which is best at what.
  8. Understanding the basics of Metadata, for publishers, and Indie authors.
  9. Auctioning your autographed books, the best way.
  10. Creating sampling pages for readers, the best methods.
  11. Twitter and tweeting to increase book revenues and author's exposure.
  12. How to create your audiobooks, and the best markets for them.
  13. Harnessing the power of Google+ media for authors.
  14. The many tricks of SEO boasting for authors.
  15. Styling the story's overview on your Amazon book-page, used by NYT bestsellers.
  16. BISAC Codes; what authors and publishers need to know.
  17. Using Goodreads media to attract daily readers.
  18. Pinterest best use for authors.
  19. Arranging a book-reading appearance at your local library, how to.
  20. Podcasting, finding your airwave audiences, best methods
  21. The many facets of Amazon, and their functions for writers.
  • and much more. A total of 279 courses. Starting next week.

These subjects would be exclusively accessible by Upgraded Members only. To partaken, all you'll have to do is login.

To find out what category of membership you currently belong to, check out the list below.

The Tier Categories of Indie Writers Support membership 

  • Tier #1 - Free Membership: Ability to read blogs, receive newsletters, and access the public database of Indie Writers Support website. 


  • Tier #2 - Monthly Membership: Ability to login, post discussions, publish blogs, form groups, edit your profile, schedule public events, make friends, chat etc. Plus full abilities of Tier #1.


  • Tier #3 - Premium Membership: Full enrollment to receive PDF tutorial documents, writing software, editing software, marketing software, video software, graphic design software, article distribution software, social media advertising software, pinging & indexing software, publishing software etc. Must also be a Tier #2 member.




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How to add your book to Readers Books

How to upload your book to I.W.S.

If you are looking to generate more visibility for your book, you may also add the book cover to for the thousands of book lovers that visits everyday.

If you are willing to upload your book cover onto the website, make sure that it is sized at 200 width & 250 height. If you need help re-sizing your book cover, go to and click on the 'image' menu to edit the size.
After your book cover is correctly formatted to the 200x250 px and saved on your computer, then you may go here  to add your book according to its category. Go to this website to watch the instructional video;

We will be driving 100,000 weekly visitors to this website all year long, so don't miss out on the chance to showcase your talent in this open-for-all-platform.


Writers, put all of your worries aside. Today, we bring you 'The Ultimate eBook Converter' - that will convert of your finished manuscripts into sell-able formats for all eReader devices. This software have the ability to create T.O.C (Table-of-Content) and image contents within your publish-ready eBook/books. After the files ( Kindle mobi, Nook e-Pub, etc) are created, all you (authors) have to do is upload them into your publishing platform for a perfect, do-it-yourself-as-you-please showcase. That's right, you can arrange the contents within the publish-ready manuscript into different fonts, page-format, etc., just as you could with Microsoft Words.

No more need to hire other professionals - like yourself - to do a simple task of converting your finished manuscripts every time you are ready to publish. The software is very easy to use, and you can watch the full tutorial video at The original price is $67 if you choose to order from the public website, but if you can get from us for $50 through our affiliate program.

The software will be immediately available for download after your payment is processed. You can get the software from us at

This software is an ideal item for publishers, independent authors, editors, internet-marketeers etc.

The software will be yours forever to use for all of your future projects.  

We would also like to inform you of some resourceful lists of book/ebook buyers that are available for immediate downloads

If you order any of the lists provided below, you can use, or the integrated system that allows you to send up to 5,000 emails at a time without charge, to send your messages. 

You may also use our emailing software that will allow you to send out unlimited amount of emails a day, very quick and cheap;

The list will be available for you immediately after your payment is processed

List of 15,000+ HubPages registered members. is an open community of passionate people—writers, explorers, knowledge seekers, conversation starters etc. Get the list of members at;

List of 20,000+ & registered members. & are amazon social media platforms. 

Get the list of 20,000 & members at;

List of 820 Book Buyers and Sellers in the U.S.A 

Included in this list of 820 people are Book Store Owners, Book Vendors, Major & Minor Book Outlets, Independent Book Sellers, Used Book Sellers, Book Club Managers, Book Publicists, Book readers/reviewers/bloggers, Learning Center Managers, University Book Stores, etc. You will get their contact names, phone/fax numbers, locations, and emails. All neatly arranged in a Microsoft Excel file.

Get the list at;

Below are samples of the  Book-Stores included in the list.

List of 5,000 Goodreads members is a very popular social media platform for book lover.

Get a list of 5,000 goodreads members at;

List of 4,500 Barnes&Noble members

Get a list of 4,500 members at

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Introducing Author Maynard Sims


 Supernatural novels, Shelter, Demon Eyes, Nightmare City, and the three Department 18 books ( Black Cathedral, Night Souls, and The Eighth Witch, have been published mass market and eBook in the USA. Samhain have published a further standalone supernatural novel, Stronghold, in 2013, and the fourth Department 18 book, A Plague Of Echoes, is for 2014. Their first four novels have been purchased by Amazon Publishing. They have completed a standalone ghost story, Stillwater, and are working on Department 18 book 5.

 Thrillers include an adventure thriller, Dark Of The Sun, which is a 2013 publication and has its own website . Falling Apart At The Edges, a crime thriller, Through The Sad Heart, an action thriller, Let Death Begin, a mystery thriller, are completed, and they are working on the Dark Of The Sun sequel.  

 They have written screenplays based on the first two Department 18 books, The Eighth Witch, and some of their ghost stories. They have just completed an original, commissioned screenplay. They are working on a commissioned mainstream story.

 Collections include, Shadows At Midnight, 1979 and 1999 (revised and enlarged), Echoes Of Darkness, 2000, Incantations, 2002, two retrospective collections of their stories, essays and interviews, The Secret Geography Of Nightmare and Selling Dark Miracles, both 2002, Falling Into Heaven in 2004, The Odd Ghosts, 2011, and Flame And Other Enigmatic Tales, and A Haunting Of Ghosts, both 2012.  

 Novellas, Moths, The Hidden Language Of Demons, The Seminar, and Double Act, have been published in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2007 respectively. His Other Son, a novella, is completed.

 Numerous stories have been published in a variety of anthologies and magazines, including the Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, the anthology, Strange Tales, which won the World Fantasy Award 2004 and the Del Rey anthology, The Children Of Cthulhu.

 They worked as editors on the first seven volumes of Darkness Rising, and the two annual Darkness Rising anthologies. They co-edited and published F20 with The British Fantasy Society. As editors/publishers they ran Enigmatic Press in the UK, which produced Enigmatic Tales, and its sister titles. They wrote essays for the Mark Chadbourn website At The World’s End.

 Email contact can be made at or

3 Cutlers Close, St Michaels Mead, Bishops Stortford, Herts, CM23 4FW, England 

FaceBook as Maynard Sims.

LinkedIn under Maynard Sims

Twitter on @micksims

Google+ as Maynard Sims           

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Dear Gary

Since I love to write, and also help others, today's post is all about dispensing advice.
I may not know everything, and have surely made my share of mistakes in life, but over the past five years, nine months and four days, I feel like I have finally "righted my ship," and am now able to help others who might not currently be at their best.
I am clean and sober, working hard to promote my book, "Jew in Jail," speaking at meetings, writing this blog, consulting with clients over the phone, and am now ready, willing and able to devote some time to handing out advice on any subject that comes up, if anyone chooses to email me at, or contact me via this blog.
There are no topics off limits, and nobody should feel embarrassed about revealing whatever it is that is either bothering them, or they are having issues with.
I have been on both sides of the fence:  from successful journalist and television producer, to New York State prisoner, and am now back, as an author, blogger, and motivational & inspirational speaker, focusing on recovery from addiction, and know the value of having someone take another under their wing and show interest in helping that human being out.
We all have unlimited potential to be anything we desire in life, but sometimes obstacles occur that cause us to doubt ourselves and our ability to overcome them.
That is where I come in, and hope to provide the support that you need to get you back on track from this temporary delay on your road to greatness.
So put your pride in your pocket, and let me in.
I want to help you realize your full potential, and live the best life you possibly can.
You are definitely worth it!
If you haven’t read my book, “Jew in Jail” yet, I hope you do.
It is chock full of insightful information on how I was able to recover from my past addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling while incarcerated, and go on to lead a happy and healthful life myself.
Until next time, everyone, have a great day, and week ahead!
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KindleGen for Publishers

KindleGen for Publishers 

Download Here

KindleGen is a command line tool which enables publishers to work in an automated environment with a variety of source content including HTML, XHTML or EPUB. KindleGen converts this source content to a single file which supports both KF8 and Mobi formats enabling publishers to create great-looking books that work on all Kindle devices and apps.

If you would like to convert your Microsoft Word document, we recommend using this software 

KindleGen is officially supported by Amazon to convert files to the Kindle format. We recommend you use KindleGen to create content that is compatible with all Kindle devices and apps. Files created with third-party software may not work properly on current or future Kindle devices and apps.

Highlights of KindleGen functionality

Support for all KF8 functionality
Generates a single file supporting both KF8 and Mobi format
Support for multiple source formats including HTML, XHTML and EPUB
To convert your Ms Word docs to a perfect kindle format use this application.

System Requirements
Windows XP, Vista or 7

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Author Lord David Prosser

Hello, my name is David and I'm an author. If that sounds like the introduction of someone attending a meeting of the AA then that's how being an author feels sometimes. An addiction that you feel warrants a confession.

I have written and self published Four books to date.

My Barsetshire Diary  10916208853?profile=original

The Queen's Envoy 



More Barsetshire Diary 

                                             10916208662?profile=originalThe first three books are concerned with the life of a member of the gentry in the small village he's chosen to live in. The cat rules his life while his wife and daughter rule his wallet.

In the second book we visit him at his job accepted along with the title he inherited, that of Envoy to HM Government but instantly deniable. Since our hero is at a loss where women are concerned we see how he copes when faced with saving the Government some embarrassment but females are desperate to show their thanks. Is a stiff upper lip enough to save him? 

The first and third books take place after he's retired from active service but is put to work by the promises made on his behalf by his wife. See how he copes with judging the jam making competition when someone is determined to win at any price.

The fourth book is called Memoirs of a Superior and was dictated by Oscar the cat, or Superior as they like to be called. He wanted to share his personal adventures but also pass his wisdom on to kittens about how to control us Longlegs so that we serve the Superiors properly. I suggest any Longlegs buying this keep it out of sight. If your Superior reads it I won't be responsible for the consequences.


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Become a better writer with - StyleWriter

Become a better writer today with StyleWriter, the award-winning writing and editing software that instantly transforms your writing into a plain English style that is clear, concise and readable. 

StyleWriter is an add-on to Microsoft Word to help you edit everything you write into a model of clear English. If you've used Microsoft Word's spelling and grammar checker, you'll notice MS-Word leaves behind grammar errors, style usage mistakes, and incorrect word choices. MS-Word also highlights false errors, especially with the grammar checker, making the process of writing very frustrating.

StyleWriter can help with any type of writing task; this includes technical manuals, business letters, web site copy, press releases, corporate white papers, legal documents, editorials, employee handbooks, and so forth.

Other so-called "writing enhancement programs" and English grammar checkers offer silly advice or duplicate Microsoft Word's existing spell and grammar checker. StyleWriter is different and more powerful than any editing software. StyleWriter marks up your document and shows you how to edit each sentence. You can click on any highlighted alternative to change the text in StyleWriter and Microsoft Word. Alternatively, with one click you can go to Microsoft Word to redraft the word, phrase or sentence. 

StyleWriter is the best word processing writing aid on the market. It teaches you to write in the style of top authors and journalists by checking every document for thousands of style and English usage faults. Many times more powerful than any other writing and editing software, StyleWriter improves your writing style instantly.

StyleWriter mimics an expert editor checking, cutting and rearranging your words to produce a clear and readable style. Even professional journalists and novelists use the program to polish their writing style. 

Download the Free Trial here;

What you will be downloading is only a 14-days trial version of this software. It will expire after the trial time. You will need to purchase the site-key password (registration code) in order to activate the full version of the product, which can be done here;

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Free Promotion tools for Writers

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