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Impress us. Tell us the most intriguing things about you, and your novel.

At ParaDon Books Publishing, we take care of our customers with high quality professional services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. 

We are currently accepting submissions.

ParaDon Books Publishing welcome writers of all style willing to publish with us. If you are already an accomplished writer, we welcome your writing as well. We accept Fictions and Non-Fictions; horror, sci-fi, adventure, mystery, suspense-thriller, hard-boiled, erotica, romance, regional, poetry-chapbook, fantasy, espionage, urban fiction, chick-lit, western, African topic, short-stories, experimental, young adult, graphic novel, children book, memoir, cook-book, how-to, travel, religion, history, and true crimes.

All proposal package should include your contact info, a query letter, synopsis, bio, and the first 50 pages of the finished manuscript.

We accept multiple submissions.
Agent submitted manuscripts are accepted as well.

All manuscripts must be typed, well formatted, have a good story/subject line, edited, and be at least 150 pages long (except for children books, poetry chap-books, and graphic novels).

Once a manuscript passes our reading test and is accepted, the material will be quickly edited by one of our editorial staffs and then converted in an e-Book and Audiobook. The title will be made available through ALL of our distributing channels (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Audible, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, etc.) for a regulatory of six months, and the rating of how well your e-Book and audio-book sells within this period will determine the Advance Payment that will be offer for the Paperback and Hardcover production of your title.

You may submit to us electronically by visiting our website www.ParaDonBooks.com. Our Acquisition Editor, Celina Marka ( lnkd.in/iNedWZ), will contact immediately afterward. She may also be contacted directly via LinkedIn.

We are currently looking for a lot of quality stories to catalog.

'Welcome to the Future of Publishing'

Here are the great advantages of publishing with ParaDon Books Publishing:
1) We offer high royalty pay. 
2) We'll assign you your very own editor, to collaborate with.
3) We'll design a stunning book cover for your title. 
4) We'll send out PR newsletter to all our email subscribers/followers/friends and connections about your title once it is published. 
5) We will distribute your title to all of the available e-Book webstores. 
6) Your paperback title will be available nation-wide, including Amazon and Barnes&Noble. 
7) We will promote your book on Google Search, Yahoo, Bing and every other search engine databases on a regular bases.
8) We will promote your book (as a coupon printout with your book cover) at Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Food4Less, Albertson, etc.
9) We will schedule you for book-signing appearances (if you are up to it) on a regular bases. 
10) We will convert your title to an audio-book, and make it available at all audio-book webstores. 
11) You will be regularly mentioned on our social media websites. 
12) We will design a full-length book trailer for your title. 
13) We will assign you a permanent phone number with an extension number to our public office line, so that we, and your customers, can contact you about business matters. 
14) We will give you 500 business cards to advertise yourself. 
15) We will issue you your own customizable debit card so you can receive your royalty payments via wire transfers. 
16) We will even give you your own customizable email address (YourFirst&LastName)@paradonbooks.com

ParaDon Books Publishing is a privately-owned establishment, with distribution deals that reach all over the globe.
We are a B2B - B2C company, and we offer great services that comes with a professional touches. We have a fine team of qualified editors, the best book cover graphic artists in the industry, affordable book prices, great stories, great promotions, world-wide distribution, high-royalty pay, and we publish our books in all six formats (Hardcover, paperback, e-Book, Mp3 Downloads, CD and Audiotape).

We publish fiction and nonfictional literatures, and provide these services to our authors: 

  • e-Book Publishing
  • Book Publishing
  • Audiobook Publishing
  • Book Marketing
  • e-Book Distribution/Conversion
  • Video Production 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Press-Release Advertisement
  • B2B Consulting
  • B2C Marketing

We encourage all writers to submit their work to us.

A full list of our signed authors will be release on March 19, 2016
Any writer willing to join this authors' list can still do so. 
Read our submission guideline above before sending your proposal to us.
We do not charge to publish Authors.
Let us become your publisher.
Welcome to the most engaging publisher in the world.
Welcome to the Future of Publishing.


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