As an award-winning global media digest, we come upon dozens upon dozens of writers whom although clearly possessing extraordinary talent, simply don’t have the “clout” to break into the ranks of “published” authors.

Research confirms that self-publishing is easy. Or, more to the point, self-publishing is too easy. Which is why a lot of people do it, of course. Writing and getting a book out there — whether through a publisher or via your own intrepid go-get-em spirit — is a tough row to hoe. And luck factors into it: you can certainly maximize that luck, but just the same, publishing requires that spark of serendipity.

The truth of the matter is, as a self-published author, if you want the book to sell, you’ve got to hustle. Everyday. Consistently. Relentlessly.

Publishers expect you to handle some of the marketing and advertising brunt. Doubly true if you are your own publisher. And yet, there you are, the author standing all by yourself, trying to peddle your intellectual wares with naught but a single clue as to how to do it. So you stand on all the social media corners, alongside tens of thousands of others, with the entire “breakthrough” burden on your shoulders. The truth of the matter is, as a self-published author if you want the book to sell, you’ve got to hustle. Everyday. Consistently. Relentlessly. If you are wanting to sell your project to a publisher then you have a few more hurdles to jump. You’ll need to convince a literary agent (or sometimes an editor) that your story is not only a great read, but that it is also what the market is looking for.

The reality is that when you finish your book, that’s just the beginning to becoming an accomplished writer. Frustration is imminent. You’ll want to give up. Don’t. Because there’s a credible alternative to becoming a published author – gaining the “clout” to open the many doors encountered as you follow your passion.

“Writing” A Wrong

Allow us to put this all in perspective by sharing the “real-world” experience of Rev. Patricia Cagganello, CEO and Founder of Sacred Stories Media, a conscious online media network – and in her own words⤵︎

“I know what it feels like to write your first book and have a message that you want to share with the world. The excitement you feel when the final edit is done and it is ready… but ready for who? Where do you start? Who can help you? Who will help you? 

Feeling overwhelmed with not knowing where to begin I jumped into the world of self-publishing. I trusted a known company and believed them when they told me I would be the next great author and make a huge impact… if I worked with them. I spent over $15,000 that I didn’t have to spend on my trust and belief in what they told me and my inner desire to make a difference in the world. $15,000 later of which $10,000 was for self-publishing costs and $5,000 was for one month of a publicist that didn’t secure me one interview, I was left feeling upset, foolish, and betrayed. I learned later that my experience was shared by many other authors who with little to no audience, platform, or understanding of the publishing industry were taken advantage of.

I knew then there was another way I could make a positive impact and Sacred Stories Publishing was born to offer authors a different experience, a better experience. We are passionate about helping others share their voice and treating them with the honesty and integrity they deserve whether they are looking for traditional publishing, hybrid publishing, or self-publishing.”

A Breakthough “Collaborative” Approach

That is why we are so excited about our collaborative approach to publishing. It’s a unique “book project”, purposefully designed to allow authors to share their stories and be part of a larger collective movement to inspire others and make a positive impact. It also allows new and veteran authors, or people who want to be an author, an opportunity to build their credentials and share their work through the interviews and media campaign we will be doing. A win-win-win all around. Quoting from Rev. Patricia:

“What I have learned as a publisher is that the industry is very competitive. There are over a million books published a year and it takes quite a bit of work, money, and publicity for a book to be noticed. That is why publishers when evaluating manuscripts, look to see what books the author has previously published and what size audience they have. We want to know that the author has the experience, credentials, and ability to generate sales. This book project is a wonderful opportunity for all authors to add to their credentials and build their audience which will help them get their next book noticed.”

Here’s Your “Risk Free” Opportunity

In Search Of Authors – Do You Have The Write Stuff?

Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to share your story as a published author. But don’t delay, as participation is limited and our acceptance window closes April 30, 2019. 

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