The Power of KInstant-Dashboard for Authors

How to market to multiple book review websites at once

The K-Instant Dashboard is a powerful online tool that every writer / publisher need to acquire for themselves. It is a do-it-yourself website application that can instantly promote your Amazon books to thousands of readers every time it is used. This web server was developed by Rachal Rofe, a U.C Berkeley graduate with degrees in English Literature and Software Engineering. The playing video above explains everything you need to know about this program.

Even though the K-Instant application is now closed to new buyers, writers who are still interested in this program can take of advantage of it through the Indie Writers Support initiative, which allows any author to apply for the mass promotion with a $10 payment. The I.W.S. staff member will handle the rest, including setting up your book details (the book cover, keywords, synopsis, sample reads, and even your contact email if you choose to) for submission to the associated book-review websites.

Your book(s) will be submitted to these 16 appealing websites immediately every time it is used:

  • E-reader News to Day
  • The E-reader Cafe
  • Pixel of ink
  • Indie Book of the day
  • Frugal Free Bies
  • Free Digital Reads
  • Kindle book Promos
  • Digital Books Today
  • Get Free Books
  • Book Deal Hunter
  • Its Write Now
  • E Reader Perks
  • Book Goodies
  • Free Book Dude
  • Erotica Everyday
  • E-Books Habit

Apply for the program at,

The video below was illustrated by the owner of the program herself, and it will show you how you can run your book promotions with this program..

That's not all. In addition to having your book added to these great websites, this application also let you promote your book to the twenty-two Facebook groups listed below with one push of button. That's right. All you'll have to do is compose a message about your book that you want posted to these Facebook groups (each with an average of 5,000 members or more) and press send. The book message will post on the Facebook groups' walls instantly.

These are the Facebook groups that you will be able to promotion to anytime and every time:

  • FREE Ebooks -- Reviews & Promotion
  • Authors
  • Amazon Book Clubs
  • Awesome Free Kindle Books Here!
  • The Literary Lounge authors, writers, publishers, and illustrators
  • Book Club
  • Writers' Group
  • Aspiring Authors
  • Books
  • Authors for change
  • Kindle Freebies, New Authors, and other eBook info
  • Celebrating Authors
  • Free E Books
  • Authors Promoting Authors
  • I'd Rather Be Writing
  • Free E-Books
  • Rick Frishman Author101 Alumni
  • Kindle Wealth Formula Authors Club
  • The Literary Lounge authors, writers, publishers, and illustrators
  • Authors, Agents, and Aspiring Writers etc.
What are you waiting for? Apply for the program at,
Take care and have fun.

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  • So, what's the cost for lifetime members? $10 or nada?

    And I'm still floundering a trifle when it comes to schemes/plans/etc like this .... if an author is signed up with KDP does that prevent his books from being listed? If that's the case, then it seems KDP can be quite restrictive ... right?

  • The email and password for the Kdashboard DO NOT WORK. I am getting real tired of the mess on this website I paid to be a member of. I am beginning top think this is a major ripoff.

    get it right please

  • Good morning,

    I've tried a couple of times to get the KDashboard link to work and can't get it to work. It sounds like it is a must have and I really want to try it and use it. 

    Please put a link that works for lifetime members.

    Thank you. 

  • When I followed another link, I got a notice to pay $75.95 for the Lifetime Membership program, but I'm already supposed to be a member.  Additionally, do I have access to the 300,000 readers digest readers?  Where do I go for that?  Then, do I download the list or use a program to send it out.  

          Do you have a service I can use to send these out, or is that included.  


  • No, you do not need to pay the extra if you are a Lifetime member. Just log in, and go to the web link. 

  • I just received the notice about this, and I see they are asking for $10. As a lifetime member do I still need to pay this?

  • I am a Lifetime member.  Do I still need to pay $50?

    Thank you


This reply was deleted.

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