I am finishing up a new book entitled: THE SCIENCE OF GREATNESS. In it I deal with the secret of how to become GREAT. Most people view GREATNESS as the outward expression of leadership, courage, and and a strong personal resolve. But TRUE GREATNESS has more to do with OBEDIENCE than anything else. My editor and I are putting the finishing touches on the grammar. It will be done and ready to order this month.     

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  • Most people have said: SOMETHING TOLD ME NOT TO... And when they say these words, they are usually REGRETTING NOT LISTENING TO IT. This SOMETHING that guides us is NEVER WRONG. So, it makes sense that we learn to OBEY (LISTEN) to it THE FIRST TIME. This book is about OBEYING that SOMETHING.
  • Hi! Obedience is an interesting idea for greatness. Obedience to what though? 

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