Thoughts on the Writing Life!

Thoughts on the writing life that are the experiences of one individual, that will also be similar to what other writers have tasted in the realm of writing and the like. That is our pen talking. The true muse lives in the ink.

How a Story forms:

A simple idea gets us off the mark and running toward our goal.  We may or may not know where we will end up.  It’s not really a race, but it’s good exercise.  For scammers it is a race for sure; a race for your money.  Be careful what you step in on your journey, loads of cow pies out there!

Story sample - a beginning:

by Don (Greywolf) Ford

The young Indian motioned to the settler to put on his moccasins.  He stood barefoot before the white man who struggled to understand this gesture.  Why was he wanting him to wear his shoes, when the white man already had boots to wear?

The Territory Indian agent stopped by to interpret the young brave’s action.  “He wants you to walk in his moccasins a while, and understand how he lives among his people that’s different than all of the whites and their ways.

“He wants you to “walk a mile in his shoes” is what he is trying to say.  I think even without words this speaks loud enough, wouldn’t you agree.”

“Of course, since you put it that way!” 


Mirror, mirror on the wall 

Show the greatest poem of all 

"Trees" of course without a doubt 

That's what poems are all about 

See Joyce Kilmer's "Trees" poem here 

It's shown below, have no fear 

And if you've never read this one 

So read it now, just for fun. 

Now you’ll see my commentary 

Certain myths we can bury 

Other thoughts I will unearth 

Showing us their depth and worth 

Poems are seen in candle light 

Things going bump in the night 

Poems could rise from mundane acts 

Pickles at night - as a snack 

Setting of a dinner space 

Every fork and spoon in place 

Some see poems in canvass art 

Or some in pie that's not too tart 

Know how a poem comes to me? 

List'ning to the rain - you see 

Ev'ry sound and emotion 

I see it like a magic potion 

Can a poem fall from the sky? 

This Chicken Little won't deny 

A poem forms from anything 

Listen for that special ring 

A meter, rhyme, and its measure 

Stir and mix it up for pleasure 

Cook it up and when it's done 

You must admit, poems are fun! 

Author Notes:

I know where I receive my inspiration, 

my muse waits on every corner.  There 

is no subject sacred to me. I will try 

most anything. How about you? 


by: Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918) 

THINK that I shall never see 

A poem lovely as a tree. 

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest 

Against the earth's sweet flowing breast; 

A tree that looks at God all day, 

And lifts her leafy arms to pray; 

A tree that may in Summer wear 

A nest of robins in her hair; 

Upon whose bosom snow has lain; 

Who intimately lives with rain. 

Poems are made by fools like me, 

But only God can make a tree. 

"Trees" was originally published in Trees and Other Poems. Joyce Kilmer. 

New York: George H. Doran Company, 1914. 

I try to be respectful of groups on LinkedIn that I'm a part of.  I want folks to pay a bit of attention to what I share.  I was on one group once where a member had said, "Oh go publish your work and quit showing the rest of us up.  You're making us all look bad." Then he said they were kidding.  I was sharing valuable information for Newbies who were hungry for any advice I had for them. 

That was a long time ago, and I was just a bit too excited about my work that was being picked up more frequently by magazine editors.  I was having a brag-fest in the process, but I also was offering clues as to how other writers could follow suit, since my ways opened doors for me.  Now I just offer advice in writing only and just enjoy my successes alone. 

So self-promotion has to be sprinkled on like seasoning on a good steak.  After all, the successes I was having, weren't the steak for others to enjoy.  I spent a good long time sending in short stories until I felt I had gotten enough of them published to justify going after a book deal.  I had somewhat of a good readership; now I needed followers! 

Over the last seven years I have written hundreds of poems and short stories, since they are my life.  We all have to find our niche, and Storytelling is who I am.  The book I'm working on now deals with the saving of animals the world over.  These are again my short stories, but they are all animal tales that were previously published in a Book Club at in Portugal. It is a commemorative book that I've dedicated to Mr. Michael St.John, the Publisher.  These stories are now at my fingertips, "Floyd the Dog Story Book Commemorative" is out now in full color.10916227276?profile=original

Where eagles fly,

Don (Greywolf) Ford

Native American Storyteller


I'm always thinking outside the box, and if any of you are creative writers, you must do the same. See sample pondering below from another time and place. Cheers, Don

An older commentary brought back.

Hi, all who ponder original thought, here is one that came instantly to mind (Paper with an attitude).


What is the meaning of this? Someone went to a whole lot of trouble to choose just the right tree and transport it to the saw mill. Then a dozen or so workers did their job to turn me, that same tree, into the paper you see before you.

So Mister Writer, get off your butt and do what you do best. Your job is to be funny, sad, scary, or truthful, but pen something! You need to get out of the rut you're in, and start creating those lines. This is what I was born for. I am your thoughts revealed, or your guts poured out. I enjoy the feel of your pen as it glides across my surface. I am happiest when I am full of your lines, so get a move on.

You conveniently use writer's block as an excuse to ignore me. In confronting you, I realize I run the risk of turning you away each time that I point up your failures. I am not the professed writer here; you are. I am just the tool in your hands.

Don't be afraid to use me to express yourself. Something must be eating at you. Let's get together and help each other. Write down those thoughts and ideas and I will get the word out - my specialty. Open up your mind to new possibilities. Write something funny; make someone's day.

I am here as much for me as for you. When you do your job as a writer, then it looks like I've done mine as well. Maybe we should do some brainstorming together. I have ideas too, but how would you know that, if you keep avoiding me.

Today is a new day and the start of the rest of our lives, why not take on the day

together. Cheers, your friend on paper.

Author Notes:

Just before I penned this, I was thinking "what I wouldn't do for a piece of plain paper. I would make good use of it; both sides!" And so I did!

Cheers, Don


I warned everyone a while ago that I was working on about 20 books, and I don't think anyone believed me, or they had a wait and see attitude, and that's okay!  I've been crafting them for over 8 years, but I began writing at age 15.  I'm playing catch up as my books are all written.  I just need to finish the hard part of editing them.  Fortunately, I do Editing for others, and so it goes quickly for me. The last time I submitted my book I was told there were two errors, but they weren't life threatening.  I feel that's great progress.  Cheers, Don

P.S.  They're all gonna love my pixie and fairy book.  You know I love storytelling and kids especially, but this isn't a fun for all tale, but has a bit of edge to it.  Enjoy, "The Great Migration".  If anyone gets it, I'd love a review!!!  It fits anyone 8 and older. 

You said, "Have loads of ideas/plots in mind but not motivated enough to get started."
My son was about ten when he began "scribbling" to borrow Christopher's word. He drew a picture of himself scribbling away while his head was open like a hinged door. Little tiny people were escaping out of it on strings and lowered themselves to the table below. Hundreds of them were descending the top of his head where they seemed to be escaping his brain.

I fear in my life time I have lost many of these escaping ideas, since I failed to pen those stories or poems before they got away. When I get an idea, even if it is in the middle of the night, I have to capture it and set it to paper and ink. These were some of my better ideas I came up with. The imagination is a wonderful gift that we all have. My son mentioned to me when I asked about all of those little guys, that they were all of the thousands of ideas that were pouring out of him.

My problem was not "what should I think of to write about, but which of the many ideas that come to me at various times -so many- should I choose to write about? It seems to always begin like a germ of an idea that grows and grows as long as my pen and writing hand will hold out. Cheers, Don

Now let me introduce you to a famous scribbler >>>
Wait until you meet “The Amazing Cynicalman” by Matt Feazell.

My son worked with Matt in comics in the 90s. Now this famous stick figure drawing machine is nearly a household name. This guy was my son’s first inspiration as he bemoaned the fact that he couldn’t draw well. Then Matt told him, don’t worry how your art work looks, just get your story out there, and out he put it. The first to see my son’s work and comment favorably on his writing, were some folks at D.C. and Marvel Comics. His own art still wasn’t good in his opinion at that time, but his story captivated them.

My Son is Andrew Michael Ford see creations here >>> 

Andrew recently sold a story to D.C. Comics and another to Dark Horse Comics.

Andrew Ford goes by the name Drew, and his work is found at “It’s Alive Press”

AND here > 

A great artist from Boston contacted my son with his art to add to the story, and it was Mike Kelleher, author and artist of “Legend Killer”. 

So many books out there have little merit going forward.  I do!  I have real feelings and purpose, something worth sharing.  I’m decades old; at least some of my stories are.  Many years in the making, that’s me!  Sometimes what’s old is new again.  Who ever thought bell bottom pants would come around again.  They are here and given a new name; flare jeans. LOL

I remember my son asking me if I had any new ideas about doing a story with a subject that hasn’t been done to death.  I suggested doing a story about a WORM that lost his parents in an excavation.  He laughed, then said, “I like the worm idea, but I’m dumping the excavation.”

As a result, RIB was born.

Blurb info:

What began as an interest in Poetry at the age of 15 grew over the years into a good mix of poetry, storytelling, and art.  I do my our story cover pieces.  I can help others with their covers too.  My art is digital photography.

I love being around kids, and much of my writing is kid generated and kid oriented.  I'm an environmentalist and thus the many faces of nature in my poetry and my prose.  On Saturday July 23rd I will be reading stories to campers at Verona Beach State Park, in Verona, NY  

Humor is a hallmark in most of my writing, since I look forward to turning smiles right side up. Why so glum?  Now with so many short stories published across the U.S. I have recently gotten work in Portugal and Cyprus that spreads to 62 other countries.I am going after the book market as the new home for my work.

See my stories that have been published with  Many of them are archived there.  See more of my work below:   

Lone Dragonfly published by the GoodNews Paper 

Siamese Earth Angels  (Not for Sale)  went to Guidepost Magazine 

A Fish Story went to Adirondack Life Magazine 

No Fish For You went to the  American Intercultural Magazine

Q & A Column for Sew News Magazine 

This One’s For the Birds has 9 of my stories, pictures and poems  

Various story pieces have gone to “Little Words” out of Nevada.  

Floyd the Dog Book club of Portugal and now Creature Features Magazine on the island of Cyprus have taken my story pieces too.   See attached for book cover.  A few more stories and art pieces have been attached here also!!!

Much of my poetry has been published on various sites such as "Four and Twenty Poetry", Dead Mule Poetry, Shine Journal, and has sold to many individuals for special occasions. 

From: donna crocker To:

Sent: Fri, July 15, 2011 9:17:03 PM

Subject: RE: I got here as soon as I could ! :-} Don

Hi Don, thank you for the email. I'm excited to have a blog with you. If you would send me a blurb, book cover, and links to you, I will post everything. Anything else you would like - feel free to send. I agree we all can use help getting our name out there; good luck with your story telling it sound very exciting.

donna crocker author of romance books .


Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 16:49:14 -0700


Subject: I got here as soon as I could ! :-} Don

Hi Donna,  

I'd enjoy doing a blog posting with you.  We all can use the extra publicity for our works.  I have a few things running right now.  One is my short story at Solstice titled "Royal Ferdinand".  Also, I will be storytelling for the first time on July 23rd at a New York State Park. See attached.  Also I may be asked to share stories at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY  HOORAY!!

Where eagles fly,

Don Ford

D. M.

We live in an unedited You Tube generation I would be interested to hear what the younger generation has to say on this issue in a few years time when a whole new generation of publishing has taken hold. Will the status quo prevail? Who knows. what I look forward to is an uncontrolled wild creative crazy pool where anything goes, just like music and art. What rises to the top is anyones guess. i suspect as ever that like art we will buy what we are told to, but then again could anyone have guessed that garage, punk rock, rap etc would become mainstream. One persons terrible writing is another persons hip hop.

5 hours ago• Like1

Follow Ray

Ray S, I'm far from being in the younger generation, but I like your comments. Your perception is good and I agree with your prospection.

4 hours ago• Like2

Donald Ford • Declan,

You are right, it can only get worse from here. What they tried to cram down our throats in high school about Evolution, because mosts folks are always looking for answers, is headed down hill not up, and the garbage in - garbage out is working.

If Evolution is a true concept, then we are headed back to primordial times. I for one, am not looking forward to being made to look like a monkey or a jackass.

This is a declining generation, but as an Editor, I'll try to salvage a few other young writers, who show promise along the way. Your comment is very sad, but it is easy to draw that conclusion. Maybe I can open a few eyes and ears to what is a better way to go.

I have an obligation, with paid venues for my Storytelling, to keep it from becoming terrible writing. Cheers, Don

57 minutes ago

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Colleen Moore • Whew! Thank you Don for being the voice of reason. I was worried there for a moment. Being neither old generation nor young, I have one foot in each camp. I'm all for progress, but I'm also big on certain rules. The English language is, of course, always evolving, but I'll be darned if I'm going to stand by and watch it degrade in the name of possible (and I mean possible) creativity. My children speak the language of texting, but I'm happy to report that they're also excellent writers. The next generation is welcome to experiment all it likes, but when it ceases to understand Shakespeare and Austen, then the lowest common denominator wins. We do not have to accept Orwellian Newspeak just because it simplifies our life. Simplification means the absence of richness. Encouraging the youth to abandon standards of craft would lead to a very sad literary world indeed.

37 minutes ago• Like

Donald Ford • Colleen

You are very welcome; it had to be said!

Where eagles fly,

Don (Greywolf)

Native American Storyteller and Story Editor

15 minutes ago

Donald Ford • Colleen,

You are very welcome; it had to be said! My son is an amazing writer, and my daughter 22 years later, has her pulse on the literary market as well. If they are any example of the new generation, there is much hope in the future. This is not because they are my kids. It is a fact, that they are potentially becoming better writers than I was at their age.

Where eagles fly,

Don (Greywolf)

Native American Storyteller and Story Editor

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