Two Great Quick Read Mysteries

10916210077?profile=originalLooking for a quick read?  A good but short mystery that you can escape into for a day at the beach or a few afternoons on the hammock or in your favorite recliner?  Either Fake Pastor or Widows Indeed might be just what you’re looking for. 

In Fake Pastor, the first in the Rose Jackson Series, you will meet Rose, a 32 year old single Mom of two children living in North Central Arkansas and temporarily unemployed.  A job opens up, one that she has no training, education or experience for, but it is so intriguing.  They need a pastor at the Church of the Cross.  OK, she wasn't positive that there was a God, but she could certainly be a good pastor, couldn't she?  And, for awhile, it is the perfect job, until three of her parishioners are killed.  Is Rose herself involved?  After all, she is the one who has visions that get two people arrested.  Then, Rose is kidnapped. 

Widows Indeed is also a murder mystery, but takes place in New Hampshire on the Sugar River near Sunapee Lake where I grew up.  (Arkansas is where I ended up.)  In the sleepy little fictional town of Elmsdale, an elderly woman is found with her throat slit - the blood drained from her body into the ground.  She is over seventy, a pillar of the community.  Who would want to kill an elderly widow?  And shortly after, another widow is killed in exactly the same way.  Two detectives from a nearby city head to Elmsdale to help the local police chief, Frank Tolliver, solve the crimes.  Is there a local pervert turned serial killer loose in this seemingly quiet and peaceful New Hampshire town?  Pete one of the detectives thinks so.  In fact he has decided that Garth Baxter, a man with downs syndrome, is the killer.  While Pete blusters ahead to prove his theory, his partner, Judy Wittoski and Frank delve deeper into the killings looking for a connection between the killing of old ladies and that of a young girl, an 18 year old, who was raped and killed several years ago.  She was left in the same place as one of the widows, and the cut to the throat is all but identical.  The girl was Frank's daughter. 


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