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Here is my article "Your Greater Opportunity To Network Is At Your Church" that I had recently published with Yahoo. Please click on the link to read my entire article. Please share this with others. Thanks!

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What We Want

We all want to be read. We all want readers to say, "Hey, I just read this great book. You should read it  I couldn't put it down."  I know that's what I want. Meanwhile, we keep writing and hoping to be discovered  and have those words said.  I write every day without fail beginning at 4 am.  My Atlantis Trilogy--"Children of the Dream" takes place in the present and in the time of Atlantis and is based on a lot of research. My novel, "Spam" is about an older man whose wife dies and with the help of a young woman, turns his suburban property into a farm and angers his lawn loving neighbors. "Revolution and the Journal of Joshua Johnson--a ghost story, also takes place in the present and during the American Revolution and tells about the conflict a young Quaker boy has becoming a spy when his family are pacifist and don't believe in war.  I also have three books of poetry, a collection of essays on education and soon to be released a collection of short stories, "Rainbow's End and Other Stories."   Check out my books at

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Top 5 Ways To Be Happy In Life!

Some of us spend years, if not decades, mulling over our lives, trying to realize what it is that makes up happy and feel fulfilled.
Many never find the answer, while others seem to know from the day they were able to talk.
Whatever the case, and after careful consideration, coupled with plenty of trial and error, here now is my list of the top five things to do, or not do, in order to be happy.
1)Choose a career you will love:
While this seems like a no-brainer, you would be surprised at how many people go into a line of work, business or job for all of the wrong reasons.
Amount of money to be made, because a family member or friend is successful at it, or simply due to the glamour one feels is attached to a particular job are just a few.
However, what it really comes down to, as far as insuring one's happiness over the long haul is concerned, is doing something you will enjoy waking up every day for and will not even consider work.
2)Surround yourself with good, positive people:
Again, this seems like common sense, and it should.
However, I am sure all of us know people - if not ourselves - who gravitate to those who are rude, inconsiderate, or even abusive, which is obviously no way to live a happy, healthy life.
3)Eat right, exercise, and take care of your body:
Yes, I know that you see a pattern here, but, again, how many people follow this simple advice?
As the world, and society in general, becomes more and more complex, there seems to be less and less "me" time available for exercise or other stress relieving activities.
4)Smile and laugh as much as possible:
No, I don't mean to fake it for no good reason.
What I do mean is to allow yourself to enjoy the small things in life, such as a warm, sunny day, the sound of birds chirping, the taste of good food, and/or watching children playing outside.
Simply put, smile, laugh, and don't take yourself and life too seriously.
We weren't put on this planet to be miserable, so live and let live.
Studies show that those who smile and laugh a lot lead happier, healthier lives.
And, finally, my fifth way to be happy in life...
5)Do some volunteer work and give to charity if you can;
We can all find some time out of our busy days to give back, and there is no better feeling than seeing another person smile in appreciation of something you did for them out of the goodness of your own heart.
What we do for others comes back to us tenfold, not to mention the good Karma that results as well.
So give it a try.
I am sure you will like how it makes you feel inside, and be proud of how you were able to brighten up another person's day with little effort involved, in this win-win situation.
There you have it.
My top five ways to be happy in life.
If you haven't read my book, "Jew in Jail" yet, I hope you do.
It is chock full of insightful information on how I was able to recover from my past addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling while incarcerated, and go on to lead a happy and healthful life myself.
Until next time, everyone, have a great day, and week ahead!
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Beaufort Betrayal

Greetings to All:  I published my first novel, Beaufort Betrayal, over one year ago.  The book has really done well, thanks to all who have read it.  I truly think that it is the result of God's prompting.  I had the same vision each night for a very long time.  Each night, I would see the same thing before going to sleep.  Finally, I prayed that God would direct me.  The result was Beaufort Betrayal.  Honestly, whenever I read the book, I am amazed that I wrote the work.  If you love small sleepy coastal towns with history of that area as well as sailing information, you will treasure this small book.  I kept the size small so that you would be able to stow it in your travel bag or beach tote.  This mystery/thriller will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat.  You will love Beaufort as well as Palm Beach, Florida.  The maid, Estelle will keep you laughing for a while but she changes.  You'll see.

My second novel is Rosemary Beach.  Set in the beautiful town of Rosemary Beach, Florida, the heroine's name is the same.  Although it is a love story of unequalled attraction, just as in life, the story changes when a jealous x- lover enters the scene.  You will be shocked at the ending but love the story of Rosemary and the handsome British born Malcolm.  This book has sold exceedingly well all over the world.

My third book: Will He? is different from the others.  It is a suspense filled tale starting with the little girl, Laura Lombardi.  Follow her life as she loses both her parents and finds that her twin brother, Lars has always hated her.  She leaves Newport, R.I. to live with her only aunt, Sophia, in Frascatti, Italy.  While there, she blossoms into a beautiful young girl both inside and out.  She learns of a hideous family secret so evil that it is never discussed.  Instead of shrinking in fear, she heads back to her Newport home to confront the brother she fears may harm her.  Fall in love with the Italian way of life but never forget that home is where the heart is.

Finally, just released is my first children's book: Dusty the Island Dog.  As you read this to the child in your life, you may find that it appeals to all ages.  The beautiful Abaco, Bahamas is the setting of island life in the Caribbean.  Dusty and her side kick, Winston, the big red dog, will keep you laughing but you will realize the importance of this book for any child who has suffered a loss from death or neglect.  You may include it in your favorite list.

Something for everyone, these books are  for sale in all major bookstores all over the world.  The sales have been unbelievable.  All are Christian books with what I hope is writing that is evolving.  May God bless you and "Happy Reading!"  Linda


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True story of captivity in IRAN!

My name is Lori Foroozandeh and my life started out with physical abuse at 6 months old to  the point of being taken away from my parents.  When my adoptive family took me they told me I had cigarette burns all over my body, and sores on my butt from never getting my diaper changed.  Wait it gets better from here:

  • At 11 I was molested by my adoptive brother.
  • At 18 I had my first child, enlisted in the army and married my recruiter.
  • Went AWOL from the army due to my husband ran off with another woman and took my son.
  • Soon after this I became a truck driver to stay mobile so the MP’s wouldn’t catch me for being AWOL.
  • At 27 I met and eventually married a middle eastern man who turned out to be a terrorist and took me to Iran and wouldn’t let me return to the USA.
  • The day after 911 I was put into a POW type camp in the middle of nowhere, Iran.  I was tortured, beaten and raped for six weeks.  Eventually escaped and got back to the USA.

So yes my life has been eventful and you can read about all my ordeals in my award winning book;  “Lori’s Song”.  Available on Amazon and through my website.

My website is:

Here are the other social sites you are welcome to join me on as well as some reviews and excellent articles regarding my book.

Social Networking sites:

I liked it be sure to visit mine as well and join me on twitter and facebook if you’d like too:

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Poetry - the retriever of fate


                            the retriever of fate and rhymes

                            of things, amongst us.

                            It translate languages, and transcend

                            messages to make us aware of

                            all things amongst us.

                            It bring forth the solvable

                            fate of our environment,

                            and the atmospheric world of


                            A true lawyer of the universe,

                            using philosophy as language,

                            and logical thinking as prose.

                                                                                    by Korede Abayomi (The Oracle)

Korede Abayomi is a master storyteller who was first spotted in the 1990s during his teenage years, but his fame quickly subsided thereafter. Since then, he'd penned four published novels; two written under different names.

'The Oracle' is the second published book by Korede Abayomi. This novel is a combination of a very well-written short story, followed by the insightful poems from the artist's moods and grooves) that drove the moments within the story.

Here is the Book's Blurb: 'Olusegun is talented, handsome, and very radical. He is both the American Pride and America Nightmare. He is a poet, an African prince, and a revolutionist. But there is something about Olusegun that you don't know. Just listen to his identical son tell it.'

Included in this masterpiece are 105 original poems, compressed into an 82 page wordplay that reads more like Shakespeare's writing - only in the modern tongue. We find this author's writing fascinating, and we think you will as well.

The well-written short story that inspire the poems can be downloaded for $0.99 at Amazon Kindle (   and   Barnes&Noble Nook (

From the Author - "This poetic book was composed back when I was 21 years old, at the prime of my artistic age when I was hosting a weekly 'Spoken Words' venue  at the San Bernardino Valley College for two-years straight. This weekly gatherings eventually drew the largest artistic crowd in the San Bernardino County, and inspired me to pen down over 120 poems, most of which I had to read to my weekly audiences." - Korede Abayomi

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Kids, wizards, witches and everybody else?

Come visit my blog and read about my unusual giveaway winners (such as the mysteriously missing writer based in the mountains somewhere and the missionaries who went to Mexico); why I hid my book from my Mom, and other mysterious happenings at:

Or, you can just bypass all of the blogging and just go straight to the Amazon wizardry sales site of "Mary Baker and the Eye of the Tiger," which recently won a Silver Medal review from Readers' Favorite, and get a copy of this 'terrific read' for a mere 99 cents. It's on sale! It's also on sale at the Amazon UK site, as well as Amazon sites worldwide.

Critics are saying that it's a great book for all ages, even though it was written for young adults. Find out why one reviewer said: 

 It's conceptual depth that makes minds of all ages (emphasis on all ages! truly!) glitter with the long-lost prosperity of what it's like to get beautifully lost in a book. In times where we rip and tear our way through our kindle pages against the clock, this novel brings me back to the ambient love of reading I had years ago when a sunny window and a terrific book were the greatest fruits this life had to offer.


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Sometimes I actually write about football on this blog …


The article by Paul Imig appeared on on March 28, but I didn’t see it until this month when a friend from a Green Bay Packers fan page circulated it. The headline: At 49, Majkowski has already lived “nightmare.” Here’s the link to the full article: 

Onetime Packers signal caller Don Majkowski may be most notable for the ankle injury he suffered in 1992, opening the quarterback position to his backup, a recent acquisition named Favre. But he played ten years in the league—for the Packers, Colts and Lions—and finished second in MVP voting behind Joe Montana in 1989. They called him The Majik Man. He gave me a lot of enjoyable Sunday afternoons.

For the past two years, Imig reported, Majkowski has lived in agony. He’s had eleven surgeries on that left ankle, and his foot is locked in place. Six months ago he had fusion surgery on his back, and he hopes to put off, for a while, similar surgery on his neck. He has a bad shoulder and post-traumatic concussion syndrome. He can’t play golf or coach his son’s team. He sold his real estate investment company because it was too hard to go to work. In his forties.

Majkowski told Imig he has no regrets. But, last week, former Detroit Lion Lem Barney shocked attendees at the Sound Mind Sound Body camp in Southfield, Michigan, by claiming that if he had it to do over, he would not play football, even if he earned the millions that star players do today. Barney said he suffered seven or eight concussions during his playing career. He cited the deaths of Dave Duerson and Junior Seau, who both committed suicide while suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the brain disease associated with football head trauma. He maintained that the deaths of Bubba Smith and Deacon Jones were also related to their football injuries.

The Hall of Famer went so far as to call football “deadly” and predicted that the sport would be abolished within the next two decades. If that sounds like someone who’s been hit in the head one time too often, well, that’s the point.

Barney later apologized for making those remarks at a kids’ camp, but not for his words.

I’ve been a Packer fan for over fifty years, and the players who appealed to me the most were always the ones who could shrug off an injury and go back into the game. I saw them as heroic figures. Suck it up, play with pain—wasn’t that the Vince Lombardi way?

But the game has become increasingly dangerous. Players today are bigger and faster than their counterparts in the past, and they train more intensively. In the last few years, the league has implemented a number of rule changes designed to protect players, especially quarterbacks. I’ve been in the camp that criticized them for watering down the game. “What’s next, flag football?” we’d ask. “Isn’t this a man’s game? After all, they chose to play a contact sport.”

 I cheered as loudly as anyone in my local sports bar last October 7 when Nick Perry of the Packers delivered a punishing hit on Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, resulting in a sack and a fumble. And I booed when the officials overturned the play, citing unnecessary roughness, because I thought Perry’s savage hit was clean. But now I’m looking at the incident differently. Luck may not be my quarterback, but I don’t want him to end up like Majkowski.

At least Majkowski won his workers compensation case and got the league to pay his medical bills. That’s not the case for many players of his era and those that preceded it—a topic for a future blog.

 We fans may be the ones who have to “suck it up” and accept a radically different game. Something does need to change. I don’t like to see my heroes hurting.

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My novel, After

Most people have suffered loss of some sort in their lives. My daughter, Vikki, died when she was eight months old. I found it difficult to write directly about this loss but tackled the subject through fiction.

The result is my novel, After. Seventeen year old twins, Kate and Ben, leave the UK and go to the USA on holiday. They fail to return.  Their parents, artist Sarah and museum curator Alec, cope with their loss in different ways and begin to grow further apart....

You can download the novel from and find out more about my work from my website.

My books on Amazon

My website


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From my WordPress blog

Mavis the Fat Fairy asked:

“Always intrigued about fair trade green beans from Kenya. The fact that they are flown in from Kenya scores negative points for environmental impact. But they are fair trade, so doesn’t that mean I should support them, and encourage more fair trade in supermarkets, but what if land is given over for fair trade cash crops that should be used for more sustainable farming….So fair trade Kenyan green beans, are they a net good thing or not?”


Not just yummy, Green Beans are one of your five a day
Photo used with permission by Samuel Cheney (Via morgueFile)

The straight forward answer is – it is a personal choice, depending on what is important to you; so consider these four factors and work out the net ‘goodness’ from your own perspective.

  • Carbon aka climate change
  • Development
  • Water
  • Fair Trade

Go straight to the summary

Or to have your question answered go to ‘What should I write about‘.

Carbon aka climate change

(Note I will use Carbon to mean Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide Equivalents, as it is easier on the eyes)

Yes, flying beans from Kenya creates a lot of Carbon and if carbon impact was as simple as food miles then Carbon would be a clear negative for imported green beans.  But, the food miles debate is one-sided and distorts our understanding of Carbon impact, it is now largely discounted (did you know it was initially promoted in the UK through a campaign by the Farmer’s Weekly magazine?).  It is not enough to consider how far food has travelled because food production in the UK, indeed all Western nations, is Carbon intensive.

The Kenyan flag
Via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

The Carbon arguments for food imports from developing nations

In the West we use oil powered equipment vs In Africa most farms depend on manual labour

In the West we use hydrocarbon based fertilisers vs In Africa most farmers use the free fertiliser produced by cows (both produce Nitrous Oxide which is about 300 more powerful than CO2 as a greenhouse gas, but the cows were doing that anyway)

In the West ‘out of season’ foods are grown in heated greenhouses vs In Africa the sun is enough

In the West growing seasons are prolonged with the use of polytunnels vs In Africa the sun is enough

The Carbon arguments against food imports from developing nations

In the West crop yields are three to four times greater than in Africa

Airfreight is sometimes in the ‘belly’ of passenger planes, thus reducing the cost of, and encouraging more, flights

Can we be more scientific about this?

To be scientific we need to compare the Carbon produced by both the UK and Kenyan supply chains, but this is difficult for two reasons, so even though I provide a number here, you might choose to take it with a pinch of salt.

  • When calculating Carbon we have to decide how to manage the data.  In the Netherlands two studies using the same data about importing flowers from Africa drew opposing conclusions because they used the data differently.
  • In his book ‘How Bad are Bananas’ Mike Berners-Lee discusses when to stop attributing Carbon to individual items, in his example he asks whether to add the Carbon produced in the manufacture of the paper clips used in an office, to the Carbon calculation for the output of a factory.  In the case of Green Beans we could debate endlessly whether to include the personal carbon footprint of the farmer.

In 2011 PIP, a European forum, issued a report about Food Miles, Carbon and African Horticulture, this report shows that 59 MJ more energy is used to produce Kenyan Green Beans than UK Green Beans.  This is equal to 12 Kg of Carbon per Kg of Kenyan Green Beans.  As mentioned earlier, you might disagree with some of the assumptions made and want to take other factors into consideration.

It is worth noting that for other food stuffs the Carbon arguments are different, for example apples in cold storage in the UK create more Carbon emissions than apples flown from New Zealand.

Air Freighter
Via Wikimedia Commons, used under Creative Commons

Other Carbon thoughts

Carbon trading; in Africa the average Carbon emission per person is 1/30 of that in the UK.  In a Carbon trading scheme – if all else remains equal – Africa could trade the Carbon emissions of flying food to Europe and still produce less Carbon per person than the amount that damages the environment.

There are many other ways of reducing your Carbon foot print which are much more effective than avoiding Kenyan Green Beans, here are a few examples*:

  • In 1996 agriculture bought 0.1% of airfreight capacity – banking and finance bought 157 times as much – ask your bank what they are doing about airfreight
  • A kilogram of beef releases 36.4Kg  of carbon - eat less meat
  • Flying to Barcelona from London releases the same Carbon as 420 packets of Green Beans (250g), flying to New York from Liverpool uses the energy that could fly 1,200 packets of Green Beans – fly less
  • The Carbon released by one packet of Beans will fuel 12 school runs – pool with other parents or educate your children nearer to home
  • Driving 6.5 miles to the supermarket emits more CO2 than airfreighting one bag of beans from Kenya – car share or buy on-line
  • According to the World Bank flying in 1st class has three times the Carbon emissions of Business, which in turn has three times the emissions of economy – if you have to fly, fly in economy
  • Sea freight uses much less energy than air freight, but vegetables are refrigerated and will still not be as ‘fresh’ when they arrive (it was never going to be an easy choice)

*All these numbers and their sources can be found in the links throughout this article or in the additional reading below

Structural diagram of Carbon Dioxide
Via Wikimedia Commons, used under Creative Commons


The UK has a policy of trade not aid, when you read stories about the way that aid is sometimes spent irresponsibly or stolen this seems like a logical approach.  Countries like Kenya welcome trade and, unlike aid, the money paid for Green Beans goes directly to the farmer.  Once farmers take on an export licence they start to buy their own food from other farmers.  Taken positively this ensures that money trickles down the community; from a negative perspective farmers are forced to displace subsistence crops for cash crops.  Both arguments are valid, though the latter is mitigated by Fair Trade.

Another positive for development is that farmers are encouraged to find better ways of producing food from their land.  The exporting farmers share the techniques and skills developed to grow Green Beans with other farmers and use the same skills to improve farming for other crops.  Our demands for static, if not reducing, food prices produce the downside of development.  To reduce transaction costs some Western buyers of food promote the development of ‘Industrial Estate’ farming, this disengages small farmers from the market (and increases Carbon).


The UK uses 189 million litres of African Water to get its out of season vegetables.  Given the impact of lack of water and poor sanitation has on people in all developing nations, it would seem that a good way to balance our use of their water would be to support one of the many charities that are seeking to make sure that everyone in the world has access to clean water – for example WaterAid or Toilet Twinning

Irrigation – the primary use of water in agriculture
Via WikiMedia Commons, public domain

Fair Trade

The Swedish Fair Trade logo
Via WikiMedia Commons, Public Domain

In Mavis’ question she asked if land was being given over to cash crops that should be used for sustainable farming.  Cash crops are those grown only for sale and in many developing countries the allure of cash crops has resulted in subsistence farmers relying on the income.  When the income fails people can lose their land and could starve.  At the same time cash crops are necessary to buy goods, services (eg health care) and education.  Fair Trade was founded to counter balance the potential for harm that comes from cash crops – in the words of the Fair Trade Foundation (UK).

“Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. By requiring companies to pay sustainable prices (which must never fall lower than the market price), Fairtrade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest producers. It enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives.”

Malawian farmers can be seen here talking about the impact of Fair Trade on their lives and communities.

While Fair Trade doesn’t impact the carbon effects of flying food from Africa, it does make sure that the positive benefits of trade are genuinely delivered, including environmental benefits.  It is worth noting that many farmers involved in Fair Trade comment on the improved availability of water and sanitation.

In summary

Carbon aka climate change impact

  • Negative, seek to reduce your footprint elsewhere to balance this factor


  • Positive, will definitely remain so for Fair Trade farmers


  • Negative, offset by supporting a water charity

Fair Trade

If you have a burning question and not enough time to find the answer, post your question here ‘What should I write about‘.

Additional reading

The Independent newspaper reports Kenyan Green Beans arriving in UK supermarkets for the first time

Waitrose and PIP show the source of the food on Waitrose shelves

A handy Carbon equivalents calculator – limited input units

Convert energy units into kilowatt hours so that you can use the calculator above

Pictures from WikiMedia Commons and morgueFile

By the way, this is what the Fair Trade foundation says about local vs Fair Trade

“Some people say ‘buy local’ rather than ‘buy Fairtrade’. What is the Fairtrade Foundation’s response?

The Fairtrade Foundation recognises that many farmers in the UK face similar issues to farmers elsewhere, not least ensuring that they get a decent return for upholding decent social and environmental standards in their production. We therefore support the promotion of sustainable production for UK farmers but our specific role will continue to be supporting farmers from the developing world.

Fairtrade isn’t in competition with UK farmers and the purchase of locally produced and Fairtrade products are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Fairtrade focuses by and large on tropical agricultural products such as coffee and bananas that can’t be grown in temperate climates or products that can’t be grown in sufficient quantities in the EU e.g. grapes and oranges. For some items such as honey and flowers, local supply is not able to meet the total demand – it has been estimated that both UK flowers and honey account for less than one-third of the UK market – and so imports are necessary to keep up with consumers’ shopping preferences. Other products, such as apples, are seasonal in both the UK and places like South Africa, and for as long as shoppers want to buy apples out of season, there is a demand for fruit from other countries. Often the choice facing shoppers is not necessarily between local honey and Fairtrade certified honey but between Fairtrade honey and conventional honey imported from, say, the US or China. It is up to each person to weigh up these choices and shop accordingly.

Ultimately, it is up to each person to do what they see as being in the interests of people and the planet. What is important is that we all try to make informed choices wherever possible. The Fairtrade Foundation is committed to raising awareness of ways in which buying products carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark is empowering and strengthening the future for disadvantaged producers in developing countries.”

If you have a burning question and not enough time to find the answer, post your question here ‘What should I write about‘.

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Order the Service Here

Convert your word, open office OR ebook document of any length to kindle and nook ebooks. No PDFs. The conversion to ebook in mobi Kindle format, Sony Reader, iPad, and for nook e-Pub.
You will get:
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Top 10 Qualities of a Manager

Integrity fosters trust

Staff empowerment

Understands the employees and challenges

Understands the skills

Quickly adaptable

Takes action
They find difficult to take, so they put it off until a later date.

Anyone can obtain the organization chart

Role Model
Sets appropriate performance standards.

Value people
 Recognizes the importance of people

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My Father, My Hero!

What better day to honor my beloved, late father, and devote to my blog, than Father's Day?
Although Irving Goldstein passed away on January 23, 1999, my father has been on my mind every single day, and as time has gone by, I have a much deeper love and respect for my father than ever before.
To have put up with a son who is an addict is one thing, but to always be there in my corner, offering invaluable, much-needed advice and counseling, is something I treasured, and, in fact, rely on now, on a daily basis.
My dad was such a hard worker, and provided for his family and extended family his whole life, and I am forever proud of being able to be known as Irving Goldstein's son.
I was unfortunate to be incarcerated when my beloved father passed away, and unable to attend the funeral, but will never forget the lessons my father taught me all throughout his life.
It has only been over the past five years and seven plus months - the time I have currently been clean & sober - that I have truly been able to understand and appreciate everything my father taught me while I was growing up.
The morals and principles he instilled into me, that, to this day, I draw upon as I live my life and keep close to my heart, make me realize that, if I could end up being just a fraction of the great man my father was, I would consider myself to be a huge success.
Irving Goldstein, Happy Father's Day.
You always were, and always will be, my hero, and I love and miss you very, very much.
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