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Will He?

I have just entered my first writing contest.  Am very pleased with the results for Will He?  As a retired person, I am blessed by this gift of writing.

Was the Lombardi family really cursed?  Most everyone in the small village of Frascati, Italy believed it.  When Laura was forced to live with her aunt Sophia in the beautiful village only minutes from Rome, her life changed from the protected little rich girl in Newport, R.I.  While learning to respect the father whom she never understood.  Frascati also relinquished secrets of her family going back to generations of the famous and infamous male artists.  Italy not only charmed Laura but, while there, she learned the real meaning of family and love.  Evil was waiting for her as well.  Much history of the area is discussed as are the restaurants and shopping available in the Eterneal City.   You will fall in love with the Italian way of life, but agree that home is really where the heart is.   The ending is a complete surprise!

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"Court"ing Trouble!

Today, I bring you the sixth chapter of my book, "Jew in Jail."

By reading it, you will hopefully gain some insights into the insanity one deals with when he or she is a defendant going to court in the New York State judicial system.

Of course, had I not put myself in this predicament in the first place, none of this would have ever even taken place!


Going to court from Rikers Island was an experience in itself. After attending my first two meetings in the S.A.I.D. Drug Program the day before, which consisted mainly of observing everything, and then going to bed at 9:00 PM, I was awakened at 4:30 AM by the C.O. to get ready for court on Monday, June 22, 1998.  I had also spoken to my parents the night before and knew that they would be in court as well.

I shaved, took a shower, got dressed, and then went to the mess hall to eat breakfast. Then, everyone who was going to court was herded into the gymnasium, located inside the main building. One by one, the C.O.s called out the five boroughs of New York City—Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx—and when the borough where you were going to court was announced, it was time to go to the bullpen, but not before getting searched.

I brought a manilla folder full of legal work, mostly cases, which I had researched and made copies of in order to show my attorney, Mark Jankowitz. So, after patting me down, the C.O. went through my folder as if I were concealing the plans for the atomic bomb. But I knew that he was just doing his job, and besides, it made me feel important in some strange way.

When the bullpen became full of inmates, we were all moved to a larger one, where we then had to wait ninety minutes or so until the buses arrived to transport us to the court building.

This was the time, at least for me, to ponder my situation, and try to figure out what was going to take place later in court. But for others, it was the perfect time to discuss the events of the week.

“Yo, son, the po-lice (C.O.) in my house is whack,” said one guy to his friend, who he probably hadn’t seen since the night before! “That motherfucker won’t let a nigga do his thing,” meaning that security is very tight.

“No doubt, no doubt,” answered his partner in crime. “They all on point.”

“Hey, yo, T, my man, Born came in yesterday from Brooklyn House (of Detention),” another pillar of the community shouted across the bullpen to his crony. “You heard?”

“Yeah, Tisha told me when I called the bitch last night,” replied this old-timer, who had all of his years of past incarceration etched on his wrinkled face.

With all of this high-level dialogue going on, it was virtually impossible to concentrate on the issue at hand, so I just tried to rest until it was time to get ready to load the buses.

But since the C.O.s failed to enforce the no-smoking rule, and the bullpen looked like a high-stakes poker game had been going on, the smoke, combined with the oppressive heat of the summer, even at seven in the morning, prevented me from doing anything else than just sitting and staring about.

Twenty more minutes and it was then time to load the buses. After hearing my name called, and walking over to the C.O. to give him my book, case number, housing unit, I was handcuffed to another detainee, placed on the bus, and locked in one of the steel cages, all set for the trip to New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

“There is no smoking or yelling out the windows,” announced one of the two C.O.s who were assigned to our bus, as we began our journey.

Forty minutes later, after we battled through morning rush-hour traffic on the Grand Central Parkway, we arrived in lower Manhattan. It felt good to be out amongst the throngs of people, even though I was caged in like an animal on the bus.

It was a few more blocks to the court building, and the natives were getting a little restless.

“Yo, baby, I should be home in five to ten,” shouted a big, fat black guy a few rows in front of me; he was not only trying to make a date with a pretty lady on the street for 2008 or so, but was also ignoring the C.O.’s earlier order not to yell out of the bus when we first departed Rikers Island.

We finally pulled up to 100 Centre Street, the Supreme Court Building, and took our place in line in the parking lot, behind the first three buses to have already arrived from the island and other jails throughout the city.

About an hour and a half later, the C.O.s received the word to bring us into the building through the back entrance, as usual. Still handcuffed to a partner, we all had to walk two flights up a narrow staircase until we reached the elevator. Then we were crammed inside and taken up to the twelfth floor.

We were released from our bracelets, passed through a metal detector, and put into a giant, noisy, and filthy bullpen. A few minutes later, my name was called, and I was taken to yet another bullpen, this one smaller and right outside the courtroom, where I would soon be facing the judge. The C.O. gave out cold baloney-and-cheese sandwiches and a cup of Kool Aid, both of which I took a pass on.

An hour later, Mr. Jankowitz arrived, and we had a brief get-together.

“Gary, you’ve been indicted,” he revealed to me.

“What exactly does that mean?” I asked, knowing the answer full well, but wanting my mouthpiece to earn every last cent that the state of New York was paying him to defend me.

“It means that the Grand Jury found sufficient evidence to charge you with robbery in the second degree,” he said.

“But I wanted to testify in front of the Grand Jury as to the fact that I’m an alcoholic and a drug addict, and that I was intoxicated and high on pills on the day of the crime,” I asserted.

“I waived your right to testify before the Grand Jury,” admitted Jankowitz.

“You had no authority to do that without checking with me first,” I shouted.

“Trust me, Mr. Goldstein, I know what I’m doing,” he replied. “You were better off staying away from the Grand Jury.”

“Well, I Xeroxed these cases here for you to look at,” I quickly fired back, “and they show how the police are not supposed to make any promises in order to secure a confession. I want you to ask for a Huntley hearing to have my confessions suppressed.”

“It’s too early for that right now,” Jankowitz informed me. “When we go out into the courtroom and the clerk asks you, ‘How do you plead?’ I just want you tou say, ‘Not guilty.’ That’s it. You’ve already said enough by confessing.”

Several minutes later, the court officer took me out of the bullpen, and escorted me, without handcuffs, into the courtroom. As I entered, I immediately saw my parents and waved. There were only three other people, besides my mother and father, sitting in the audience, and it felt a little intimidating knowing that everyone in the courtroom—the judge, assistant district attorney, court officers, clerks, stenographer, Mr. Jankowitz, and my parents—were all directing their attention on me.

“The People of the State of New York versus Gary Goldstein, indictment numbers 5013/98 and 5013A/98,” the court clerk announced. “Mr. Goldstein, how do you plead?”

“Not guilty,” I asserted.

Then, after a few minutes of legalese among Mr. Jankowitz, the assistant district attorney, and the judge, I was escorted back to the bullpen. As I walked out, I motioned to my parents that I would call them later that night.

I was expecting to see Mr. Jankowitz again to ask him what took place after I pled not guilty, but I never saw him anymore that day. (I also never got a chance to ask him about my arraignment, when, after that sidebar conference, the judge ordered my bail at ten thousand, so I was left puzzled as to what exactly had transpired that day as well.) But, of course, as with anything else in the great U.S. of A., you get what you pay for, and since his fee was being paid by the state of New York and not me, Jankowitz refused to go that extra mile.

All I learned from the C.O., as I was then taken from the small bullpen outside the courtroom back to the main one where I was earlier in the day, was that my next court appearance was going to be in three weeks, on July 13, in Part 71.

Since it was now 12:15 PM, and I missed the first bus going back to Rikers Island (the first “go-back”), I had to return downstairs to wait in another bullpen until four-thirty, when the afternoon buses would be ready to leave.

After passing through another metal detector, and again refusing to take a baloney-and-cheese sandwich, I took a seat in the bullpen. I was hungry but was planning on going to “sick call” the next morning at Rikers Island in order to be put on a low-cholesterol, special diet, so I wanted to get a headstart on watching what I was eating. I knew that I would be getting dinner later anyway upon my return to the island, so I decided to wait.

For four hours, I just sat and stared at what was going on around me. As the bullpen became more and more crowded, the noise level increased to a deafening pitch.

Guys were letting off steam after having just seen the judge, and now was the perfect time to discuss the events of the day with each other.

“Yo, son, my lawyer’s trying to get me to cop out (plead guilty) to a five to ten (a five- to ten-year sentence),” said one guy to his friend. “Aint no motherfuckin’ way it’s gonna happen. I told him I’m going to trial, you heard?”

“No doubt, I know what you sayin’,” said the other guy. “But at least you saw somebody. My lawyer didn’t even show up, so I came for nothing.”

Then I focused my attention in another direction.

“They’re trying to charge me with a body (murder),” claimed this obese, biker-type white man, to whoever would listen.

“They like to bluff,” responded the guy sitting next to him, as if this were just a game. “I bet the next time you come to court, the charges will go down.”

I couldn’t believe I was right in the middle of all of this bullshit. I had such disgust and disdain for all of these animals I was locked up with. But mostly, I was mad at myself for getting arrested in the first place.

A few minutes later, the C.O. came around with a basket full of extra sandwiches to give away and everyone ran to the door to get one. Except me.

“Yo, my man,” said this old, sickly looking Puerto Rican fellow. “If you don’t want your sandwich, can you get it and give it to me?”

After thinking for a moment, I said, “If you hold my seat, I’ll get you a sandwich.”

I got him the sandwich and proceeded to watch him devour it like he hadn’t eaten in days, which was a good possibility. Thinking that he might have AIDS, I tried to avoid looking at him anymore, fearful that he may come over to talk to me and inadvertently spread his germs. From that day on, I became even more obsessed about cleanliness than ever before.

So I just closed my eyes and pretended to be sleeping until it was time to load the buses for the trip back to Rikers Island.

The sound of handcuffs jingling from the C.O.’s belt loop alerted me that the time had finally arrived, and a short time later, the buses departed.

The same rules were in effect for the trip back regarding the restriction of smoking and noise, but guys still had a lot of stress to get off their chests. Besides, they knew that since they were already in jail, what more could the C.O.s actually do to them?

As soon as the bus left the parking lot and we were on the streets of lower Manhattan, the shenanigans began.

“Hey, baby, you’re looking good today,” one guy hollered to a woman apparently on her way home from work.

“I’ll be home in three to six,” added another, as the woman continued to ignore it all. “You’ll wait for me, won’t you?”

After a few more minutes of the same, we approached the highway, and by five-thirty, were back on Rikers Island.

I was starving by then and knew that as soon as we were all registered back into the jail, dinner would be served. Since it was also count time when we returned, I realized that it would be about an hour until we were all taken back to our housing units, and I was finally able to take a shower and lie in my own bed.

Everyone else must have been hungry and tired as well, because we were all put back onto the count and registered in no time at all.

I sat in the bullpen and ate my chicken, bread, and peas, and washed it all down with a small container of milk then sat and waited for the C.O.s to call names for the walk back.

The first thing I did when I got back to Sprung 2 was sign the sick call sheet for the next day to get on that low-cholesterol diet. I couldn’t eat kosher anymore like I did in the Tombs because it was too high in fat and salt content, and I found out that my total cholesterol level was two hundred and forty-two when I was still there.

Then I went to my bed and told Willie what happened in court.

“You should fire your lawyer,” Willie advised, “because he doesn’t appear to be working with you.”

“I’ll see what happens in court next time,” I said, as I proceeded to take a much-needed shower.

I had some questions that I wanted to ask Willie when I returned from the shower, but when I got back to my bed, he was reading.

So I just lay down and went to sleep.

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NOOK HD & NOOK GlowLight Ereader

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Marketing Materials for Indie Authors

Marketing a professional image is probably one of the biggest challenges for cash strapped indie authors. When everything from the cover of the book to editing and lets not forget just getting the word out about your book is important where do you cut costs?  Hopefully, cutting costs does not mean you have to do everything yourself and possibly sacrifice quality.  There are many resources online for Indie Authors to get quality services ranging from cheap services like Fiverr, freelance sites like Guru or Odesk and independent marketing companies that specialize in book marketing services.  

I own a small boutique book promotion company and it is my hope to help indie authors and small publishers project a professional image like other mainstream authors and major publishing companies. I offer affordable rates and professional quality services.  I am so glad to be a part of this community and hopefully I will get a chance to work with some of you in the near future.

Right now I'm offering a special on publicity services to help authors get marketing materials together for their media kits.  The special is on sale now and includes all of the following services for only $129:

-A press release and distribution to our online network channels
-A web banner designed for the book
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My book “THE POWER OF LABELS” is now available in the site of AuthorHouse. - it's the link where you can buy my book. 

10916211886?profile=originalThe subject of the book is the distortions in our perceptions of ourselves which we accumulate throughout our lives when communicating with others. These distortions (conditionally called “labels”) gradually turn into our beliefs, complexes and unproductive models of behaviour which stand in the way to achieving our goals and diminish our satisfaction with life. The book analyses the reasons behind this psychological phenomenon and provides ideas and guidelines as to the ways to handle it (by eliminating labels or undermining their power), so that our potential can unfold, we can improve our self-esteem and get closer to our true self.

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Author Interviews by Skype for YouTube promotion

Video interviews on YouTube are great new way of promoting books. If you would like a professional affordable short interview done tell your publisher to contact us at BookViewTV on your behalf or contact us yourself as an indie author. See some examples HERE .

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When I look into your eyes

When I look into your eyes,

I can see the star that shines;

10916212070?profile=originalI can see the bird that flies –

Soul that’s kind and nice.

When I look into your eyes,

I can see how waves leave signs

Sharing Beauty of the Rhymes –

Wonders from all sides.

When I look into your eyes,

Love and Joy increase in size;

Dreams can break all bounding ties –

Freedom from confines.

When I look into your eyes,

I can see the Truth and Lights;

I can see the way to Heights –

Friendly, peaceful tides.

When I look into your eyes,

Days turn into magic nights;

Stars light up and bless our lives –

Life in Paradise.

When I look into your eyes,

I can see the star that shines;

I can see the bird that flies;

I can see God smiles.

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Independent Writers Association

Are you looking for an exciting career in the book publishing? At Indie Writers Support, one person can make a big impact. We value your experience and expertise, and would love to acquire your service for a general need.
We seek to add all book professionals to our Publishing Platform for the needful writers out there in need of help. You will coordinate with us. We will process orders for you and then contract you to finish the job, whether it's business writing, book cover designing, eBook conversion, copy editing, illustrating, translating, typesetting & formatting, proof-reading, etc... 

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We are also seeking few highly connected Promoters to be added to our circle as Networks' Administrators. This position will help in developing, designing, and implement public relation strategies that will influence public opinion and promote our campaign's image. 
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Life is a delusion of failed, failed ideas ideals that conjure thoughts, thoughts which invoke a dialog of conceptions of what you perceive in life – life is a loss of thoughts, of what you meant to say; but could not figure what you mean – life is an imaginary image you present to others that is not you, an image of life is a menagerie of fate in what others feel about you – feeling life is you trying to avoid the obvious; because, you do not want to face the truth – life is a habit of feeling, feeling the essence that is not really there for you to feel – life is empty rooms of silence, silence of you meditating ideas that  do not make since; because silence you do not focus on the silence of what is real – life is the rest of eternity eternally to remain distant to what you are internally afraid of – life is an unsatisfied desire unmoved – life is remembering what you started has changed, changed directions because your feelings changed cannot be true – life is knowing you have forgotten nothing but itself – life is reminding yourself to be continually the same – life is nothing but itself; an ideology of memories from your past you are trying to avoid – life is waiting for the right moment  a moment frozen for your conscience to explode – life is motion turned to stone – life is existence suspended in time – life is eternal thought, beside the point – life is near happiness changing – life is a sign of existence – life is a shell of resistance from a broken and empty future – life is a journey, sometimes I face the inevitable in me dies the fading light is eternal.  Cancer Survivor.

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Our mission at Indie Writers Support is to build the most collaborative community in the world. That said, if you have an exemplary material (excerpt) that you will like to share with us, the public, reviewers etc., go ahead and submit it to us.

We'll like to introduce you to Document Sharing (slideshare, docstoc, scribd etc). With this integrated system anyone can Print, Download, Read and Share your published work(s) directly from any internet browser. This widens the chance of many readers actually sharing your sample works, either among friends or through class rooms, and then actually ordering the book / eBook from a store if it really grabs them.

An example of this Document Sharing Publishing is embedded below.

To be included in this free sampling, submit your book's cover, a bio, the book link, and a five page sample (Microsoft Words Document) from any one of the chapters in your book. We will handle the typesetting and formatting.

A formal agreement will be needed before we can display your material on this website.

To get started, Sign Up to become a member at before making your submission to us. Make sure you title the proposing email as 'Document Sharing Excerpt.'

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We are offering this service to the public for free.

You can email the 'complete proposal' to

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Recovery Is Great!

Without a doubt, these past five years and nine plus months have been the best of my 51 year life so far.

Recovery has helped me reclaim my life, self-esteem, self-confidence, and purpose for being.

Even though I nearly died of an alcohol and drug overdose way back in 1989, and then also spent nearly six years incarcerated as a result of my past addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling from 1998-2004, it wasn't until I woke up on the morning of October 31, 2007, and decided that I had finally had enough of the never ending maze that my life had turned into.

I was ashamed and embarrassed that, although I possessed a college degree in journalism and had worked for many prestigious media companies in the Tri-State area, I had succumbed to the disease of addiction.

However, not long after entering the Coney Island Hospital Chemical Dependency Outpatient Program, I learned that I was human and that recovery was indeed possible.

Today, after having graduated from the program in 2009, I am now the president of the alumni committee and speak to the current clients there, as well as recovering addicts at other programs, hospital detoxes, jails, schools, etc., and understand the importance of giving back to share the message to those who are still sick and suffering.

I also speak about the book I wrote while incarcerated, titled, Jew in Jail, to reinforce the fact that it is never too late to change, and that there is absolutely no shame whatsoever in asking for help.

Being clean and sober feels great - not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually - and provides me with the peace of mind and tranquility that is priceless.

Never will I take anything in life for granted, from a beautiful sunny day, to seeing children playing and enjoying themselves without a care in the world, and I owe it all to those professionals who work in the field, as well as the thousands of other grateful recovering addicts who share their stories and allow me to share mine too.

If there is one piece of advice I can give to those reading my story now who are still in the grips of addiction, it is to always keep in mind that, no matter what troubles you may be going through at any particular time in your life, someone else has already experienced the same problems and difficulties, and was able to persevere with the help of others and move on to lead a healthy and productive life.

In recovery, one is never alone, and I encourage those who are still battling this disease to always seek out someone to talk to, because keeping things bottled up is never the correct strategy.

In closing, this recovering addict wants everyone to know that they possess greatness, and no matter what anyone did in their past, it does not have to define who they are as a person.

Live recovery one day at a time!

If you haven’t read my book, “Jew in Jail” yet, I hope you do.

It is chock full of insightful information on how I was able to recover from my past addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling while incarcerated, and go on to lead a happy and healthful life myself.

I also always welcome comments from you, my readers, about my blog, book or website, because receiving feedback from you is what drives me to be my best and help others.

Until next time, everyone, have a great day, and week ahead!

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 “L’immortalité:  Madame Lalaurie and the Voodoo Queen” by T.R. Heinan brings NOLA horror story characters to Kindle format


TUCSON, Ariz. – In “L’immortalité:  Madame Lalaurie and the Voodoo Queen” (ISBN 978-1-63003-914-1), author T.R. Heinan shows the lengths people will go in the quest for immortality.  The 5 star reviewed historical fiction novel combines horror, history and humor to tell the story of New Orleans “most haunted” house.

Set in the 1830’s Creole community of New Orleans, “L’immortalite” takes readers on a journey with Philippe Bertrand, a reclusive lay sacristan who lacks compassion for others after the death of his wife and mother.  He is led to a mansion owned by Madame Delphine Lalaurie, and there, he meets a young slave named Elise.  The events that follow result in the slave’s escape, the discovery of macabre medical experiments in the mansion’s attic, and the intervention of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.

The paperback format of this book has been recommended by top-rated haunted tours in New Orleans and was shown at the 2013 HWA-Bram Stoker Awards weekend.  The growing popularity of book’s title characters bring thousands of New Orleans visitors each year to view “haunted” Lalaurie Mansion and the tomb of Marie Laveau.

Heinan hope readers will gain a deeper understanding of New Orleans history while enjoying the ride he takes them on through Philippe’s meditative quest for eternal life. The book is illustrated by Hollywood artist John Weston.

“L’immortalite:  Madame Lalaurie and the Voodoo Queen” is now available in Kindle format and is free to Kindle Prime users Amazon.

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Rosemary Beach

This is my second book.  Unfortunately, I did not understand my publisher's editing process so there are some mistakes.  However, the writing is pretty good for a new author and the story was interesting.  People who have read it seem to overlook my mistakes.  I would appreciate your review.  Thank you, Linda

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How much research do I do?

Before I begin to write a book, I do as much research as possible. I want to get all the details correct..I search out experts in a field that I need more information about and visit most of the places where the action takes place.

I went ot London for The Elusive Relation, the third in my Emma Winberry Mystery series. It's a great city with lots of history. I even called Scotland Yard. They were very helpful.

For the sixth book in the series, Rogue Wave, which I have just finished, I spent a week on my son's 49 ft. sailboat in the Caribbean.

Learned a lot about sailing but I prefer to remain on dry land.

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The Basic Midwife Salary

Let me just say, the health-related services market definitely is actually significantly large as well as various. Career search engines tend to be driven by keyword searches and also assist you find jobs rapidly and effortlessly. You may well opt for any upon the heath care treatment units whether privately owned or publicly. midwife salary While not really the requirement pertaining to most states, passing this kind of examination can give health-related assistants a lot more prestige and also greater access to occupations inside the health subject. Despite the fact that large school graduates could qualify to the career, the worker's doing work knowledge within computer applications is actually expected to make up with regard to his lack of greater educational attainment.

It really is one of the very few sectors which are usually still expanding inside this particular depressing overall economy. Room for advancement is limited; hence, a lot of usually look with regard to work inside some other businesses with better salary as well as maybe inside places far more accessible to their schools or home bases. Louis area has a lot of schools as well as schools simply by which to follow the qualification. Often this kind of fundamental certification is usually definitely the first step inside the occupation. Take a look at all pertinent sites that may possibly guide you make some sort of informed decision about your own job objectives.

As such, thinking that you're ideal for a midwife occupation may be some sort of bogus claim. A lot more and also several far more occupation possibilities shall be being created pertaining to medical assistants each and every year. Review institution web sites to seek out out his or her mission and read his or her news feeds. The occupation activities of the R & D Lab Technician include preparation of prototypes as well as samples as well as performance of reliable tests utilizing precise data. Page 2 contains a lot more on the well compensated part time jobs.

A diploma is frequently advised pertaining to any person keen upon devoted to a particular facet of health lab science. Assistants appointed by medical center departments might probably be reliable for overseeing a couple of distinct elements of the practice. Conversely, to possess some sort of insight inside the health world and have the interest is usually really a crucial element pertaining to simply about any midwife position. 2 of these organizations are usually the American Association of Health Assistants (AAMA) as well as the American Health care Technologists (AMT). Mostly, you would only end up being passed upon towards the medical doctor following the midwife have welcomed you, made you sit, take notes on your own health problem, ask questions as well as following that lead you towards the physician’s office room.

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