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Facebook Tricks for Published Writers

Facebook as we all know it is a massive trafficking tool for internet users. In today's lesson, I will show you all the tricks that Facebook has to offer to published writers.

I will show you the six most important procedures of setting up your facebook's marketing platform, and the first step is 'Setting up your Fan-Page.' If you already have a Fan Page, skip to step 11 below to learn how to optimize the Fan page for better results.

"Setting up your Fan Page"

1. Log-in to

2. Visit this link to set-up a page:

3. Choose the “Artist, Band, or Public Figure” tile—it’s in the lower-left corner

4. Select either “author” or “writer” from the drop-down menu and enter your name (see note below)

NOTE:  Other Facebook Pages that may appeal to writers include:  “book,” “book store,” “fictional character,” “library,” or “magazine” under the “Entertainment” category (the lower middle tile), and “media, news, and publishing” under the “Company, Organization, or Institution” category (upper middle tile)

5. Check the box to agree to Facebook’s Pages Terms

6. You will be greeted by the “Get Started” page, just to the right of this text, there will be a like button, click it.

7. You’ll see a numbered list of steps. Step 1: Upload a picture. People are more likely to trust a page with a picture, I think (even if it’s merely a book cover or an avatar)

8. Steps 2 and 3—invite your friends and import your contacts. When you click to invite your friends a screen will pop up with all of your existing Facebook contacts, you can search for particular friends that you think may be interested, filter your friends by the lists you’ve set up, or just go through everybody and click who you want to invite. To import your contacts, you’ll have to upload a contact list or enter your email account ID and password.

9. An alternative/supplemental approach to tap your existing fan base:  Scroll to the bottom of the left-hand column and click “share.” This will post a promo of your new site to your Facebook feed. Write a comment asking your friends to like your new page.

10. Fill in the info for your page. You’ll need to provide as much information as you can (concisely written so as not to overwhelm the page-viewer). For an author page, this will include:  name, address, affiliation, birthday, about, description, biography, awards, favorite books, gender, personal information, personal interests, email, phone, and website—obviously some of this information may be too personal to share and other categories are a bit redundant. Only fill in what you want to fill in.

"Optimizing your Fan Page"

11. Click on the “Edit Page” button located in the top right corner.

12. Go to “Apps,” it’s located on the left side-bar

13. The first app listed is “Events.” Set up an event called “Please like my author page.” Specify a longer time period like one week or one month for where list the link to your new fan page. Under the description, write something like “Won’t you please like my new author page? It will only take you a second, but it would mean the world to me. Thank you J” You may also want to write in a bit about how to like your page, step-by-step instructions—this may be required if you want your less tech-savvy friends (like your Grandma or Great Uncle Herman) to like you. Invite all of your friends to this event. This is the number one best way to get followers.

14. If you want to include discussion boards on your site, which I highly recommend for an author’s page. Go back to the “Edit Page” screen and return to the “Apps” page. Scroll down to the discussion boards and click “edit settings,” then click “add.” You can also do this to add in other standard apps like notes, videos, events, photos, and links—yes, you have to add all of that manually now, thanks to the new layout.

15. I also highly (HIGHLY) recommend adding “RSS Graffiti” to your Facebook page. I prefer this to the other, more popular “Social RSS,” because it is far more reliable. It will run your RSS feed directly to your Facebook wall. As I’ve said before, Twitter is the best way to find new followers for your blog or website; Facebook is how you’re going to keep them coming back.

16. Another app for your Fan Page that gets my shining endorsement is the aptly named “Fan Appz.” You can use it to set up quizzes, polls, give-aways and much more.

17. Link your Facebook page to your other social networks.  Add a “like me” button to the sidebar of your blog or website. Ask your Twitter family to like your page (bonus tip: if you say something like “I only need X more fans to customize my Facebook author page URL. Please “like” me. I follow back!” you are much more likely to get people to head on over to your page—don’t forget to add a link to your tweet).

18. Once you’ve secured your first 25 fans, you’ll be able to customize your page URL. To do this you need to go to your desired page name, and if it’s available it’ll become yours! Make sure you choose a good name, because you won’t be able to change it once it’s set. Customizing your URL means that your link will look something like this:

19. Add favorite pages. Go to any page you want to add as a favorite to your page. In the left column, you’ll find “add this to my page’s favorites” listed directly after the number of users who like that page. Add the page, and if you’re smart, you’ll post on its wall, saying “hey, I added your page to my page’s favorites. Any chance you’d be willing to return the favor?” Make sure to include your link with your request.

"Create Your Author-App with your Fan Page"

Perhaps one of the most crucial of all facebook apps for writers, this application will build an Amazon Buy Link for your published books with options for readers to join your mailing list or sample the book, but only after they Liked it (pressing the like button). This app is so exciting. All you will have to do is enter your ISBN numbers and the facebook app will link with your published books on The step on how to set up this AuthorApp is further explained below.

1. After creating your Fan Page, go to this facebook site; and a page will show up that says 'The Author Marketing App.' Click on the 'Let's get started-" button and the page will direct you to your established Fan Page.

2. The application will ask you to use your fan Page, and after choosing so, you will see the Author-App as an app button. It is a big red button, titled “Read My Book”. When you click it, the app takes you to a separate tabbed page. Under the Author-App tab, you can create an author profile which includes a mailing list, and an option for you to put your books for sale.

3. You can provide each book you list with the buying link URL (to Amazon or similar), price, description, cover shot image, and two fields that allow you to input an URL or upload a PDF file of your book's excerpt.  This can be entered manually, or you can add a book simply using an ISBN number.  This feature also allows you to bring in details of other books not published by you. Yes, I know, it is exciting.

Here is a Author-App page created by one of our members here at Indie Writers Support. Check it out and see what your Author-App with facebook will look like after you're finished. View the sample here;

We hope that you enjoy this lecture, and look forward to reading more as we continue.

"How do I invite people to like my Page via email? "

If less than 5,000 people like your Page, you can invite your email contacts to like your Page. You can upload a file containing your email contacts and Facebook will securely import them. You can also import your contacts by providing your web email address and password. You can then suggest your Page to your contacts.

To invite your email contacts:

  1. Click Build Audience at the top of your Page
  2. Select Invite Email Contacts...
  3. Upload a contact list file or choose your email service and follow the instructions

Facebook won't store your password after importing your contacts. They may use the email addresses you upload to help people connect on Facebook. If you don't want them to store this information, you can manage your imported contacts.

Note: You can import contacts up to five times for a maximum of 7,000 contacts per day per Page. Read more about this from the facebook help center;


Get a list of 900,000 Facebook members in the U.S.A with profile links and email addresses at

Use this tool,, to extract the email addresses from the 900,000 list effortlessly. Extract up to 10,000 at a time.


"Run a Facebook Contest with Fan Page"

Creating a contest hosted on your business page is a great way to create buzz about your fan page. You can run a contest through a Facebook app such as rafflecopter. You can also now run a contest directly through your business page as long as the rules and restrictions are properly outlined and that the ways to win are made clear.

"Add a Fan Gate"

What is a Fan Gate? Fan gates (also referred to as like gates) have users “Like” a page before they can see the posts, contests, or products that are offered on an application inside of your fan page. You do this by adding an app to your page. If you want to display different information to fans you can use ShortStack; if you are looking to promote a Facebook store or a daily deal you should use an app specifically for that such as ShopTab for your Facebook store or SharedDeal for your daily deal. All these apps are equipped with optional fan gates that will prompt users to like your page before they can view your deals or products.

Get a list of 900,000 Facebook members in the U.S.A with profile links and email addresses at

Use this tool,, to extract the email addresses from the 900,000 list effortlessly. Extract up to 10,000 at a time.

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Hello from newauthoronline!

Having just joined, I wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Kevin Morris and I began writing seriously some twelve months ago.

Thus far, I have published four collections of short stories: 'The First Time', 'Sting in the tail and other stories', 'Samantha', and 'An act of mercy and other stories'.

I blog at, and I look forward to sharing with you all,


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my new ebook in amazon kindle store

The book "Mia's Tooth Fairy" is a Short fairy tale about the six-year-old Mia requested to tell the world through a YouTube video about the loss of her first milk tooth.
In an age where everything is well documented and photographed and where children as young as five are losing not only their tooth but also their innocence and prefer supermen and electronic games over fairy tales, I felt the need to preserve for the children's health, even if slightly, the end of childhood. I hope I was able to combine the legend that I put in it a little fairy dust and stuff like tooth fairy pillow with the reality of today through the use of modern communication and media such as the iPad and YouTube.

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 For in that sleep of death what dreams  

may come,

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil.

Shakespeare: Hamlet





Hearing a ferocious buzzing, two boys squinted through the trees.  The taller one, muttered, ‘see that?’ Warily, he walked towards the mass of flies, his friend clutching his arm. Mesmerized, they stared at two naked bodies, at the jagged flesh ripped from chest to pubis. Entrails glittered in the sun, the colours bright scarlet and purple, marbled with yellow strings.  The organs seemed to move through the frantic thrumming of tiny wings. Backing away, the boys turned to run, only to trip over piles of white sticks.  Frenzied, they picked themselves up, fleeing through a silent forest of yew trees. Death followed, snickering at their heels.


Using a serrated knife, Jennet cut deftly through tender meat.  Daniel Redd’s mouth tightened, as bright blood seeped onto the white porcelain plate, mingling with green florets of broccoli.  He tried to banish the images flooding his mind. He still couldn’t stand the sight of meat cooked rare; in fact, the only meat he could tolerate was a well-scorched beef burger. 

Putting down her fork, Jennet looked at the grooves around his mouth, the grey shadows under the eyes. ‘You look as if you haven’t slept. D’you think you’ve gone back too soon?’

‘It’s the damn nightmares – but I’m okay – really.’

‘Not you’re not; I’m your sister, goddammit.’ 

Brushing his fingers through dark hair, he said, ‘I have to work Jen, I’ll go crazy if I don't.  I can’t mope about anymore.’  Feeling the cell phone vibrate in his back pocket, he took it out to see the station number. ‘Hello? … Yes. DCI Redd speaking.’

His face tightened, as he listened to the gravel tones of the desk sergeant.  ‘I see.... Okay … So it’s Kingley Vale?’ He frowned; it was Sunday; his secretary wouldn’t be there.  ‘Could you put me through to the officer in charge please?’

Laying down her fork, Jennet whispered, ‘is it —’

Shaking his head, Redd talked into the phone, ‘hi … homicide – Kingley Vale … okay.  Get hold of DS Dove.  Tell her to preserve the site. Contact the Divisional Surgeon to confirm the death and the pathologist – Dr Mahoney. If he argues, tell him the case is complicated. I’ll meet them there – it’ll take me about an hour.’  


Gazing at the packed car park, Redd saw officers squeezing between groups of people, taking down car numbers and registration details.  They also needed to record tyre markings. This would take time; he could see tempers rising.

The narrow dirt track leading to a crime scene heaved with picnickers, walkers, and any number of dogs. Sweating in the heat, more officers scribbled down addresses and details of each person, as voices rose above the general hum.

‘What’s happened then officer?’

 ‘No, I ain’t giving you my private details. I had nothing to do with this.’

‘We were just walking out here.’

Trying not to snag his jacket on the barbed wire fencing, Redd inched by heaving bodies, a tight smile on his face. Passing the open door of a mobile crime unit, he saw an officer already at work, scrolling through an evidence analysis computer. He looked over to Redd, grimacing. ‘It’s going to be a long day sir.’

‘I see SOCO are hard at it.’ White suited forensic officers photographed the crime area, while others examined tree trunks and overhanging branches for prints and fibres. Yet more, knelt, brushing patches of grass, or picking among the rich peat of the paths and groves of yew trees.

Leaving the unit, Redd nodded to a group of detectives waiting for him at the perimeter tape, their beaded eyes and taut muscles told him of the horror.  As he waved his warrant card at the security officer, he saw Chief Superintendent Nigel Titmouse peering at the tent, while DS Felicity Dove, Redd’s new partner stood by, both in protection gear. What the hell was the man doing here? Bastard pushed his way in as usual. ‘Got here as soon as I could sir. I was the other side of Brighton when I received the news. I also had a call on the way, from the Deputy Chief Constable.’

The Chief’s eyes flitted to Redd’s sandaled feet, a sneer pulling at thin lips, his eyes taking in the jeans and leather jacket. ‘Prepare yourself – it’s sickened even the die-hards.’

DS Dove pulled at the white paper hood covering her corn corkscrew curls. ‘A couple of PCs threw up – not been on the job long. I’ve had the bodies covered – trying to keep the flies off.’

Titmouse growled, ‘bloody mess is steaming in the heat – already stinking.  SOCO took pics of the remains, done the vids and measurements.’

Irritated with the callous way Titmouse referred to the bodies, Redd turned to Dove. ‘You’ve designated an official note taker?’

‘Yes boss, I thought PC Matthews would do fine.  I’ve given him a detailed list of instructions – who’s picked up what, when, and where it’s taken. SOCO’s scratching their initials on all the evidence.’ 

‘Good, now let’s go see the crime.’

Hurrying by his side, Dove whispered, ‘you going to be okay?’

Annoyed at her intimacy, Redd nodded.  Fingering the pills in his pocket, he hoped they wouldn’t be necessary. 

Walking to the fresh faced constable handing out protective clothing, Redd yanked on the Tyvek coverall, zipping it up to his neck.  Pulling the hood over his head, he tried not to tense up. Dove followed, keeping close. ‘It’s bloody awful boss.’

Two victims lay side by side. He bent and gently pulled off the plastic covers to reveal their tattooed bodies, opened from sternum to pubis, the vicious cuts formed a cross; entrails spilled over the ragged edges of flesh. With flies buzzing around his head, he tried to fight the bile stinging his throat. His eyes hovered over the pile of bones laid out beside the remains; they looked bleached. 

He waved his hand through the flies to see a scroll of rough old parchment affixed to the male chest by a dagger, the message of stick-like markings, indecipherable.  Feeling the dizziness sweep over him, his fingers closed on the pills. Flipping them into his mouth, he pushed them under his tongue. They worked quicker that way.  Stepping outside the tent, Redd steeled himself to look composed; Titmouse just needed one sign of weakness, and he’d take over.

Pulling down the ridiculous hood, he looked over to see the CS smirking, his voice acid, as he said, ‘that’s one sick fuck.’

Dove turned to Redd, her freckles standing out against the pallor of her face.  ‘What d’you think boss?’

‘Insane.  Where’s the bloody head?’


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Important Software(s) for Writers

Quick Backlinks Builder Software

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A fiction novel that explores the different approaches two boys have to combating prejudice and injustice and the enduring bonds of their friendship.


LOUISVILLE, KY., Sept. 22, 2013 -- Author Gary Beck is proud to announce the recent release of his novel Acts of Defiance.  Acts of Defianceis a fiction novel that explores the lifelong friendship and adventures of two boys. The compelling book trailer for Acts of Defiancewas revealed today on DGT Book Promotion news.  In addition, Gary Beck shared an insightful interview this week on the Reading and Writing Addiction blog about himself and the release of Acts of Defiance. Gary’s interview can be read at and the official Acts of Defiancetrailer can be viewed on YouTube.


About The Book

Acts of Defiance explores the lifelong friendship of two boys. When Randy's father takes a poor city boy, Steve, for the summer, the boys become fast friends destined for great adventures. From persuading a Marine Corps recruiter to enlist them at the age of fourteen to surviving a wild storm under sail, the boys move on to college with a commitment to change the world. For Steve, this means playing by the rules and working within the system. For Randy, this means studying Chinese to read the worlds of Chairman Mao and joining a group committed to overthrowing the international yoke of capitalism in underprivileged countries, preferably by violence. As men, Steve and Randy’s choices lead in opposite directions, but when Randy becomes a wanted criminal, Steve is there to help him. As much as Acts of Defiance is about different approaches to combating prejudice and injustice, it is, at its heart, a story of the enduring bonds of friendship.


Publisher Statement:

Artema Press is both proud and privileged to represent this author, who is well known for his preceding

novels, beautifully polished prose, masterful storytelling, and an exquisite sense of timing. Interested reviewers are welcome to request advance review copies (in any eBook format) and should contact Artema Press directly at artemaepress at gmail dot com.


Praise for Acts of Defiance:  Acts of Defiance is a beautiful and moving storyWhortleberry Press


About The Author

Gary Beck describes Acts of Defianceas an intensive ride through different worlds of poverty, wealth, politics and adventure.” The author has spent most of his adult life as a theater director. He has published several novels and poetry collections: Remembrance, The Conquest of Somalia, The Dance of Hate, Material Questions, Dispossessed, Mutilated Girls, Days of Destruction, Expectations, Dawn in Cities, Extreme Change, Assault on Naturewhich will be published by Winter Goose Publishing and Acts of Defiance published by Artema Press. Beck’s original plays and translations of Moliere, Aristophanes and Sophocles have been produced Off Broadway and have toured many colleges and outdoor performance venues.


Acts of Defiance is available at To learn more about Gary Beck and Acts of Defiance, visit


DGT Book Promotions offers affordable publicity packages for authors

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Author: Patricia Bond with Bobbi Linkemer

Publisher: LinkUp Publishing

ISBN: 9781482543773

In recent years there has been a spate of media coverage concerning sexual misconduct of Roman Catholic priests with children and minors. What is less publicized and becoming a growing problem across a range of faith traditions is the sexual seduction that takes place between some members of the clergy with their female congregants or parishioners which is nothing less than a blatant and horrendous abuse of power.

Many of these illicit relationships do not only arise during counseling sessions, they also arise within the context of non-counseling interactions. To worsen the situation are the children born out of wedlock from these relationships and are treated as collateral damage by a Church pretending that these children don't exist so as to protect their devious priests.

With her Imbalance of Power: Exploitation of Women by Catholic Priests, Patricia Bond has shown a great deal of courage and guts to tell her story and that of her son Nathan John Paul Halbach. It is a true story that simply needed to be told and one that is supported by more than twenty years of legal documents as well as professional and personal factual accounts.

Patricia Bond was one of these unfortunate women who had a relationship with Henry Willenborg, a Franciscan priest, who incidentally had a history of several relationships with women, one of whom was even a minor. According to Bond, the book exists because her son Nathan not only encouraged its writing but insisted on its completion. Bond further states that she wanted to give voice to women victims who had been abused by their priests and their Church.

Bond's story is not only a narrative about her own experience being deceived and taken advantage of by someone whom she had a strong trust in but it is also about her courageous son Nathan, who at the age of twenty-two succumbed to a rare brain cancer, Germinoma. This is a type of cancer that is supposed to have a ninety-eight percent recovery rate, unfortunately, Nathan fell into the two percent who don't recover.

Nathan was born during Bond's five-year relationship with Father Willenborg who even celebrated his baptism and who had acknowledged in a private writing given to Bond that he was the boy's father. It should be pointed out that Willenborg upon learning of Bond's pregnancy had encouraged her to have an abortion. As events unfolded, the Franciscan Order had subsequently drawn up an agreement acknowledging the boy's paternity and agreeing to pay child support in exchange for a pledge of confidentially. However, when

Nathan's cancer required a great deal of costly medical care, the Franciscan hierarchy turned its back on him and played all kinds of legal games to avoid paying the medical bills. Even more cruel was Father Willenborg's abandonment and rejection of his son Nathan, particularly during his final days. When one of Bond's friends advised him that his son was dying, his reply was: “I have no need to see Nathan.” And this is supposed to be a man of the cloth!

It is mind boggling to read how the church continued to protect this scoundrel having full knowledge of his sexual escapades and deviant behavior. Here is a charismatic priest who thought very little of preying on emotionally weak women who are at the crossroads of their lives, as was the case with Bond. Women who believed that he would never be a person who would even think of taking advantage of them, after all, he was supposed to be a role model or as Bond's describes him, “the Franciscan's perfect son.”

Bond has used her book and her experiences as a canvas to speak forcefully to vulnerable and victimized women who have found themselves in relationships with priests who have abused their power. It is also dedicated to, as mentioned in her introduction, to express her son's wish to help children born of these illicit relationships to know that they do count and that their biological fathers do not define them or what they can become.

This is a sincere memoir that is worth sharing and Bond does a masterful job of successfully and accurately recreating her story and bringing it to life. She does not simply offer readers a portrait of her own experiences but actually draws them in.

Follow Here To Read Norm's Interview With Patricia Bond

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My latest book; The wind of Change.'

Watch out my latest book title 'The wind of change.'

This is a story of a village who are idol worshippers and their laws was very effective. After they had just finished, their festival, they used to celebrate once in every three years. Now it was a new season, this gave opportunity to two young able men who came far from another state to work for their money and they were warned not to preach in the land.

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Softwares for Writers and Internet Marketeers

Quick Backlinks Builder Software

Download this Backlinks Submitter Software that automatically submit your websites to over 8,000 backlink sites. It's very easy to use, just put your website url (or your amazon page with your book title), click submit button and let the tool submit your site automatically! Backlink building is great for driving traffics back to your site, and making your website rank rank on search engines and amazon title search.
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Websites Article Submitting Software

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Mass Emailing Software

This software can send up to a million mails daily. It also extracts mailing list from any sites in the world, and from any country. It verifies email lists to check if they valid or not. In addition to ordering this software, we will provide you with 5,000 email contact list that you can use to market your book to. Get it at; ($12)

Book Cover Designing Software

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List of 4,000 Barnes&Noble members

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Audiobook authors pay attention!!!

Audiobooks are becoming even more popular nowadays with the accessibility of mobile devices (iPods, iPads, smart phones, etc.).  We have done some research for you (Writers, Authors), and we will like to introduce you to some audiobook lovers who will love to know about your audiobook and possibly download it.

People listen to audiobooks when...

  1. Spending hours in your car on long trips or on a daily commute to work/school.
  2. Exercising.
  3. Waiting in doctor’s offices, waiting to pick your kids up from school, etc.
  4. Cleaning.
  5. Any other time that fits into your life and schedule.

Get a contact list of 891 audiobook lovers / buyers. Must make a donation here; to get the automated download site. The file will be provided to you automatically, immediately after your order is processed.

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50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading


I am participating in the "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading" contest and I would appreciate your vote.

To vote, click the following link;


In appreciation of your vote, click the following link for a free download of Short Stories to Tickle Your Funnybone;


Thanks for your support,


Robert Thornhill

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Just A Thought - National Cry

On this day of National Remembrance while reflecting on the past we need embrace today. Without the politics, the government input, and allegiance each of us live in neighborhoods that cry for change. It is a National cry..... it is no longer in small parts of the states or certain sections of the cities..... our Nation is crying. While reflecting there are more reasons to cry out. Yes, we stood together as one and as we face each crisis, Americans meet the challenge and come back with a strong front awaiting the next crisis...... but our backbone is weakening. Our system, our jobs, our relationships to others....... abroad and at home...... we are weakening. Yes, we fight for others...... even teach them about democracy........ yet we are weakening. Today as we remember the way we were, what we did to rebuild, to reinforce, to stand United...... let us  we can do as much for us..... as we do for others.

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Make Your Book(s) More Marketable

Write Your Next Book With The Media In Mind

Here is what I know and think about making your book more promotable.
The world of book publishing has changed immensely over the past decade  --and certainly over the past three years, thanks to Amazon, Apple, tablets, e-books, Borders, and social media.
The role of book publicity has not changed, though the methods have been altered.
PR is needed to give a book a chance at succeeding in an overcrowded marketplace and a noisy media landscape. With more books being published than ever before, and more media outlets around than ever before, there is a lot of competition to get a diluted piece of the pie.
Technology has no doubt impacted many industries, including: publishing, retail, the news media, and even the way books are written. As a result, readers and consumers have been changed as well.
It may seem like everyone:
·         Has plastic surgery
·         Eats organic food
·         Watches TV on a smartphone
·         Spends more time tweeting than talking to others
.... but such phenomena show we are a changing and diverse nation.
Not everyone is doing these things I just mentioned but the world certainly is in transition.  Writers are changing, too. They are morphing into hybrids - - they are writers and they are promoters.
I understand what it is like for today’s author to be confronted with the new publishing landscape.
I have been in publishing and PR since 1989, back when we used to fax media pitches.  I have worked for publishers as an editor and a publicist and for the past 14 years have served as the marketing director for the nation’s largest book promoter, Media Connect, formerly known as Planned Television Arts. I have also had a book published and learned how challenging it was to promote it.
And for the last two years I have posted at least 800 times on my blog, writing the equivalent of three full-length books, about all aspects of book publishing, publicity, marketing, advertising, writing, and the fate of the industry.
See, a promoter never stops promoting!
It used to be that the publisher would take care of the publicity for a book, though it didn’t always do a great job. Then authors started to supplement the publisher’s efforts. Now authors are the publishers.
Today, authors team up with publicists that they hire and maybe also get help from their publisher, if they have a publisher, if they offer to help. It takes a village to promote a book.
Many refer to their book as their baby.  Well consider the PR campaign the way you would when paying for your kid’s college. You hope there is a payoff to it, but you wouldn’t dare choose to not send your kids to college.
There is no way of getting around it. To embrace PR as an author is to embrace your future.  The good news is there is plenty that you can and should do, to promote your book.
You Need To:
·         Think like the media and about their needs
·         Create a book with promotable content
·         Change your attitude about your PR role
·         Realize it is up to you and in your hands to grow as a writer
So How Do You Write A Book That Will Be Promotable?
·         Do you have to kill someone – or write about a murderer?
·         Do you have to confess to a sexual addiction to a celebrity?
·         Do you need to have the name on the book cover say JK Rowling or EL James?
·         Does your book need to be published by a big New York house?
Sure, these things would help, but I have promoted books by unknown, first-time, self-published authors and have seen them succeed.
They Have:
·         Something that is promotable
·         An interesting background
·         Confidence, conviction, and personality
·         A willingness to do whatever it takes to get attention
·         Put in the time and effort that is necessary
·         Taken a creative approach to the media
·         Been lucky
Of Course, Authors Can Be Promotable But It Doesn’t Always Yield Sales
What makes a book sell is not necessarily the same thing that makes it news worthy or promotable. Today we are talking purely about publicity and the news media – not marketing, not sales, not advertising -- though they are all closely linked to one another.
I See So Many Mistakes Made By Authors. They:
·         Wait too long to start thinking about publicity
·         Mistakenly think they can do it all
·         Mistakenly think they will succeed without PR
·         Falsely believe the media will cover them with little effort
·         Think PR is a one-time thing but really it’s an ongoing, perpetual thing
Too Many Authors Have Hang-Ups About PR
-          They don’t believe they are promotable
-          They aren’t comfortable promoting their book
-          They don’t want to spend money on a publicist
-          They think their publisher takes care of everything – or they fear stepping on the publisher’s toes
-          They don’t want to sound like they are begging or bragging
-          They lack the time or resources to execute a PR campaign
-          They don’t know how to talk about themselves
-          They are shy or fear rejection
-          They feel uneasy talking to the media
-          They lack confidence in their appearance or voice
-          The PR process seems murky or unfamiliar to them
All legitimate things, but all are excuses. You need to take ownership of your book and that means quarterbacking your PR campaign.
Give Yourself A PR Audit
·         Examine your past and see what the media might find noteworthy
·         Look at the experiences you have had and see if any are worth discussing
·         Think of the connections you have and the people you know – can you drop names to the media?
·         What is in your book that the media will find of interest?
Think About What It Is That You May Want to Accomplish With Your PR
·         Branding your name to help your career
·         Building a media resume
·         Establishing your voice
·         Selling a current or upcoming book
·         Influencing others
·         Conveying a strong message
·         Selling backlist or non-book products/services
·         To stroke your ego
·         Helping you get a book deal or better terms – or to get the eyes of Hollywood on you
·         Leading you to being hired as a consultant or employee
·         To land paid speaking gigs
What Are You Willing To Do?
·         Pour your time into it
·         Devote the necessary money and resources
·         Get help
·         Willing to experiment and diversify your approach to PR 
·         Going out of your comfort zone to do what is needed
The Books That Are Most Promotable, Whether Fiction or Non-Fiction, Are Those That:
·         Are first to raise an issue or aspect of life.
·         Are unique in how you tackle a well-known subject.
·         Reveal news or raise great questions on a newsy topic.
·         Lend personal insight on an industry, person, or organization that we are curious about.
·         Are great at the extremes – using humor, sex, violence, love, politics, money, fame or other
          push-button emotions on sensitive issues to get a point across.
·         Are controversial, outrageous, trendy, offensive, and shocking.
Creating A Media-Friendly Book
What if publicists could influence the editorial content of a book before it’s published and promoted?  What if the book could be enhanced or altered so that its integrity remains intact, but its ability to attract media attention is increased?
So few authors—and even publishers—consult a publicist far in advance of publication for the sole purpose of doing a PR audit of the manuscript.
To do so, requires great forethought and planning, something most authors aren’t aware of and something most publishers are too rushed to consider.
Still, I ponder the idea.  Can you imagine how much better a book would sell if it was packaged for the media?
There may not be an exact formula for making a book promotable.
Some things can’t be altered such as the author’s credentials, who the publisher is, or the overall theme of the book.  But anything from a book’s title, length, use of photos, language, revelations, etc are up for grabs.
Consider creating a PR laboratory, where you can genetically alter a book’s DNA, where you can cut here, add there, or change this—and you suddenly have a media-friendly book.
There are challenges to this, for sure.  Let’s see:
1.      You need enough time to give it a cosmetic makeover.
2.      There needs to still be something of quality as a base to work with.
3.      You need a smart editor to team with a savvy publicist to make sure the book is still a quality read while addressing 
         the media’s needs.
4.      You have to know what the media wants and how to feed it to them.
There’s also a dilemma attached to such a process.  An author is very proud and protective of his or her work.  She wouldn’t want some stranger suddenly rewriting her creation.  It seems less genuine, less authentic, less creative to suddenly throw in things to a book just to placate the media or commercial demand. 
But if you can live with the changes you’ll have a much more marketable book. 
So if one were to engage the services of a PR consultant, what would he or she be told?
1st, it depends if it’s a novel or non-fiction.  There’s a huge difference in what can be done to each type of book.  2nd, it also depends on the genre you write in and the existing competition out there. 3rd, it depends on how much media coverage has already taken place on your subject matter. 4th, it depends on the type of media you plan to approach.  The needs and nuances vary greatly amongst television, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and radio shows. 5th, it depends on the amount of money and time you can dedicate to promoting your book.
If you want to write a book that has a chance of getting publicity, sales, and critical acclaim, you first need to write what you want, what you know, what you feel.  But then go back and edit and revise in a way that makes it more promotable or commercially viable. This doesn’t mean you are selling out. It means you are making additions or changes that don’t substantively alter the integrity of the work but by making such changes, you now connect with potentially a larger or more rabid fan base.
Look at trends, demographic changes, and emerging industries or lifestyles.
See if you can change names, places, professions, and cultural references in your book to match the look and tastes of the newly emerging America,
-          Instead of the family pet being a gerbil, make it a three-legged dog
-          Instead of a relationship book being about a power couple, make it about a waitress and a fireman
-          Instead of setting your book in the present, make it about the 1980’s
-          Instead of being vague about a college or street or company, reference specific ones that are sure
           to have many followers
-          Rather than saying something happened, show it, and be descriptive
-          Throw in people the media can relate to or like
-          Instead of writing about worlds, people, or times that you didn’t come close to experiencing in
           your life, write about something that connects to your past, family, city, job, relationship or
-          Be willing to make despicable characters strong and almost likeable. Turn our perceptions upside
           down – make us think about those we normally don’t like or shine a spotlight on
What’s Today’s Media Landscape?
·         More media outlets and opportunities exist than ever before
·         And their value, individually, is more diluted than ever before
·         You will need a certain quantity of quality media placements
·         You need to secure publicity by the pound
·         Most media coverage can take place by phone and email -- it’s becoming rarer that an author
          needs to travel or take to a road tour.
·         Print
You have book reviewers, news and feature editors, columnists, beat writers, op-eds and by-line article opportunities at
-          Newspapers
-          Magazines
-          Newswires
-          Newsletters
-          Trade journals
-          Industry publications
-          Airline magazines
·         TV
-          Interviews or feature stories on national and local news programs, morning shows like GMA or
           Today Show, late shows like Daily Show with Jon Stewart , weekend shows, talk shows, and
           magazine format shows such as 60 Minutes
·         Radio
-          Interviews or feature stories on national and local talk shows or news segments
-          Different station formats target certain demographics
·         Online
-          Blog interviews, stories, reviews
-          Online reviews posted on various sites
-          Guest blog posts
·         Social Media
-          Facebook
-          Twitter
-          LinkedIn
-          YouTube
-          Pinterest
-          Instagran
-          Your blog
PR is not just about giving away free downloads of chapters and books, or of tweeting and making videos, or of e-blasting a press release. It is about making a sustained, strategic effort to influence the influencers and get media coverage that will help you in the short and long-term.
Your Writing Can Help You Get Media Coverage
-          Great writing can get people’s attention
-          Identify a particular chapter to make available for your site
-          Find a few high-quality passages to excerpt
-          Coin a phrase or highlight something odd or unique
-          Invent your own word to explain or express something
-          The specific word choices you make and the level of vocabulary matter
-          The overall writing style and pace of the book are important
How You Talk About What You Wrote Matters
-          Are you the most qualified to write your book? Sound like it
-          Find a way to summarize without the details
-          Get to the heart of why one would read your book
-          Can you compare your work with other known writers?
-          Sell the action, the dilemma, the characters,, the words
-          How do you describe your book in the context of your life?
-          How does it fit into the body of your other writings?
-          Can you genuinely speak with passion, confidence, conviction?
-          You should visualize your press release headline as you write your book
-          You should formulate your 15-second elevator speech about your book before it is written
-          Find a way to succinctly put your book or story into perspective and relevance
-          Express it in a way that serves a need, fulfills a desire, or feeds a want – and sounds interesting in
            the process.
Think Like The News Media
They look for books not only that are well-written, interesting, and new, but where:
-          There is a direct tie-in to their readers or audiences, such as by location, content, theme, or
-          There is news to report or you can tie into things in the news
-          The author is famous or has great credentials
-          The book ties into a movie
-          The book is a best-seller
-          The book is getting buzz through Twitter or YouTube
-          The book is controversial
-          The book has something the journalist, blogger or talk show host can personally relate to
-          The demographics of the media outlet tend to match those of the book’s intended readership
Find a way to reduce your book of 200+ pages into a handful of bullet points and sound bites.
The Media Is
-          Overworked
-          Understaffed
-          Jaded
-          Exposed to too many options to cover
-          Human and has physical, psychological and financial needs
-          Smarter than the average person
-          Drawn to big issues, dynamic personalities, shock, drama, power and fame
-          It is expanding and shrinking, diversifying and fragmenting
Scrutinize Every Aspect and Component of Your Book:
·         How visually appealing is your book?
·         Look at the front and back cover colors, images, design, texture
·         Book title and subtitle
·         Testimonials/Endorsements
·         Foreword, Intro, Preface
·         Price, paper quality, type face, interior design, add-ons/resources like a CD or DVD
·         The book’s timing
·         Who the publisher is
·         Chapter headings and the table of contents
Does Your Book Cover The Topics That Have Popular Followings?
What Is Evergreen? What Is Needed vs. What Is Desired?
·         Sex / Romance
·         Relationships: Parents, Lovers, Siblings, Friends, Enemies
·         Politics (Issues, Policy, Government)
·         Religion (Spirituality)
·         Dogs/Cats (Pets/Animals)
·         Wealth (Money, Retirement, Career, Homes)
·         Gadgets and Technology
·         Kids/Parenting (Education, Family Dynamics)
·         Entertainment/Travel
·         Health (Diet, Disease, Beauty, Youth, Sports)
·         Life/Death
·         War/Peace
·         Natural Disaster
·         Celebrity
·         Ethical Questions
Does Your Book Cover Themes Such As:
·         Loss and grief
·         Romance
·         Second chances
·         Hero/villain
·         Fame
·         Greed
·         The underdog
·         Ability to grow/improve
·         Offering advice: legal, financial, parental, career
·         People need guidance on life and through each phase/stage
Think In Terms of Headlines and Bullet Points
·         What makes your book new, unique, different or funny and entertaining
·         What ties your credentials into what is in the news?
·         Write a book that’s promotable by thinking like a promoter; write for the media – not just the
·         Can you convert a chapter heading into a media story?
What’s The Media Looking For?
·         Drop names, events, places in the book
·         Cover a newsy topic
·         Reveal a thinly veiled truth about someone
·         Make an allegation or accusation
·         Raise a theory and question the status quo
·         Dispute perceived truths
·         Attack or promote certain values
·         Be mysterious
What Helps You Get Media?
·         Socialize or regionalize the book
·         First, media begets media
·         Get buy-ins early to create traction
·         Build buzz by getting early reviews
·         Have the backing of a group
·         Try to ride the coattails of others or be linked by association to big things, people or events
·         Tie into something that is on the calendar – a relevant holiday, an anniversary, an honorary day
·         Think of your life – create a matrix of people, events and experiences and think of how to call
          upon your past – ask for specific favors
·         Exploit personal experience: overcoming addiction, abuse, poverty, loss, disability, arrest
·         Create a resume: don’t lie, but shape it to tell a story = develop your media persona
·         Channel your energy, resources and creativity not just towards your writing, but to your PR
·         Use your gift – your ability to communicate with words and images – to promote your work
·         See PR as a means to an end, just like passing tests leads to a school degree or creating a resume
          leads to a job
·         Shape your image – think of yourself as a business and develop a tagline
·         Set the tone and image of who you are or want to be seen as – by what you say, do, and look like
·         Create your Web site at least 5-6 months prior to your book launch date
·         See your launch date as a coronation – not Day 1. From your launch date, you have 30-90 days to
          make an impression.  
Explore Writing About Powerful Minorities or Niche Groups
·         Hispanics
·         Gays and lesbians
·         Jews
·         Entrepreneurs
·         Intellects
·         Parents of young children
·         Fans of: football, baseball, movies, etc.
·         Ebay users
·         Divorced women
·         Animal Rights advocates/opponents
·         Gun advocates/opponents
You get the idea – there are hundreds of such classes, groups and connections out there that you can tap into.
For Novelists, See:
·         What ideas have not yet been explored
·         What character traits would be unique
·         Think of locations, time periods, historical events to connect to
·         Look for the extreme, the unknown, the emotional triggers, the fantasy
·         Monitor the news
·         Look at an Almanac or Census Data
·         Anticipate trends from your observations, experiences, or conversations
·         Be aware of what the competition writes about
Your Approach Towards The Media Should Be As Follows:
·         Create a press release based on your core message and then expand outward into other areas
·         The opposite of your core message can be commented on as well
·         Forget any sense of fairness: often, the dumbest things get attention.
·         You may need to think on a simpler level in order to generate story ideas that will interest others
·         PR is the opposite of substantive writing – but it is important – it’s the doorway you must enter to
          get to your reader
Explore The Extremes and Weave Them Into Your Book Or Media Pitches
·         Make outrageous statements
·         Unleash wild predictions
·         Raise questions
·         Insert gut-punching humor
·         Express or appeal to emotions: Fear, Anger, Love, Hate
·         Offer a confessional
·         Reveal a truth
·         Offer ways to help people – inspire, inform, enlighten them
·         Play Paul Revere and issue a warning or offer prevention or a solution to some dilemma
As An Author You Are Also A Publicist
-          Determine what you can give away to get what you want
-          Brand beyond the book – brand yourself
-          Promote  to perceptions – appeal to what people believe
-          Promote to assumptions – appeal to how they think
-          Promote to appearances—appeal to what they see
-          Befriend people with big mouths to get early buzz
-          Viral videos – try to do a few but don’t expect a lot
-          Networking – always
-          Issue teasers with blog posts, a short story, or even a prior book
-          Partner with other authors – other writers can help you greatly
Look At How You Are Packaged
Honestly Assess The Following About Yourself
·         Physical Looks
·         Clothes
·         The Persona You Project
·         Sound Of Your Voice
·         Vocabulary Choice
·         Energy Level
Other Factors To Ponder
·         How would your book or life translate into press release speak?
·         Do you have a sponsor – such as an organization or non-profit that is endorsing you?
·         Do you have a co-author or collaborator that brings media savvy and mojo to the book?
·         Do you have someone who can champion you?
What Else Can You Do?
·         Promote your book way before it’s out
·         Do something daily for your book publicity
·         Meet deadlines and work in advance to handle potential setbacks
·         Poll others to test out ideas
·         Anticipate – don’t follow – trends
·         Get used to talking about things in a way that is more hype than substance, more extreme than
          modest, more sensational and not so ordinary
·         Copy what works for others – but only the important traits
·         Get out of your head and step back so you get an honest perspective of your book
·         Don’t let your ego get in the way
·         Coincide your media pitches and efforts with upcoming events, holidays, anniversaries, honorary
          days, and timely news hooks
I Conclude With This:
I know you see yourself as a writer, first and foremost. And you should. But it is not a distinction exclusive of being other things. You are also a promoter.
Try the hat on, and get comfortable with it.  
There is nothing more rewarding than writing a great book than to have a lot of readers and media attention. By actively promoting your work, you position yourself to break through the clutter and to be heard.
Written by Brian Feinblum

We wish you well in your journey.

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Often there are many acquaintances and family members that don't know our struggle. Some have given advice that fits their life but would not resolve our issues or assist our needs. There are those who are guilty, for they have compounded our lives with their problems and increased our stress, purposely. Often we want to say something but find it won't change a thing. We seek a break.........

Janet Robinson is a character facing crossroads in her life. She needs a break. Her use of prescribed medication has landed her in the hospital and her circumstances have now mounted.

Read the novel, you may recognize a story that touches those you love....... finding internal strengths is the path to healing......


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Please & Thank You Go A Long Way!

Having manners and respect for yourself and others is something that people should not have to be reminded of.
It is just basic common sense, yet very often, is completely void in society.
Children learn their behaviors from adults, so if a parent doesn't demonstrate good manners and respect, the chances are that their offspring will not either.
However, that's not to say that other outside influences and stimuli cannot cause one to adapt to society's norms and, in turn, develop a good sense of self-esteem and self-confidence, which can be passed onto even more people, thus tipping the scales to the correct and accepted everyday behavior we should all take part in and expect.
Ask yourself if you ever "poured it on" by saying please before asking for something you wanted, and perhaps even thank you, after you succeeded, but only did so because you knew it would help your cause.
Now think how much better, and ultimately easier it would be to simply incorporate please and thank you into your everyday normal vocabulary, rather than needing to bring it out of storage only when it benefited you.
It would not only make your life a great deal easier and provide you with a good sense of self-worth, but it very possibly could also lead to a domino effect, thereby making those around you better people as well!
There is too much complaining and blaming of our problems on others these days, so why not get back to basics and start with proper manners and etiquette in order to get the ball rolling towards making our society a finer and more friendlier one!
Thank you for reading!
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Introducing Author Maynard Sims


 Supernatural novels, Shelter, Demon Eyes, Nightmare City, and the three Department 18 books ( Black Cathedral, Night Souls, and The Eighth Witch, have been published mass market and eBook in the USA. Samhain have published a further standalone supernatural novel, Stronghold, in 2013, and the fourth Department 18 book, A Plague Of Echoes, is for 2014. Their first four novels have been purchased by Amazon Publishing. They have completed a standalone ghost story, Stillwater, and are working on Department 18 book 5.

 Thrillers include an adventure thriller, Dark Of The Sun, which is a 2013 publication and has its own website . Falling Apart At The Edges, a crime thriller, Through The Sad Heart, an action thriller, Let Death Begin, a mystery thriller, are completed, and they are working on the Dark Of The Sun sequel.  

 They have written screenplays based on the first two Department 18 books, The Eighth Witch, and some of their ghost stories. They have just completed an original, commissioned screenplay. They are working on a commissioned mainstream story.

 Collections include, Shadows At Midnight, 1979 and 1999 (revised and enlarged), Echoes Of Darkness, 2000, Incantations, 2002, two retrospective collections of their stories, essays and interviews, The Secret Geography Of Nightmare and Selling Dark Miracles, both 2002, Falling Into Heaven in 2004, The Odd Ghosts, 2011, and Flame And Other Enigmatic Tales, and A Haunting Of Ghosts, both 2012.  

 Novellas, Moths, The Hidden Language Of Demons, The Seminar, and Double Act, have been published in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2007 respectively. His Other Son, a novella, is completed.

 Numerous stories have been published in a variety of anthologies and magazines, including the Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, the anthology, Strange Tales, which won the World Fantasy Award 2004 and the Del Rey anthology, The Children Of Cthulhu.

 They worked as editors on the first seven volumes of Darkness Rising, and the two annual Darkness Rising anthologies. They co-edited and published F20 with The British Fantasy Society. As editors/publishers they ran Enigmatic Press in the UK, which produced Enigmatic Tales, and its sister titles. They wrote essays for the Mark Chadbourn website At The World’s End.

 Email contact can be made at or

3 Cutlers Close, St Michaels Mead, Bishops Stortford, Herts, CM23 4FW, England 

FaceBook as Maynard Sims.

LinkedIn under Maynard Sims

Twitter on @micksims

Google+ as Maynard Sims           

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the day my life changed

August 8 2013

Today is the 30th anniversary of my dear dad dying. It might have been yesterday. I was working in Debden in Essex and played tennis after work with colleagues. Late home my wife of the time was waiting up to give me the news. I rushed round to see mum to learn dad had suffered a heart attack but was okay. When I saw him in Chase Farm Enfield he looked fit and well. He'd just been to Spain on holiday and he was tanned and as bright and chirpy as ever. Then as the days progressed he caught pleurisy. The damage to his heart was too much and at 2 a.m. one night I got the call to come up. Took mum and we passed a hospital bed in a corridor where someone was being given the electro treatment to shock the heart back into life. I realised later it was my dad but it didn't work. a very kindly doctor explained he had gone. "He was a good man" was all mum could say and we were gone. I phoned my brother and he came over and we grieved that awful initial sorrow when it is too early to know exactly what has happened but you know all too well that life will never be the same again.

It certainly changed me. My marriage ended. Eventually I met Clare. I moved back in with mum who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. She died in 1996 aged 71 but had gone many years before that. I think about them both every day. Dad comes to me as a blackbird and I talk to him. Mum is the reliable but less colourful female partner. It changed my outlook on life. My dad was 59, younger than I am now. He fought in the war in Burma and contracted malaria, and I saw the awful attacks that brought on. He smoked, as many of his generation did and he was premature in the 1920's when care wasn't what it is today. My outlook changed. I did my day job professionally but I did not live for my job. When I retired in 2011 it was easy as I never labelled myself as my job, my work didn't consume me. You can't change your character and I never became carefree or live for the moment, and I still shunned parties and social gatherings where I could. But I took time for the important things in life.

Today was a sad day but life moves on. I saw my brother as we tidied the crem. I helped my daughter with some bits in her newly rented house as she starts independent life outside the family home. I saw my granddaughter who is fantastic. I have my wife's 50th celebrations this weekend, starting Friday. I saw Len yesterday.  Life is good.

I sold a story to Trevor Denyer. Stronghold is out from Samhain. I have a meeting with a film maker who wants me to write a script with him. Len is working on a follow up to Dark Of The Sun. We have other projects in the bubbling melting pot. Some will be joint but some will be individual. Life is good.

Value your dad, and your mum. I have so many small regrets when I was less than perfectly behaved towards them, and once they've gone it's too late.

Mick Sims August 8 2013

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Something different from all you had read till now

Something different from all you had read till now. I am sure, THE POWER OF LABELS  will bring you insights about your own life. The book is for all ages and almost all situations where someone slaps us label. In each chapter, some of you will recognize yourself  and will say "It seems to be written for me". I suggest some simple exercises and tips for dealing with labeling. At the very least, the book will make you think about how you interact with others and how you allow them to treat you.
My first book in english language is now available in AMAZON10916211886?profile=original


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st decatur st.

An insistent summer sun seemed grubby and illicit, pooling hotly on Nell’s stained miniskirt. Someone peering in through the heavily smudged windows of the tiny car could have mistaken her for one huge elaborate stain, or a pile of richly colored fabrics left sprawled on the seat in the sun. She managed to both slump disconsolately and twist her petite frame in knots at once, tapping a dirty-soled foot against the dashboard in that age-old rhythm of barely contained impatience. She’d already burned out all of the frays in her skirt, drawn pictures in the window dust and colored the tips of her lighters with a sharpie, and it was still too early to check her phone again. So instead she picked absently at the oddly radiant grime caked beneath her fingernails - a combination of stale glitter glued in by old acrylic paint and layers of general muck. The picking didn’t really do much, besides move said muck from nail to nail, actually - but for about a millisecond it kept her from going insane. Maybe even a whole second, if you counted the time it took for her to be pissed off that shiny nail detritus was the most complex distraction she could handle.

Meanwhile, the humidity was rising to dangerously infernal proportions. The solid inch of flaking rust and freshly mildewed upholstery weren’t improving matters any, so there was a constant sneeze-y edge to her breathing. Nell could feel her skin opening up moistly, like old wet leather or a pouch of stale tobacco imbibed with vitality by means of an apple slice. The thick soup that passed for air was suffocating. Everything was suffocating. The scent of azaleas and honeysuckle should have been pleasant, but instead every breath was acrid and smelled faintly burnt. Suggestible as ever, her fingers twitched reflexively in the direction of her cigarette case and she attempted a token resistance to impulse before giving in. The metal was smooth and cool, and she closed her eyes for a moment to savor the sensation before releasing the catch mechanism with practiced ease. The result was not overly encouraging:

Two pristine Camel Filters, half of a Kool she’d bummed from that kid on Decatur last night, a torn rolling paper that had gotten damp at some point and what appeared to be the tattered remains of a little girl’s hair ornament.

Truly, an embarrassment of riches… A wry smile played at the corners of her mouth before twisting into a grimace of pain. She could feel her body starting to tense, mind flickering between amusement and despair. Her breath caught fast somewhere in her chest, until she was wheezing in time with the stuttering staccato of her heartbeat, a hideous grin forcing itself out and birthing a desperate kind of laughter. It wasn’t funny, really it wasn’t, but now she can’t stop laughing, hysteria warring with the lump lodged in her already raw throat. Clearly, a cigarette was preferable to the sudden clarity of coherence, so Nell extracted the nub of a menthol to ignite. Shit. Her hands shook slightly as she fumbled with her lighter. The fog had been receding since her last shot, her self-imposed state of profound delirium giving ground to a cold and absolute awareness.
So, chain-smoking. Meditating on how the thin papery tube felt on calloused finger pads and the way nicotine made her lips sting ever so slightly - until the ritual of smoke and no thought eased her back into a more customary level of abject anxiety. “3:45”, was all her smug phone had to say on the matter. Time was clearly coming to a complete halt and no one gave a fuck, so just smoke and stare at the rearview mirror without really seeing anything at all.

She noted disinterestedly that her hair had started to dread again. Habitually bleached it into a sullen, straw-like submission and dyed whimsical colors, it was currently a blue/green cloud of tangles that might have been curls in a previous life. It was getting uncomfortably long for summer in New Orleans, tickling her sunken collarbones uncomfortably when she couldn’t help but squirm in a neurotically awkward parody of patience.

She flipped open her cheap plastic phone for the umpteenth time and checked the clock. 3:47. Nine whole minutes since she’d called him, which meant she had least eleven more nauseating minutes to murder before she could try Disaster’s phone again. IF she didn’t want to just blow her wad now, and gamble that he was for real “on his way”, which she was utterly unable to anticipate or calculate. A faint taste of copper flooded her mouth, a worrying signal of how long she’d been gnawing on her own cracked bottom lip in frustrated “strategy” - as though any mother fucking thing wasn’t equally as likely with that crusty fucking loser - no telling exactly how long her eyes had been fixed vaguely on the ugly burn mark right above a rapidly-fading carebears sticker on her dashboard. Her piece of shit Geo-Metro must litter literally hundreds of orphaned stickers each sticky summer, throwing a kind of dada-ist spin on her usual trail of glitter, more glitter, and the lingering scent of strong patchouli laced liberally with jasmine. Nell thought that the jasmine tended to soften the other, lending a sinuously ethereal note to balance the musky oil. Less hippy, more gypsy - and god FUCKING damn it, where the FUCK was Disaster? Wrist flick, screen unlocked: 3:51.

New Orleans in July was hell, for sure, and her dope man was late again.



And…bitch buttoned. Again. Nell’s poignantly hot little broken smile was really starting to get to him. The bitch had been blowing his phone up all day, his iPhone‘s lock screen displaying “sad fucking junky face” for hours now. Hours upon hours.

The self-styled gutter punk known as ‘Disaster’ gritted his teeth and barely managed to suppress a wild urge to break his phone, while also managing not to fuck up the meticulous operation he’d been engaged in when she’d called. Again. Long, delicate fingers carefully scooped each dose of heroin onto his scale, then neatly into tiny baggies. They, in turn, entered the convoluted realm of pockets and nooks that was his military coat. Vintage, great stuff - which he’d patched to shit, of course, and then worn through ten years of drug deals, riots and rainbow gatherings. It not only had pedigree, it had enough pockets that most, check it, most cops actually gave up before checking it thoroughly. Or even getting anywhere near where Disaster stashed the good shit.


Fuck! Disaster secreted the rest of his drugs into The Coat, and took a deep breath. Fuck, he’s told her time and time again: if he doesn’t answer? Well, then - He. Is. Out. Of. Shit. Or re-upping, or with the fucking cops! No, he didn’t like torturing sad little drug addicts. The urge to break something, possibly her, flared again, but passed quicker this time. It helped that he had less of a temper than he generally liked his customers to assume. Sure, he was tall and weird and strong and loved NIN and mindless destruction as an abstract concept, but frankly? He disliked having to fuck people up personally, especially since there were so many eager little street kids in NOLA, all acne and dirty hoodies with pockets full of smilies and paraphernalia. They all wanted to be on the For Real Dealer fastrack program and were willing to spill a little blood in the pursuit of that dream. How american! How patriotic, really, so who was he to deny them? And less actual head-breaking he had to do.

Either way, he didn’t want to feel violent towards the chick at all. Fuck, he liked Nell. Honestly, he actually did, not like most of the pathetic fuckers he took money from. In fact, he really, really liked her - enough that he hadn’t beaten her to death with that stupid fucking violin case she thought was so fucking clever instead of a purse. Well, and it was clever. Clever and weird and intricately detailed - she’d spent an entire 48-hour period of dope sickness hand-painting a network of vein-like ribbons in a myriad of volatile colors, neatly interspersed with odd bits of old welsh poetry. OK, it was gorgeous, gorgeous and unique in a way that sucked poor saps in with its’ unbidden intimacy. Nell sucked in interest and esteem and love in like an imploding star, and occasionally she even managed to radiate that same love and light so intensely that her brief moments of glory could somehow outweigh all traces of the miasma she usually swam in.

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