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So I wanted to start the blog off with one of my favorite stories, and I know this is a good story because when you get arrested and are sitting in what they call the Fish Tank. All of the recently arrested offenders share the stories from their various adventures, and this story always gets good acclaim from my fellow inmates.The story starts with me hanging out late night in my friends bicycle shop in Temecula, California. It is around 2am I have been ingesting all types of narcotics throughout the night and to be honest am worn out. I am recently off an arrest and say to myself that it is about time to go home. I am a few miles from my house and don't have a ride and one of the kids hanging out at the bike shop offers to give me a ride. It is important to note at this time that I don't know this other guy, to this day I can not remember his name even and that is an important piece of information later in the story.So I except the offer for a ride to my house and we both pack up and walk out the bike shop and go to his green chevy s-10. He unlocks the doors I get into the passenger seat and hold my backpack on my lap. He walks around to the driver side of the car, opens the door and as he opens the door in front of us pulls up a cop car and the officer shines his spotlight on the car. I think to myself we are fucked but realize I have done nothing wrong I am just out late high out of my mind, really nothing that will get me locked up so I am not tripping too much.What happens next still blows my mind and is both one of the scariest and funniest things that has ever happened in my many adventures. As the cop shines the spotlight at us and says over his speaker for us to exit the vehicle, the driver who I don't know his name and I had just met earlier in the evening looks directly at the cop and yells, "Fuck you Mother Fucker." He then precedes to hop into the s-10, start the truck, slam the driver door and throw the car into reverse. Please note this is a stick shift car and we are facing the cop car in a very narrow ally. The driver slams the car in reverse and then slams it into first and peels out of the strip mall where the bike shop was located.Now this might sound pretty cool when you are hearing it but I am just about shitting myself at this time. I am not a runner, I have never ran on foot from the cops, nor in a vehicle in the numerous occasions when I have been arrested so this is very much new to me and to be honest I didn't enjoy it much.We are barreling down the main street in Temecula which is not a very large town going about 80 on a 35 mile per hour street. We are running red lights and I look behind us and the cop is very close behind and you can see the look in his face just as I am sure mine was a look of disbelief that this was actually happening. I would find it hard to believe that this cop in Temecula had ever been in a high speed chase, and I find it equally hard to believe that I am in one myself.We continue to drive for approximately 10 minutes going down the main road of the city, ignoring all other vehicles which where not that many and all traffic lights.I am freaking out to be honest, yelling at the driver what the hell is he doing, why is he running, what is he going to do next. I am trying to get any information from him and I get absolutely nothing he ignored me like I wasn't there, so after trying to get a response out of him for 5 to 10 minutes I decide I am fucked am going to prison and to just sit back and enjoy the ride.Finally we end up at the car dealership road directly adjacent to the freeway and the driver finally ends this fucked up drive by running the s-10 up a small embankment next to the I-15 freeway. He immediately jumps out of the truck, jumps over the fence and starts booking it. Like I said earlier I am not much of a runner, I am a pretty good size guy, for sure not going to make it far so I get out of the truck right as the police officer is pulling up on us. He immediately yells, "Get the Fuck on the Ground." I promptly comply with his request and within less then a few seconds I have a Riverside County cop mounted on my back and I have his glock pushed up against my skull.This in itself is pretty darn scary to be honest but what makes it a million times worse is that I notice this cops hands are shaking an extreme amount. To be honest this is not the first time I have had a cop point his piece at my head, but for sure this is the first time that the officer doing the pointing was probably as nervous and scared as I was, he was literally shaking like a little girl, all while screaming at me, "Move and I will blow your head off." So definitely one of the scarier moments in my life and for one of the few times I had not even done anything wrong. I had just got into the wrong vehicle at the way wrong time.So to move the story along the cop is sitting on my back with his glock to my head screaming various things at me while we wait for backup, which took what seamed like as long as the initial high speed chase, but that was probably because I was thinking the whole time that this rookie ass cop is going to blow my head off because he is more nervous then I am. So I lay on the ground with my hands on my head for what seams like eternity until backup arrives and then finally the rookie cop gets off my back and takes his knee from the back up my neck, and they cuff me. Please note that I never ran I got directly out of the vehicle and went to the ground but because I am such a danger they do not just cuff me the normal well they proceed to ho tie me with two sets of handcuffs and then lay me in the backseat of a cop car. Being just regular handcuffed hurts like a bitch but being 250 pounds, six foot tall and hogtied just plain blows and I had to sit or whatever you would call it in the back of the cop car for over an hour while they try and locate the driver.So I am hogtied in the back of a cop car and by this time there is the entire Temecula police force at the scene and they are freaking out as cops often do. They continue to question me asking me what I had to do with the incident, who the driver was, why I was in the car the normal shit. Problem being I have no good answers at all to their questions and I soon find out why the driver ran in the first place when they finally un-hog-tie me and site me up in the back of the cop car I can see the green s-10 out the window and around the car I see hundreds of little baggies filled with what appears to be meth and thousands of bills ranging in denominations from 1 to 100 all over the scene. I quickly thing to myself fuck I am going to prison forever. Also the cops are telling me that I am going to go down for all of this since I was in the vehicle and since I would not give them the name of the driver which even if I knew his name I would never tell them, I have never been someone who rats, even on a stranger.So I continue to tell the officers I have no idea who the driver is, and the continue to tell me I am going to prison forever, and this goes on for at least an hour.Finally the story gets even more interesting and I prove that not only is there a God but also that Karma is very much real and alive. As I am sitting in the back of the cop car I start to hear someone screaming at the top of their lungs. At first I can not make out what this person is saying I assume it is some ass hole cop yelling some bullshit but after another minute it starts to get louder and more clear and I hear that the person is yelling "Let the Kid Go", "Let the Kid Go", Let the Kid Go". I can not believe what I am hearing and to be honest the cops don't either they are looking at me, and then looking at the new person to the scene that is arriving in the back of another cop car.They had caught the driver 3 miles up the freeway he had booked it way farther then they could have expected running along the I-15 freeway in the middle of the night.To my relief though they did catch him, and even though he didn't know my name or anything about me he knew that I had just gotten in his car for a ride home and wasn't about to screw up my entire life. He told the cops the exact same story I had told them and it was very apparent that they where shocked that I had told the actual truth the entire time.After a ton more paperwork and sitting in the back of the cop car across from the driver finally an officer opened my door and told me that this was my lucky day. He then got in the front of the cop car, asked me where I lived and drove me to my house.When we got to my house and he let me out of the back of the squad car, undid my handcuffs he then told me, "You are one lucky Son of a Bitch, and that I need to choose my friends more carefully." For the first time in my life I couldn't have agreed with the cop more.I spent the next week of my life not even leaving my room, I couldn't believe how close I came to going to prison for someone else's shit, and how I was in a high speed chase that even made the papers a day later.
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The Power of KInstantDashboard

The KinstantDashboard is a powerful online tool that every writer / publisher need to acquire. It is a web application that can instantly promote your book to thousands of readers every time it is used. This web server was developed by Rachal Rofe, a U.C Berkeley graduate, with degrees in English Literature and Software Engineering. No need for me to explain further, you can watch this powerful application in action from this video.

I have acquired an account for the Indie Writers Support network, and I will be adding all of our V.I.P Members to the KInstantDashboard settings, starting tonight. To see a full list of our V.I.P members, go to; there books are largely display in the middle of the webpage. Their books will also be advertised, as full header displays, on our FACEBOOK GROUP (Amazon Book Clubs) that receives thousands of daily book-minded visitors.

KINSTANTDASHBOARD and the FACEBOOK HEADER DISPLAYS are the newest editions made to the V.I.P services. Learn everything that comes with this exclusive membership at;

This KInstantDashboard service is not limited to the V.I.P members only, but it will cost $5 for any other author to apply to be included in its daily promotions. Apply at;

Members of our V.I.P club have, and will continue to receive the full support of the I.W.S. network.

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ANDROID: MARS ~ Draft Extract (Coming 2015)


Deroid’s menacing voice boomed across the Star Stormer hanger. “Unless you’ve decided to stop for lunch, I suggest you board the stealth ship, now!”
The CCSC cyborg had materialised in front of them, his face and skin suit splattered with Periss-3, holding the head of a sytoid by its scalp. Deroid had managed to kill yet another of the Synth/Bio monstrosities.
And it had felt good, so very good.
He could have rescued Eirini and escaped with her from this pitiful rock but that would have meant the deaths of Piap, Marcio, Calibra and Forster.
The sytoids had spared their lives because he’d allowed Eirini to be taken. Besides, his ethical inhibitor had prevented him from sacrificing them, deducing that his overall mission parameters would be hampered if they were lost this early into the mission objectives.
By allowing Eirini to be taken by the sytoids, Deroid knew that he had not only kept them all alive but Eirini would lead them directly to Bacvor. And he wanted to kill Bacvor more than anything. While Bacvor screamed for his life he would rip his beating heart from his chest before stuffing the organ into Bacvor’s mouth, to choke on it with his last dying breaths.
“They’re coming!” he screeched hideously, tossing the head of the sytoid over their heads. “Faction commandos will be flooding the hanger in just a few seconds. Go now!”
A moment later the hanger portal behind Deroid swirled ominously and opened, followed by a black tide of combat suited figures who hurtled into the hanger with their power suits on maximum, an array of pulse weaponry on display.
Deroid watched as Piap, Marcio, Calibra and Forster sprinted for the Gracious Lady.
About fucking time, the cyborg thought, amused.
The Faction commandos opened fire with rifles, carbines and darts but Deroid was ready for them. He’d already created a powerful elliptical force field that extended just beyond the range of the ECDS Special Operations stealth ship, Gracious Lady. The maelstrom of particle beam fire and pulse darts instantaneously slammed into the force field in another dazzling display of colour.
Deroid roared with insane laughter as he watched the portal open on the stealth ship to quickly swallow up Piap, Marcio, Calibra and Forster. Deroid did not miss Marcio’s wave of gratitude before she vanished through the portal. He doubted the gesture’s sincerity.
His laughter finally subdued.
“Oh, this is going to be so much fun!” he thundered, raising his giant fists into the air while the force field prevented his obliteration.
He watched as the Gracious Lady gently lifted from the hanger bay floor and, with a bright pulse of blue light from the rear of the ship, was gone.
Deroid slowly turned to face the Faction commandos, the barrage of weapons fire now fully focused on him. It was like a tornado, a whirlpool of plasma in front of his eyes, threatening to swallow him up.
It was draining his skin suit’s power supply and limiting his ability to return fire.
He grinned defiantly.
He wasn’t worried.
The Faction commandos were all going to die.


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10916215067?profile=originalComing across a masterpiece at a flea market always promises to change one’s life. Rags Daniels delivers on such an experience with his multi-layered gem, Lallapaloosa. In this swirling tour de force, the author paints a complex canvas. Starting with the title, the mood of Catch 22, a modern classic,  permeates the novel, Lallapaloosa.

Readers venture well into the book before getting down to the nitty-gritty of the title’s significance, reminiscent of the way Joseph Heller portrayed the futility of war in the words of an old woman in Catch 22. You’ll have to read it yourself to come to your own understanding. On a deeper level, Daniels successfully evokes a myth as profound as the river Styx and the boatman, Charron.

The ambiance created by the author’s choice of a stoic Amerindian to mentor his own modern-day Charron in the person of the protagonist, Ray Kinsella harkens back to Carlos Castenada of 70s pop philosophy fame. Don’t be surprised when the story goes one step deeper into myth and philosophy.

 Attempting to draw connections to ancient myth, requires deftness and talent to match the great writers of ancient and modern literature. To do it inside the strictures of a simple modern genre similar to the Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammet demands unparalleled ability.

In this case, a British mercenary, a la Sam Spade,  romps through Latin America re-writing most of the iconic history of Che Guevara’s death. Without spoiling any more of the story, Daniel’s book rewards the reader at almost every level. Snappy dialogue, believable characters, a novel story and surprising references to literature and social history fill the bill for a great read. To add the icing to the proverbial cake, the author could use the support of buying his book as he is fighting to stop his own appointment with destiny.  Ask all of your friends to buy this book to help the author pay his medical bills.

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How to add your book to Readers Books

How to upload your book to I.W.S.

If you are looking to generate more visibility for your book, you may also add the book cover to for the thousands of book lovers that visits everyday.

If you are willing to upload your book cover onto the website, make sure that it is sized at 200 width & 250 height. If you need help re-sizing your book cover, go to and click on the 'image' menu to edit the size.
After your book cover is correctly formatted to the 200x250 px and saved on your computer, then you may go here  to add your book according to its category. Go to this website to watch the instructional video;

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SD (Secure Digital) memory cards have changed the way it is stored and shared. These are small memory

storage devices that are used with a range of host devices such as PDAs, game consoles, digital

cameras, camcorders, etc.. A user can save pictures, audio and video in various formats. An SD card

compatible device plays music, video clips and movies without a drive mechanism. Other forms of SD

cards are known as SDHC, Mini SD Card, Micro SD. Like other flash memory devices, these cards are

also vulnerable to problems. A corrupt SD card does not allow a user to access any stored in the same

file. Therefore, to make the card reusable, you have to format and retrieve the data using an memory card recovery utility from.
As a practical case, the SD card connects to your computer via a card reader. After copying the files

to your computer, you take the discount card while its contents are still open on the computer. Now

when the new card is inserted into the host device, the following message catches your eye:
"A memory card has been inserted that contains errors. To correct the errors please use a disk

utility error checking on a computer."
The above message indicates that the card is damaged. Since the card is damaged, you can not reuse it

unless you fix it.
The SD card is damaged due to the interruption (in read / write process) caused by removing the card

while its contents were open on the computer.
The problem with the memory card can be resolved by running 'chkdsk' on your machine by following

some simple steps below:
1.Plug your card to your machine
2.Open "My Computer" and click the removable disk icon
'3 Properties. Click 'then click on' Tools'
click 4.Under 'Error Checking', 'Search Now'
5.A dialog box appears, select the "Automatically fix file system errors' and click 'Start'
If the above steps the problem is not solved with the SD card, so the only option left is to format

the SD card. If a backup is available, no need to worry about data loss. However, the use of an SD

card recovery free software is highly recommended to retrieve the contents before using the card again to

store content.
Photo Recovery is a best recovery of SD card trusted application that recover lost photos,
deleted photos, audio and video formats from most memory cards available on the market, including

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Windows and Mac.
Free sd card recovery software is also the best reliable and powerful photo recovery, it able to restore photos easily.

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