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Amazon Cyber Monday Sales

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Introducing Amazon Advertising

Imagine your books displaying next to New York Times bestselling books on, instantly recommending them to hordes of readers during their book searches. It is possible, with amazon-advertising. The following image below was extracted and cropped from an amazon page, and can be fully viewed online at


Amazon Advertising lets you reach shoppers who are ready to buy

Whether you’re selling just one product or are an established Amazon seller, advertising on Amazon can get your products noticed when customers are shopping for similar items.

  • Only pay when someone clicks your ad. You’re not charged until a shopper clicks your ad – in other words, when your advertising is working.
  • Optimize your ad performance. Once you’ve started a campaign you can try new keywords, adjust your budgets, and pause or restart at any time.
  • Monitor your success. End-to-end metrics help you fine tune your ads to maximize sales and reach new customers.

This service is open to everyone willing to apply at,

Sign into your account at And then submit your books to us at

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