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Our mission at Indie Writers Support is to expose talented writers, either self-published to not, to a mass of book readers. To upgrade your account go to 

As of May 2016, Indie Writers Support has become a donation functioning media, meaning that you would have to make a monthly, or permanent donation in order to fully access all of our networking features, including the newly added ones. While our website is still viewable, some of the internal features have been restricted to paid-subscription only.

We have created many GATEWAYS for Indie authors to promote and showcase their books online and offline, through the usage of many networking programs like K-Dashboard (accessible by permanent members only), Publishing Connections (now added alongside your profile), Desktop MarketingFacebook Advertising, and many others that'd be reveal in the upcoming weeks. All of these services, along with your review sites and web-pages would be automatically promoted to new readers everyday via our networking algorithms once you have upgraded your Indie Writers Support account. 

Permanent members would have the pleasure of having their very own profile page remodel by our developers, to their full satisfaction

In our upcoming tutorialsThe Bestseller's Training Courses - we will teach you how to dominate the book business by unraveling (and demonstrating) the proper usage of the resourceful subjects listed below, and much more. We have acquired the help of many experts for this yearlong courses.

  1. Using Stripe & Twitter integration to become a POD publisher / author.
  2. LinkedIn Marketing for Authors.
  3. Maximizing your Kirkus Review.
  4. Literary Agents, who they are, and their contacts.
  5. IndieBound to the rescue - getting your books shelved in bookshops nationwide.
  6. Crowdsourcing - organizing a successful book-signing event.
  7. Createspace vs. IngramSpark vs. NookPress, which is best at what.
  8. Understanding the basics of Metadata, for publishers, and Indie authors.
  9. Auctioning your autographed books, the best way.
  10. Creating sampling pages for readers, the best methods.
  11. Twitter and tweeting to increase book revenues and author's exposure.
  12. How to create your audiobooks, and the best markets for them.
  13. Harnessing the power of Google+ media for authors.
  14. The many tricks of SEO boasting for authors.
  15. Styling the story's overview on your Amazon book-page, used by NYT bestsellers.
  16. BISAC Codes; what authors and publishers need to know.
  17. Using Goodreads media to attract daily readers.
  18. Pinterest best use for authors.
  19. Arranging a book-reading appearance at your local library, how to.
  20. Podcasting, finding your airwave audiences, best methods
  21. The many facets of Amazon, and their functions for writers.
  • and much more. A total of 279 courses. Starting next week.

These subjects would be exclusively accessible by Upgraded Members only. To partaken, all you'll have to do is login.

To find out what category of membership you currently belong to, check out the list below.

The Tier Categories of Indie Writers Support membership 

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  • Tier #2 - Monthly Membership: Ability to login, post discussions, publish blogs, form groups, edit your profile, schedule public events, make friends, chat etc. Plus full abilities of Tier #1.


  • Tier #3 - Premium Membership: Full enrollment to receive PDF tutorial documents, writing software, editing software, marketing software, video software, graphic design software, article distribution software, social media advertising software, pinging & indexing software, publishing software etc. Must also be a Tier #2 member.




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If there’s one thing readers love it’s extra reading apps on their iOS and Android devices. A few years ago there were about a dozen – apps for long-form writing, apps for books, apps that let publishers monetize (not really) ...

Self-publishing may be the way to go.

The Tribune Publishing Co. says it has rejected Gannett's more than $388 million bid to buy the business.

The Supreme Court's recent decision to deny review of the Authors Guild v. Google, Inc. ruling was a blow not just to the suit's plaintiffs in the book industry but to all of us in the business of writing and publishing content. Here's why: The low...

LinkedIn isn’t your run-of-the-mill social network. Whereas on the Facebooks and Twitters of the world you’re more likely to come across cat GIFs and hate-filled political screeds, LinkedIn has always focused squarely on creating an atmosphere wh...

 More changes at publishing platform Medium: Evan Hansen, who’s been overseeing the company’s editorial strategy, is departing. Hansen joined Medium three years ago. (He was previously editor in chief at His role has bee...

We've been to the South Dakota Festival of Books twice so far, and we have now discovered two amazing writers who came to the festival without a book deal. Both now have books about to come out. Our conclusion is that there are lots of great writers ...

A new math journal challenges the traditional publishing model. Will others follow?

The Kindle Oasis features a super-thin design, a bright screen, and a very high price tag

I had the great honor of keynoting the Story Circle Network Conference in Austin earlier this month, which gave me a unique opportunity to speak about book publishing in front of a women-only audience. It's not that I've shied away in the past from s...

Marketers have a complicated time of it. They have to combine user generated content with branded content in a way that doesn’t leave the brand looking utterly foolish. StoryStream has a platform for figuring this out, and has now raised a $2.6...

Company pays authors based on how much of their books have been read, but fraudsters are taking advantage - and it’s not Amazon that suffersAuthors are earning less from Amazon’s new pay-per-page model than they should be, thanks to a rash of sca...

Top-end e-reader is a cut above the rest, rethinking the Kindle design and experience, cutting 20% weight and costing a pretty penny in the processAmazon’s latest high-end Kindle breaks with the mould of the basic e-reading experience to become a l...

I took a long time to get on board with the whole Kindle thing but once I did, I was all in. Yet I love my neighborhood bookstore (they serve wine!) and I try to patronize them as much as possible. It only recently occurred to me, as I sat there re...

Gannett made the offer directly to Tribune Publishing’s shareholders, saying the publisher was unwilling to engage in discussions about a takeover.

By Allison Tyler | Off the Shelf It's been 400 years since William Shakespeare shuffled off his mortal coil on April 23, 1616. To honor the Bard of Avon, we've compiled a list of some of the greatest novels influenced by his vast endowment of words....

NEW YORK (AP) — Newspaper publisher Gannett said Monday that it wants to buy rival Tribune Publishing for more than $388 million, in a deal that would give the owner of USA Today control of the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and several oth...

Cross-posted from The Guardian. In recent years, African writers have gained prominence on the world stage; some have won prestigious prizes, while others have signed lucrative book deals and sold to multiple markets. However, Africans are not promi...


India’s got a new publisher in town. It’s name is Juggernaut, a word the dictionary defines as an “large, powerful force” - a word hailing from Jaganath, the Hindu god Vishnu, considered the powerful “Lord of the Universe”. And with that ...

Acer hit the stage a small event in the shadow of Manhattan’s One World Trade to show off some notebooks, notebooks and also some notebooks. Oh, and one more thing: notebooks, notebooks, and notebooks (also there were some notebooks). The...

A Supreme Court order issued today closes the book on (or perhaps merely ends this chapter of) more than a decade of legal warfare between Google and the Authors Guild over the legality of the former’s scanning without permission of milli...

Publishing, whether we are paid for it or not, is always an act of sharing. I have a story, and I'd like to share it with other people. It is not accurate to say I am giving the story away. It is not as if the story is a single copy of a book and I a...

Your guide to Amazon's diverse e-reader lineup

The Kindle Voyage is Amazon's lightest and thinnest e-reader ever.

True to earlier reports, Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is the smallest and lightest Kindle yet and comes with a handle for gripping. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos teased an “all-new, top of the line” Kindle last week and Chinese site Tmal...

This Post originally appeared on the blog ScreenCraft. ScreenCraft is dedicated to helping screenwriters and filmmakers succeed through educational events, screenwriting competitions and the annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship program, conn...

Becoming an author is a long and wending road for many. It's challenging just to write a book -- for reasons of time constraints, raging inner critics, the act of learning craft. The journey to publication is a whole other struggle, often accompanied...

Have you ever Googled "tips to freelance"? You'll receive a slew of search results that jump from topic to topic, and contradict themselves. I've found this to be a huge dilemma while trying to kickstart my own freelance efforts doing product desig...

The movie ends, the credits scroll through and finally -- after a captivating two hours, it says "Adapted from the book, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green." "Am I going to watch that say Katie Kiaunis one day?" my dad asks, knowing how badly I wa...

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   10916223480?profile=originalSometimes, I put myself in the psyche of a reader who scrolls over the book list on the Amazon website or stroll down the Barnes & Nobles’ bookstore isle. What makes the reader click and purchase your book on a website or pull a copy down of your novel from the bookshelf?

            I ask myself, “Why should you really read my books?”

I want to develop a great yarn in my novels. My books are filled with hopes, dreams, challenges and fears that make us human. That is my philosophy in crafting novels.

           I knew when growing up I would be a writer.  From an early age in Winder, I was a dreamer, walking down the dusty red clay dirt roads of the Bush Chapel section, of this small Northeast Georgia town, while watching the cars motor on the Hog Mountain Road.
        Every evening I heard the whistle of the Southern Railroad trains passing through Winder creating a nagging longing to know the destinations of the trains.

One day, when I moved to New York City travelling on one of those trains called the Silver Comet, I would see the world outside of this small southern town. It’s been a journey that I’ve told in newspaper articles and now as a published author.

 Here are reasons why you should really read my books.

  1. 1.      Writing from the heart and Personal Growth!

       There are so many rewarding challenges in writing a book. By expanding your philosophy and sharing it with others, you’ll find inevitable growth. You will learn so much more about yourself and others you will want to write another book while you are completing the first one!

        We write not just to change the world, but to create a new world. This is a perspective I share in my body of written works. I develop new ways of seeing the world and how our experiences shapes us mentally. Some people run and exercise, some people play sports, but I write to create healthy mental moments for myself and my reader.

  1. 2.      Books to help people reach their writing goals!

         Do you know what it’s like to go out and sign books? I do. It’s an exhilarating experience that only a few people understand. Once your book is published, the door of opportunity will fly open. You will meet people you never thought you would. Further, people will want to work with you and learn your story.

           Books form a unique perspective of experience and knowledge to help others avoid the errors and the mistakes you failed to overcome in reaching your goals.

          For example, Jumpstarting Your Inner Novelist is a self -help book based on nine years of teaching Creative Writing at Atlanta’s Evening at Emory University Writers’ Studio, writing five books and going through the treacherous publishing process.

           People should read, learn and use the knowledge I present in my non-fiction books and how the characters overcame problems in my fiction books to learn and grow as writers and readers with a broader understanding of the world.

  1. 3.      My Books of fiction based in real places, especially the Julius J.E. Thompson Trilogy!

              It is a good feeling knowing people are buying my books. Not only that, but those sales can lead to bigger opportunities. I write to entertain and tell a good tale in my novels. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain in writing a book. Personally, it has been one of my greatest and most rewarding achievements in life.

               I create characters that build relationships, face challenges, overcome fears and live their lives in my novels. I want to create teachable moments, but in entertainment form that capture and keep the readers’ attention. This is the best way to share an idea or story that matters. And if it matters to you, maybe it’ll matter to others. Because the book you actually write is better than the one floating in the dream world of your mind.

            In conclusion, you should read my books to see characters living their hopes, facing challenges, overcoming fears and working hard to reach their dreams.

            Please click to purchase my books.


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