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The Illustration: image background is meant to Illustrate by degree the dense obstructive tree branches a variant of radiant sunlight by the transparent defined leaf mass. Whereas, the incandescent light bulb filament, representative of a brain synergy inflating the proper atmospheric body enveloped in a bubble – comparative synthesis to skeleton density, stripped in an evanescent sunlight energy, jelly organs, vanishing in a latex strength and elasticity membranes. Off which, physique devoid living tissues, leaves behind iridescent gelatinous figures, and physics in counterpart, against architectural transparency of dead matter.

I can’t express too often the zeal of originality as my mind sources those esoteric perceptions from resolute concrete established realities. The diachronic volition, which discrete mirrors a conspicuous bird’s-eye consciousness, waxing moon like in the azure sky. Emanating through eons of laborious life testing organ – the mind revert the material process dissolving synthetic bathing in a crystallizing ocean – breaking the energy of dead matter along living substances, at discovering the iridescent tinted kinetic to apprehend the unimaginable saga ghosting a range of simple physic expressions.
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