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Starred Review for TWISTED THREADS from Pacific Book Review! *****

Twisted Threads is the fourth book in a thrilling series by Kaylin McFarren. This erotic psychological thriller is an exciting novel, which readers will love.

Twisted Threads tells the story of Akira, a geiko (geisha) from Kyoto, Japan who is forced to become a trained assassin by a member of the yakuza, the Japanese mafia. While following her target on a Caribbean cruise, Akira falls in love with a fellow passenger, Devon. After his aunt and uncle are implicated in murders that occur on the cruise ship, Akira realizes that she is in danger and she must choose between true love and her sworn duty. In this fast-paced novel that will leave readers breathless. Akira is a strong protagonist who can be a cold-blooded killer and sensitive woman in love all at once. Forming all of her complexity as a character makes her a relatable character. Also Devon is a caring love interest that is a great calming counterpart to Akira’s chaotic life. The supporting characters in the novel come from many different cultures and countries, which reflects the international essence of Twisted Threads.

McFarren’s writing adds to the depth and spice to the novel. Twisted Threads has steamy dialogue and sexy love scenes between Akira and Devon that add an erotic excitement to the novel. The book balances the love scenes with tender and romantic moments between Akira and Devon who fall in love despite the many obstacles between them.

McFarren also captures the true life of being a geiko. She writes accurately about Japanese culture, but doesn’t make Akira a stereotypical quiet Asian woman. She makes Akira a three-dimensional character who is torn between the traditional world of being a geisha or the freedom of choosing her own path. The mental toll of her violent past weighs on Akira throughout the novel exemplifying how McFarren writes effortlessly about the complicated and unglamorous world of being a geisha.

Twisted Threads would be best for readers who like psychological erotica like Fifty Shades of Grey, or readers who also like books about female assassins like Spider’s Bite by Jennifer Estep. This fourth book in her series stands on its own merits of character development, meaning readers don’t have to first read the prequels to understand the theme; but I believe they will certainly want to after experiencing Twisted Threads. Kaylin McFarren has written a novel with a mix of intrigue, romance and action, resulting in a story for readers wanting adventure and love all in one exhilarating book.

- Ella Vincent, Pacific Book Review

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