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New Release: Bringing Home Christmas


"Vicki Hinze writes with heart.  Hallmark Movie fans will love this holiday treat!"

--Debra Webb, USA Today Bestselling Author

About the Book:  On the eve of their wedding, Lauren Holt receives a text message from her fiancé David Decker saying their marriage would be a mistake.  He is out of the country and will not be returning to Holt Ridge, Tennessee.  Lauren is devastated and the pity and questions from friends in the community drive her to leave her home and move away.  Time passes, a couple of years, and now she’s summoned home due to her ill widowed mother.  Lauren returns and finds David, who had no ties to Holt Ridge, has moved his business there and has been there living what should have been her life!  Now they must work together to plan and execute the community’s Christmas celebrations.  In doing so, can she discover why David called off their wedding?  Can they find their way back to each other?

Read the first three chapters of Bringing Home Christmas.

Get a copy: Books2Read  Amazon

Why I wrote the book...

We've all encountered situations where we suffered a loss and we had no idea why.  We blame ourselves in all manner of ways, attribute motives to the other person that might or might not be accurate, and we wonder.  And wonder.  We can't close that chapter of our lives because we don't know what happened, and it haunts us.  We can't go back, and we fear going forward because loss could happen again and we have no idea how to stop it, what the warning signs are, or how to protect ourselves.

With infinite mercy for the fragility of us mere mortals, Fate sometimes grants us a reprieve from this position of being stuck by giving us a second chance.  One we fear taking...and not taking.  Usually, this second chance comes with a lot of trepidation--dare I say, fear--that because we don't know why what happened did happen the first time, it will again.

That's the position Lauren was in when I first "met" her.  It nagged at me that she was stuck and didn't have a clue why, and I could so easily see myself in her position and how much I would hate it.  That steals the joy in the past, monopolizes your present, and robs you of your future.  I had to write Bringing Home Christmas to see what happened and how it worked out.

Hope you enjoy the story--and if you're stuck--that it in some way helps you to break loose!



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